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  1. Does anyone know the approx taxi fare from Sea-Tac to a downtown hotel? Thanks.
  2. Hi Kazu, who do I ask to arrange for the exchange of bottles? Thank you.
  3. What kettle? Do you mean the coffee maker, or was this on another line? In 20 years of sailing with HAL I have never been provided with a kettle.
  4. You can also request a batch of sugar free cookies. Ask one day, enjoy the next.
  5. Several places available. This is the one suggested for cruise passangers. Elockers are located at the Downtown Ferry Terminal - Pier 2 (next to the ferry boarding platforms) which are accessible 24/7 every day of the year.
  6. Do you think that there is an upper age limit for this cruise (asking for a friend)?
  7. The aft cabins on 4 and 7 are VB so the same price. Are you sure that you are not comparing a SB corner Neptune with a VB? Or do you mean that you have already bought an aft VB and now the price is higher for an aft VB on another deck??
  8. Still waiting on ours to post. We disembarked on Nov 25. Looks like I need to send another email.
  9. I have only ever been charged the listed price with no extra for service charge.
  10. That is crazy. I have recently done exactly what you want to do by ringing the Sydney office. Sounds like you got an untrained holiday worker.
  11. I should have said that you can phone the Sydney office and they will contact Seattle and organise the change while you wait.
  12. Yes, I have done this three times. I phone and ask for the cabin to be taken out of the short cruise inventories and put into the longer cruise inventory and then assigned to me. Enjoy your cruise.
  13. Disembarked ship on November 26th - still waiting for ours to show 🙃
  14. The blue one absolutely would block me access to the hand rail. As a disabled person I use the hand rails at all times when walking on the ship.
  15. Thursday, Oct 12. Lectures, Deck Dozing, and Lectures Weather fine, a little more sea motion Captain has increased speed and direction so that we will go down around the bottom of a low depression that is building in the Atlantic. We are doing 22 knots and the ship is riding comfortably. We have been warned to expect choppy seas and winds from tomorrow. It is ideal weather for walking the Promenade or sitting in a deck chair reading. I am reading "The Woman in Cabin 10" by Ruth Ware. Not sure that it is a good book to choose when you are in a cabin at sea - a bit like watching "The Poseidon Adventure" is not a good idea. At breakfast a couple of the dining room staff said that they are excited to be going to Petra. They explained that they have their own shore excursion desk and they use the ship tours when it is a long excursion as they don't have to take the responsibility for getting back on time. Dr Stavrakis presented 'Green Sahara', a look at how the flora and fauna of the Sahara region had changed over time. Andy Fletcher presented 'Albert Einstein, Special Relativity, Space, Time and Weirdness'. His lecture is fast becoming the highlight of our day. He quipped that he has two contracts at the moment, one in prisons and one on cruise ships, and that both are captive audiences. Later in the afternoon we meet with some of the group that we will be joining to explore the Souda area and Chania in Crete. I hadn't been in the Gallery Bar before, so it was interesting to meet there. We missed out on a table for fixed dining but have now been given one in the lower dining room. For the first three days we were required to book day by day, but tonight we have been told that the table is now reserved through to Cape Town. We are enjoying the meals especially with the option to have a vege bowl as a side dish with all mains. Clocks go forward again tonight (and tomorrow night ¿~•☆#!)
  16. Wednesday, 11 October. - Muesli, Meetings, Lectures & a Block Party Weather fine with calm seas. At breakfast this morning there was an insert listing extra cereals available on this cruise, including muesli. But as I found out, one needs to ask for 'dry' muesli, else you get Swiss 'wet' muesli. The Cruise Critic meet & greet was packed. It is always interesting to meet in person after having only exchanged messages online. We had two interesting lecturers in the afternoon. Andy Fletcher provided all the big numbers to prove that 'There's Nothing There, but Nothing is Really Something'. Very entertaining. Olga Stavrakis presented the first in a series about Africa. 'The Enigmatic Geograhy and Surprising Wealth of Africa' looked at why the minerals found in Africa are vital for the rest of the world. 4pm it was time for the Block Party and a chance to meet our neighbours. Wine and chatter flowed, and there were plates of canapés. Some groups were still in the hallway socialising when we went to dinner. Scottish performer Hannah Howie entertained on the stage tonight. She has a very strong voice and a wide ranging repertoire. She was backed by live music, nice to have this again. And for once the sound was balanced and not distorted by being turned up too loud. Clocks forward one hour tonight.
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