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  1. I find the entertainment On NCL to be a lot better than Celebrity. Including the night life. Everything else is a bit better on Celebrity. But, I have a NCL booked next because it included all the perks and airfare. So sometimes money wins 🤷🏼‍♀️
  2. I was on the Seaside last week. One of the things we were disappointed in was the food. It was ‘fine’. That’s honestly the best I can say. We actually stopped ordering dessert or just ordered fruit because they just weren’t worth it. In my opinion celebrity, NCL and carnival had better food. I can’t compare HAL as I’ve never sailed with them. The pizza was really good though.
  3. We are just of the seaside. I had been reading about OC for a while so was prepared for the fact that we wouldn’t be going there and didn’t care too much either way. I thought it was weird that we weren’t told before we sailed but just shrugged it off. it wasn’t until I was speaking to a young couple that I realized it really impacted people. Not so much about not going to OC but not knowOmg What the stop was going to be. People research ports before hand. And if you’ve never been to Nassau and you don’t know you’re going to stop there this can cause a problem. They like to book private excursions or go to places themselves and felt this was handled badly. I tend to agree. It didn’t affect my cruise but it did to others.
  4. I had the same problems as you mentioned when the Canadian one first started. None since then. Final payment was fine. Excursions, WiFi purchases etc went through with no problems.
  5. Hi! Has anyone done the Martha Stewart margarita tour in Cozumel? Can you tell me if you enjoyed it and maybe some details? thanks so much!
  6. Has anyone seen any pictures of the cabanas yet? I was hoping MSC released some that I missed. Thx!
  7. Thank you for the review!!
  8. There have been so many changes since I booked my cruise and all of them have removed things i was entitled to when I booked. I’m starting to get a really bad feeling about MSC before I’ve even sailed with them. I’m seriously debating on cancelling and sticking with the companies I know. Yes it’s just a few drinks this time and just a few vouchers the last time (I have deluxe) but what’s included when I book shouldn’t keep being changed. This may actually be the final straw for me.
  9. Do they still have the glass blowing shows most days on the solstice?
  10. Thanks for the review! It’s nice to have someone review a cabin that isn’t YC. 🙂
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