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  1. And this one on a sister ship. https://halfacts.com/vista-class/4181-Oosterdam/
  2. Do you perhaps mean 6002? https://halfacts.com/pinnacle-class/6002-nieuw-statendam/
  3. Does anyone know the approx taxi fare from Sea-Tac to a downtown hotel? Thanks.
  4. Hi Kazu, who do I ask to arrange for the exchange of bottles? Thank you.
  5. What kettle? Do you mean the coffee maker, or was this on another line? In 20 years of sailing with HAL I have never been provided with a kettle.
  6. You can also request a batch of sugar free cookies. Ask one day, enjoy the next.
  7. Several places available. This is the one suggested for cruise passangers. Elockers are located at the Downtown Ferry Terminal - Pier 2 (next to the ferry boarding platforms) which are accessible 24/7 every day of the year.
  8. Do you think that there is an upper age limit for this cruise (asking for a friend)?
  9. The aft cabins on 4 and 7 are VB so the same price. Are you sure that you are not comparing a SB corner Neptune with a VB? Or do you mean that you have already bought an aft VB and now the price is higher for an aft VB on another deck??
  10. Still waiting on ours to post. We disembarked on Nov 25. Looks like I need to send another email.
  11. I have only ever been charged the listed price with no extra for service charge.
  12. That is crazy. I have recently done exactly what you want to do by ringing the Sydney office. Sounds like you got an untrained holiday worker.
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