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  1. RIP Knut. I'll always remember the mazes of stateroom on the Norway! Cut my cruising teeth on that beauty.
  2. Had the Concordia not grounded there would have been many more deaths. 23 of 26 life boats deployed yet hundreds scrambling down the side of the listing ship and hundreds more jumping and swimming to shore. My "nugget" is of video of the MTS Oceanos. I'm sure you know about the crew abandoning the passengers to fend for themselves. Disaster on passenger ships have not been a stellar point for the ship companies throughout history. I can imagine a 5000 passenger ship sinking and wonder how well the crew will perform. I hope to never see it.
  3. The history of passenger carrying ships in disaster situations that failed getting passengers evacuated from those ships. It is a long history that runs right up to the Costa Concordia which was fortunate to be run aground saving many lives. How about this little nugget.
  4. Capacity is not the problem. Competency to get the boats loaded properly and deployed is.
  5. Take the cash.....take the cash.....please take the cash!
  6. There is only one person at NCL who could possibly be warm and cuddly enough for the job......Frank Del Rio! He can win the masses with his charming and accommodating personality!
  7. Sure, if they the fares significantly higher.
  8. Sorry, double posted for some reason.....probably me in one way or another!
  9. I hope you get your money or at least the certificate back. Mobsters paints the picture.
  10. One of the many reasons I have never purchased these non-monetary land mines. As my uncle Martin said many years ago, "Boy, if it's free, you run from it." Some of the best advice I've ever received.
  11. Why would you want that ugly Frankenstein in the back yard!?!?!?!
  12. While I agree that I'm not going to hide away and will use precautions, one of those precautions is to not place myself on a floating petri dish.
  13. Or, NCL is to dollar conscious to pay to get their crews home.
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