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  1. I had Blanton's in the Steak House on the Legend last years cant remember the exact price but think it was under 20 also I did not have the cheers package.
  2. I choose a Blackberry cars to get to hotel from LHR not because any safety concerns but for convivence of not having to drag luggage around after flying all night. Something about a person standing with a sign with your name on it who takes your luggage and walks you to a nice car lets you just chill and relax after a long flight is nice. If you can afford it get a car service.
  3. Last year we cruised on Carnival out of Dover but we stayed a few days in London before the cruise. That being said I used Blackberry cars for all my transportation because I did not wish to drag luggage on the tube from LHR to Hotel after flying all night the cost for me was worth not having the hassle of navigating the walk and ride with 3 pieces of luggage. It was nice having a driver waiting for us after the flight and then picking us up at Hotel and dropping us off right by the cruise terminal door especially after seeing people pulling there luggage on the way to the terminal which is also a long walk from any hotels in Dover if you don't get a taxi. It was the same when when disembarked driver waiting and off to LHR once again the cost for me was worth the convenience. After dealing with the crowds at airport flying in and then being on the ship dealing once again with people and crowds it was so nice having a private car and only having to deal with each other which is hard enough sometimes lol. Lets just say it was a nice and relaxing way to travel before and after dealing with the masses . Once again I will be using Blackberry in July for our cruise out of Dover to Iceland. I know Carnival also provided a transfer from LHR to Dover but the cost was was almost as much as Blackberry for 2 people so I choose to do it privately instead of riding in a coach/bus. So I have to say I agree with John Bull's assessment .
  4. Actually Vegas does not have an Ocean kind like a cruise ship does have las Vegas show or large casino. You say tomato I say 🍅
  5. Not that I am a big gambler but if I were I would be in Vegas. To me gambling in a carnival casino is like buying your groceries at a 7/11.
  6. Any of the Rippintons albums with Russ Freeman or Steve Morse album High Tension Wires Jan Ackerman for Jazz Fusion. Any Van Morrison or Steely Dan even Carol King perhaps throw in some Carpenters lots of good easy listening Music from early 70s.
  7. In my case I have never had any issues with platinum laundry service either. My clothes seem to shrink not because of hot water but I believe the buffet and ice cream could be the source for shrinkage.
  8. Just got off the Pride and if they had Texas Hold-em I never found either version live or Pokerpro tables.
  9. Sitting in AA lounge at LHR at 9am. Sunday traffic was very light and we left before earliest cruise shuttle. Check in at LHR was also quick as well as getting thru security so if you get to airport early on Sunday looks like the way to go. Our flight boards at 1125 for 1215 departure.
  10. Got off boat by 620am with platinum perk carrying our own luggage. Pick time was for 7am blackberry texts you driver information so I texted him we were off boat and we were on our way to airport at 640am.
  11. For most part it worked ok did use chat features
  12. Arriving at Port now will let you know how it goes. For embarking we arrived at 1pm and walked right on ship and rooms were ready. Years ago I like to get on as early as possible but then you just sat and waited for cabin to be ready.
  13. No problem bringing soda on board did not try with alcohol in ports but soda was not an issue at any port
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