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  1. NCLhad brought crew back to the ships when they were planning to restart. They're now (re-)(re-)patriating them All NCL Non-Essential Crew To Be Repatriated Home by April 2021 | Crew Center (crew-center.com)
  2. Speak to the Maître 'd when you first board. They will be able to show you the menus a day ahead so you can figure out how to accommodate your special needs. If the wheat rolls are you biggest issue, grab some off the buffet before dinner and bring them. My table mates thought it was very unfair that I wouldn't share, but might drop cryptic hints at the end of dinner. Even for my wife...
  3. Quoting the CDC order... CDC-Conditional-Sail-Order_10_30_2020-p.pdf
  4. Officially Carnival Corp. hasn't identified the impacted brand. Suspicious coincidence??? I wonder, if they have to restore from backups will some people get refunds twice...
  5. Truth to be told, Carnival Corp. has NOT identified the brand. That Princess has call center and computer problems at the same time and none of the other brands have any such reports is certainly suspicious... but...
  6. The Internet Archive appears to have an old copy of his site (2017) https://web.archive.org/web/20170228031528/sites.google.com/site/cabinviewbyrenmar/
  7. We've done several holiday cruises. Usually one runs over Xmas and then the next runs over New Years. For us the fun is watching as each day some additional decorations show up. You wake up one morning and there are a dozen holiday theme Gingerbread houses that weren't there the day before. Another morning and the staircases are all covered with garlands and lights. But nothing specifically with the menus.
  8. I knew I had it bad when I would buy the 36 pack of Diet Dr Pepper from Costco and drink it warm... because i was too lazy to walk across the floor to the break room for ice. One of my work mate always checked my supply hoping I had snuck a PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) in there. So towards the end of the project, I bought one, emptied the can through a hole cut with a Dremel, rinsed it out and left it there. Took him two 1/2 weeks to notice.
  9. Nobody really knows ... when they started with the FCC it seemed quite generous - long period to use them, etc. Now? Not so much... The line will have to decide if it's more important to them (cash flow) to stick to the letter of the terms and risk alienating passengers (potential). Or now...
  10. I would say zero. One of the questions in the CDC survey asks if you would sail if 3&4 were restricted to children
  11. None of them will sail... Crusing is just not a priority for the CDC and related national bodies.. First, CDC is too busy trying to kill off the parents of school age children. More generally none of them have a clue how to make it safe to cruise. They're hoping the industry bodies can come up with something they can review, make a couple of tweaks to and endorse. But they aren't putting effort into it today. Lastly, when they restart, they will have to bring 100s or 1000s of crew from around the world to meet up with the ship(s) and then
  12. Essentially ships are down close to minimal safe manning, that is enough officers for the bridge watch, engineering and other departments that must be manned. Lots of systems need their periodic routine maintenance regardless of whether they are being used or not. Plus some housekeeping staff to take care of the on-board crew. I'm sure there is some poor soul running around the ship flushing every vacuum toilet every few days and running a little water in the sink to keep the p-traps full. Stuff like that. And I'm sure there is some work going on to chip away at the nev
  13. So does anyone else think they are selling Unicorn farts and Fairy glitter to pump up the stock price????
  14. Just remember that cruising today is not what cruising was in our parents or grandparents time. It has constantly been evolving since it was first invented. Ships may need to be designed differently and laid out differently - the ship of 2020 is not the ship of 2010 nor 2000... If there is money to be made, somebody will have a product to sell.
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