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  1. I wasn't having a go at you at all. I find it embarrassing when my fellow Brits take off the grats. My dad who was a cab driver always instilled in me how important tips are and I would never dream of removing them.
  2. Not all of us Brits remove the grats. In fact some of us even add extra tips for good service and tip a dollar per drink.
  3. We did exactly the same on our cruise once we became diamond. We had zillions taken last week and had trouble finding 2 that we liked
  4. Ah right so still time to get our drinks after the show. 🙂 Still would much prefer a later show as I like to stay out on deck as long as possible.
  5. Thanks for your great reviews. I'm disappointed that the shows are on at 7.00pm for late diners. We used to enjoy the Diamond Club at 7.00pm before dinner then go to the late shows at 10.30pm. How long do the shows last?
  6. Thanks, that's the kind of amount I was thinking of.
  7. Do people usually tip the Diamond concierge at the end of the cruise.?
  8. We took the train from which was only a few euro's and then it was a short walk to Pompeii. Lots of people from the ship were doing the same so we just followed the crowds to the station.
  9. We're dropping the mutt off at the dog sitters house at 9.00am then head down to Southampton. My OH picked someone up from the docks at 10.30 a couple of weeks ago and didn't get home till 2,30 as there was a hold up on the M25. How about you?
  10. It depends on the traffic really. I prefer to go the day before and stay in a hotel but we can't this time. This will be our 3rd cruise on Indy. 🙂
  11. We did Pompeii on our own. It is really easy and a lot cheaper than doing it through the ship.
  12. Have you been on Indy before? Are you driving down Saturday morning.?
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