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  1. My TA didn't mention 125% FCC if Royal cancel so is this just if booked direct with them and not through a TA does any one know?
  2. I am in the UK and have been told by my TA that even if Royal cancel my June cruise they will only issue me with credit. As I am flying to Barcelona and staying in a hotel for 1 night I will only get the value of the cruise back in credit and not the money for the flight and hotel. I will also lose my £700.00 deposit if I cancel now. Although if I rebook a future cruise right away that £700.00 will be transferred to the new cruise. I have 2 days to decide whether to pay the balance or cut my loses and cancel.
  3. I usually stay out on deck for as long as possible and we are always second sitting in the dining room so my OH goes back to the cabin well before me and gets ready and depending on whether I have to wash my hair or not I take approx half an hour to an hour to get ready although I have been known to do it in about 20 minutes from start to finish.
  4. I've done 2 cruises from Barcelona flying from London on the same day with no problems but I was very anxious. Next year we are flying in the day before for my own piece of mind.
  5. My TA has just confirmed that our booking is a NET rate and therefore RCI will not allow any balcony discount.
  6. I'm going to call my TA tomorrow. I'm sure the answer will be no as I got an early bird booking discount but it's worth a shot.
  7. Only if you are in the MDR before 8.00 or 8.30pm depending on when happy hour ends and 2nd sitting starts.
  8. Once you have checked out your towel you can exchange them as many times as you like without needing your sea pass. You only need to show it at the end of the cruise to check them back in. I've never waited more than a few seconds on any cruise I've been on.
  9. In June on Indy lots of people were taking bottles of water and a drink out of the DL on their way to dinner.
  10. We usually go to 8.30 sitting for dinner in the MDR and because I like to stay out on deck for as long as possible we normally rock up to the DL at about 7.45pm and have a couple of drinks, maybe 2 or 3 at the most. If we go to an early show we will get a drink before we go into the theatre with our loaded drinks then if we have time will go to the DL for one after the show. However if people wish to spend all their time in the DL during Happy Hour it doesn't bother me at all.
  11. We saw Grease a couple of shows with the singers and dancers which were very good, a couple of comedians, jugglers the usual sort of thing and a hypnotist.
  12. Shorts, teeshirt, sundress during the day. Capri pants, maxi or pretty dress in the evenings or a smarter dress or eveing trousers and a smart top for formal nights.
  13. Yes this^^^^ exactly. Our sea pass said Elite I'm sure and any other passengers didn't get a look at my sea pass.
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