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  1. Vitalsign


    Explorer sails from Southampton 26th Sept for 14 night cruise in search of the Northern Lights and returns to Southampton 10th Oct
  2. Apologies Pensioncruiser you are right we were on Celebration Jan 2018 and 2 Intense were in Horizons and yes they did stay on until going home before the winter cruise season started. Acoustic Soul were in Waters Edge on Dream in September but switched to Celebration for the Transatlantic and I hope they'll still be there for the Transatlantic in April
  3. Sorry Jim the duo in Tides when Acoustic Soul were in Waters Edge were not 2 Intense as they had left Dream and were in Horizons on Celebration as you say Acoustic Soul are also very good and are currently on Celebration- not sure where but probably Horizons. 2 Intense moved back to Dream for the last summer season but are at home currently We are on Celebration in April and hope Acoustic Soul will still be on the ship
  4. Surely you have Jim If not catch them in Waters Edge (unless they're moved to Tides) as Maris (the female singer) hates the smoke emanating from the outside deck area behind Waters Edge - they are fabulous and full of personality Check out Maris's shoes!! πŸ‘ πŸ‘‘ Pensioncruiser knows what I mean
  5. Vitalsign

    Caribbean Sunshine

    Towels are in your cabin and can be changed when you want by leaving them on the floor in your bathroom sockets are usually USA and European we take a four way gang with a short lead and so only need one converter plug cant help with who will be entertaining you sorry Also the entertainment team and CD/ACD can be changed during January so may not be the same for you as who are on currently hope this helps
  6. Fragilek after the last 18 months you really deserve a wonderful holiday and I wish you a fabulous cruise 🚒 which I'm sure you'll have. As soon as you feel the sun 🌞on your face and the warm breeze of the Caribbean it'll lift your spirits 🍸
  7. Vitalsign

    Flight time changed

    Our flight from Leeds/Bradford 29th June to Corfu has also been changed Arriving in Corfu at 9pm the coach journey probably will only take 1/2 hr at this time of night but you will not board before 10.30 as you will also have to collect luggage at the airport and sign in/register at the port The MDR will be closed. You will then have to attend muster before the ship sails I rang the number given and was offered 2 early morning flights from Manchester at no extra costs arriving at lunchtime with a similar departure time on return - well done TUI
  8. Dream has had a refit since 4 years ago and we love her Waters Edge is a fantastic entertainment and bar area The pool has a roof in case of inclement weather and the crew and entertainment team are great Food is not fine dining unless you pay a supplement but has always been good Thomson Spirit Oct 2005 Repo Palma to Sharm el Sheikh Thomson Celebration Jan 2007 Red Sea Magic Ocean Village Feb 2008 Western Caribbean & Central America Ocean Village Aug 2008 Eastern Med Ocean Village 2 Feb 2009 Eastern Caribbean Ocean Village Mar 2010 Eastern Caribbean Thomson Dream Feb 2011 Eastern Caribbean & Cuba Thomson Celebration Aug 2011 Eastern Med Thomson Celebration Apr 2012 Red Sea Magic Thomson Celebration Apr/May 2012 Repo Sharm el Sheikh to Marmaris Thomson Dream Feb 2013 EasternCaribbean Thomson Majesty Nov/Dec 2014 Colourful Coasts Canaries Thomson Dream Jan/Feb 2015 Western Caribbean Panama & Cuba Thomson Dream Apr 2015 Transatlantic Sunset Thomson MajestyJune 2015 Hellenic Classics Thomson Celebration Sept 2015 Adriatic Affair Thomson DreamJan 2016 Mayan Treasures/Cuban Revolution Thomson DreamApril 2016 Atlantic Adventure Thomson DreamJune 2016 Iconic Islands/Adriatic Explorer Thomson CelebrationJan 2017 Cities of Gold Thomson DreamApril2017 Atlantic Daydream Thomson SpiritJune 2017 Classical Greece Thomson Majesty Sept2017 Med Medley/Treasures of Med Marella Celebration Jan 2018 Caribbean Gems/Coral Islands Marella Discovery 2 April 2018 Cuban Fusion MarellaDiscovery 2 April 2018 Atlantic Discoveries Marella Dream May 2018 Spanish Delights Marella Discovery 2June 2018 Aegean Meze Marella DreamSept 2018 Mediterranean Medley Marella Celebration April 2019 Caribbean Dreams Marella Celebration April/May 2019 Atlantic Quest Marella Discovery 2June 2019 Adriatic Explorer
  9. Only a certain percentage of each trip is sold on line so if you visit destination services as soon as you can when you embark you should be able to book the trip you want Do not wait until the destination services presentation on the following day (that's usually the sea day)
  10. Vitalsign

    tenerife weather

    As I said you will need something warm if on the outside decks of the ship in the evenings
  11. Vitalsign

    tenerife weather

    Yes it does and yes you will need warm clothes if outside the ship
  12. I wouldn't do that Alcohol duty free in the Caribbean ports is cheap and also the duty free shop on board usually do offers when purchasing two bottles
  13. Well in the Indian Alang Ship Breaking Yard they've finished her off πŸ˜ͺ And she has been transported to Metal India Enterprise as scrap I wonder what will be made of her Maybe a car or a bus, you never know she might be transporting people in her new life 🚘🚍that would be nice
  14. Vitalsign

    India visa requirements confusion

    Do you need a Visa for Oman? when we cruised on Celebration Jan 2017 from Dubai and visited Oman we didn't need to apply for visas at all for any of the countries visited Anything required was arranged by Marella Well done on your research for the Indian Visas it will be a great help to everyone going on these cruises
  15. Thanks Pensioncruiser I hope they didn't remove it when she was in Cadiz for a refit before setting sail for the Caribbean as it's not shown in the new brochure nor online wishing you a very happy healthy and peaceful New Year