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  1. Anyone know....WHEN it will become available to book and WHAT SHIP may be used for the 2021 Voyage of the Vikings? Bill and I are going to do it again peeps so be ready !! Also....do you foresee the 21 day Alaska roundtrip San Francisco becoming available again? THANKS
  2. We just returned recently from the Voyage of the Vikings on the Zuiderdam and had a great time. All of the ship staff are wonderful and the new tender boats were way better than their older models. We had an especially great tour out of Halifax using Les Daurie Owner of Halifax Taxi Tours.com He takes 6 people for $390 Canadian (or credit card) for the VEHICLE. We went to see Lindenburg-Mahone Bay tour for 6 hours. He also does the popular Peggy's Cove as well. http://www.halifaxtaxitours.com/ He met us at the pier on time and dropped us off as well. Have a great trip and safe travels!!!
  3. Please add when have time Zuiderdam – 30-Jul-19 – 35 day Voyage of the Vikings (R/T Boston) scluvsrain RetiredMustang VacationingCharlene Oosterdam - 21-Mar-20 - 28 day Hawaii, Tahiti, Marquesas VacationingCharlene
  4. A total of $5000 by June 5th. Forgot to say....Final Payment July 10, 2020
  5. We received our pricing today for category "J" (top inside room) but we asked what the price would be Roundtrip from Ft. Lauderdale. Ours is $13,399 plus $1365 taxes, fees for a total of $14,764 per person in a cabin for two = $29,088.00 No perks from HAL that I am aware of. Hope this helps others in determining their prices. We actually think 74 days is just way to long and I think I would actually enjoy an African safari more. We shall see
  6. How about this? YOUR compensation, and everyone on board, ends up having a SAFE and wonderful trip because of the Coast Guard inspection.... We ALL love obc but let's be realistic Have a great cruise
  7. WOW....so sad and sorry to hear about Walt. He was a big help on the Cruise Critic forums and always resolved any issues quickly. Hoping his family will realize how much he was appreciated by others and we all hope they can find peace with his passing soon. RIP Walt
  8. THANKS for the replies. I am still not convinced it would not sell well. There are a lot of people who enjoy the longer cruises and also love Alaska. We are a pair of those people who love going to different ports in Alaska. This one looked great. Any other people have any ideas why it is not being offered in 2020. THANKS
  9. Hi All! We have enjoyed the 14 day Alaska Explorer with Hal a few times. Saw the 21-Day Ultimate Alaska & Pacific Northwest Adventurer and VERY interested BUT saw that it is ONLY available this May and June 2019. It is roundtrip from San Francisco. Does anybody know WHY it is not being offered for 2020?? THANKS...this is the place peeps will know
  10. We will be in Dublin in August 2019 and plan to use Day Tours Unplugged - Damien O'Reilly- for an 8 hour excursion to see Newgrange, Monasterboice, Hill of Tara and Hill of Shane.....check them out. WE are excited to be using them. https://www.daytoursunplugged.ie/ Have a great cruise :-) Safe travels
  11. ANYBODY HAVE ANY COMMENTS OR INFORMATION ABOUT USING THIS SERVICE? WE PURCHASED OUR AIRLINE TICKETS FOR RETURNING HOME TO SAN DIEGO (from Boston ) AND WE DONT NEED TO BE AT THE AIRPORT UNTIL 5:00PM OR SO. We will, OF COURSE HAVE LUGGAGE! I found this information below and it sounds very doable but has anyone done or know anyone who has used them? THANKS I have read mixed opinions on this. The other water taxis do not seem to have the luggage storage for a few hours. We NEED someplace to put our luggage between the port , looking around the city, and to the airport same day! https://www.boston-discovery-guide.com/boston-water-taxi.html Rowes Wharf Water Transport: Best Logan Airport / Black Falcon / Luggage Storage Deals Rowes Wharf Water Transport charges $12 for the 7-minute trip from Boston Logan Airport to Inner Harbor locations (basically, Downtown, the North End, Seaport, East Boston where the airport is located), and offers a round-trip ticket for $20. Luggage storage and 1-way fare to or from the airport is $20. You can get 2-day passes ($25 individual; $50 family with 2 adults and up to 3 children). These are a terrific deal, especially if you're staying at one of the Boston Logan hotels. As a special benefit, Rowes Wharf water taxi passengers with round-trip tickets can store bags for free during the day in Rowes Wharf Transport's locked storage room at their ticket office next to the Boston Harbor Hotel. One-way passengers can also store bags here for the day for $8/person. Water Taxi Cruise Ship Passenger Special: Black Falcon Cruise Terminal - Boston Logan Airport Are you arriving on a cruise ship at the Black Falcon early in the day, flying out of Boston Logan later, and want to spend the time in between sightseeing? And storing your luggage somewhere? The easiest and also the cheapest way to accomplish all this is to take advantage of Rowes Wharf Water Taxi's Cruise Ship Special. For $25/person, a Rowes Wharf water taxi will pick you up at the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, take you to Rowes Wharf just a few minutes away, store your luggage for free in their locked storage room while you explore the city, and then take you over to the airport for your flight home. If you've just arrived at Logan for a cruise departing later in the day, the Cruise Ship Special also works in reverse: the taxi picks you up at the airport, takes you to Rowes Wharf to store your luggage while you explore Boston, and then transports you to CruisePort in time for your departure. To arrange for this service, call their office at 617-261-6620, or the water taxi captain at 617-406-8584. Without luggage storage, fares to the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal and Charlestown locations are $20 one way, and $35 round trip. When responding, don't use quote tag below, please do not feel like you need to duplicate entire post just reply with WATER TAXI or something. THANKS Hoping someone has used them before and can comment 138East??
  12. Good job San Diego!! Yes I am a little biased about this great city as I am a native San Diegan BUT we have NEVER had any negative experiences either boarding or disembarking here using the Post of San Diego. San Diego is THE best for easy travel, from flying in to the super close airport (SAN), hotels and restaurants within walking distance of the pier, Midway Museum, harbor cruises, Uber or Lyft cheap options available, Weather is usually very nice too. We have always driven right up to the porters and dropped off our luggage, and gone in and waited to board maybe an hour to embark and we self-debark (off as earlier as allowed with our own luggage in hand) and usually home by 9:00am. (We live about 45 minutes from the port). Good job San Diego and all the fine people who work there. Happy cruising to all!
  13. You should have no problems either changing the date/times to the PG and they would probably be thrilled to have you ask for the luncheon instead as it is a cheaper price. We too have usually been comped one PG dinner and we seem to always be assigned the very first night. As soon as we get on board, we walk to the PG, speak with someone there at the desk and have ALWAYS gotten it changed to the night and time we would like. Make it easy on everyone and write down a few options you are interested in changing to. Have an awesome time on your cruise and enjoy the dinner and drinks.
  14. CYBER MONDAY SALE GOING ON NOW...…. I had been wanting to check on this "sale" and so glad I did......on the phone for over an hour but it paid off. We originally booked the 35 day VOV cruise in July 2018. It is now paid off. I knew about the Cyber Monday Sale going on offering prepaid gratuities and a $25 per person beverage card. I did NOT think it would work for me because of my original booking price BUT today I added $440 more towards our booking (kind of re-fared) and in exchange we will get the offered bonus. So in reality we will benefit about $550 with gratuities, since we paid $440 more....on this voyage it is about $990 total for gratuities) and we also got the beverage cards ($50) (cant have enough of those) and $50 more Costco dollars of obc .....winner winner chicken dinner. Give it a try folks...nothing to lose! This Monday is the last day available. CALL NOW and prepare to be on hold a while. GOOD LUCK and keep us posted how you did
  15. THANKS SO MUCH PAUL AND RUTH ! Happy sailing all
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