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  1. I use incognito mode on Chrome. Solved the problem immediately.
  2. You should also be able to see the Grand Australia and Aotearoa/NZ departing Jan 3 2024.
  3. The information is also on your TV.
  4. No. Taxis and public transport is available. Check the cruise port schedule for each port to see where you will be docked. https://www.cruisetimetables.com/copenhagen-denmark-cruise-ship-schedule.html
  5. This was a generic message covering all nationalities who will be on board. If you follow the provided link you will see that if you are a USA citizen then you do not need visas before you board. Some of us will need to pre-apply for visas and we will have to show them before boarding. This is nothing new, if we are cruising to any USA port we have to show our ESTA before we can board.
  6. The pastry selection is on the breakfast menu. You simply ask for what you want when you order.
  7. Have you gone onto the Air NZ site and checked prices there? If you book direct you have complete control of your booking. Do check prices for Premium Economy. Also check where the seats are that Flight Ease have assigned to you. If it is a bulkhead bassinet (baby) row then you could get moved if a family book between now and departure.
  8. It is on the MDR menu for anyone to order. CROISSANT AND BREAD PUDDING pomegranate seeds, candied citrus
  9. Hi Steve, I could not find a way of pre-booking a cab more than a couple of days ahead (we are on for 21 days). As we have a 12 noon flight and there is talk about how difficult it is to get a taxi from the port I chose to go with Booking.com. I have used this method before. 1. You do pay immediately but it is fully refundable up to 24 hours before travel. 2. It would certainly be worth asking the hotel reception. If they can not help you, there will still be time to book elsewhere. Kind regards
  10. @SSBrickNJ You can book a driver to collect you from the terminal and take you to the airport. You will be docked at C332 which is terminal 2. I booked through Booking.com very easily. We are walking off with our luggage and meeting the driver at 8am.
  11. A six seater with room for six bags is $US111.46
  12. 8am. We are on Singapore Air heading down under to AotearoaNZ .I almost booked a bigger vehicle with a view to finding someone to share with us.
  13. @cabinluvnWe also have had a flight change time so I have used Booking.com to book transport for our arrival in Copenhagen on 23 August. It is a very easy process and is refundable up to 2 days before the booking.
  14. Were your children in a cabin on their own?
  15. The ship departs and returns to Oceankaj. On the quay we will be moored at C331 on the 2ng Aug and will be moored at C332 when we return on 9th August. Both moorings feed into the same Oceankaj terminal.
  16. Oh Yum! "New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is famous for its signature “cat pee on a gooseberry bush” flavour – a mixture of cat urine, tropical fruit and green aromas. It is believed to derive in part from thiols, organic compounds containing sulphur. Levels of thiols can be affected by the temperature of fermentation.6/05/2015"
  17. Don't forget New Mown Grass, and Tomcat Pee.
  18. Grrrrrr.....autocorrect! That should be stripe. So busy dealing with colour/color that I did not notice the change.
  19. Thanks for the explanation @chengkp75
  20. You will receive a printed invitation to one of the tastings. You take that with you.
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