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  1. The Holiday Promise does not apply to cruises as per their Adviser today A decision will be made about cruise Covid 19 cover when they know when they can definitely sail So if you amend a cruise you do not currently have this guarantee
  2. Below is what is on the TUI website - sounds suspicious to me They should know your card number and under no circumstances give out your security number on the back We’re aware that criminals are pretending to be TUI or TUI colleagues to try and defraud our customers using social media, email or telephone calls. To protect yourself against fraud never give away information about your booking on an email or telephone call.The email address of Covid-19@tuicustomercare.co.uk is not affiliated, used by or monitored by us and is likely to be used by fraudsters who are attemp
  3. The law is actually 14 days so get your facts right I am sick of every time I post you have some clever dick answer Im leaving now til this is all over and then perhaps I won't hear from you again And hopefully you'll cruise with another line in the future
  4. And both of you have only put negative posts on this board over the last couple of months - all 9 of yours since Sunday!!!
  5. Well actually although I have received one refund I am awaiting another as I had 4 cruises booked this year but I'm patient and what's that got to do with my post regarding other cruise lines doing exactly the same thing as TUI? Other lines' cruisers, as I said, are having the same problem contacting them to change bookings
  6. Have any of you complaining about refunds and credits looked at the other other cruise line posts? because I have and Carnival and P & O cruisers are having exactly the same problems as TUI/Marella cruisers in getting refunds, an inability to contact the lines and being offered credit notes So it's not just TUI the whole cruise industry is unable to cope with the demand
  7. An infinity balcony sounds very interesting I wish you a wonderful cruise
  8. Well done - good deal however it wouldn't do for us as we never spend much time on the balcony so have stopped booking them and a large ship full of children/teenagers is a no no for us too
  9. September will be early enough for me at the moment and even later if the situation doesn't improve that much 😎
  10. Bishop84 - yes you are correct The Celebrity cruise the same as Marella? Did you get all inclusive drinks package and no tips?
  11. It should read UP TO 12 months from your departure date shouldn't it?
  12. TUI have been given €1.6billion to help them by the German government according info online so that should keep them afloat - excuse the pun
  13. Oh PC don't think like that please 😘 On a serious note the refund would go into the estate of the deceased
  14. I hope that TUI realise what upset they have caused by their confusing refund policy BUT that in the future they will acknowledge those cruisers who have stayed loyal to them when this is all over and offer loyalty rewards like other lines
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