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  1. I might buy one off you for a few bucks on Ebay before we sail.... Mostly for the novelty!
  2. Another newbie who has cruised Princess! You can look up excursions for each port. But l learned here to pull up an upcoming cruise at your port(s) that now has booking open. Then you can see prices and info. The Olife fare can include excursions at a rate of $100 each. So if you take Olife excursions and choose excursions that are up to $199. each, you can get some good value there. I believe excursions available with Olife include any under $199 but not the more expensive excursions or OE or other special excursions. With Oceania sailing smaller ships I think t
  3. Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed your verandah, and sorry for the rough seas. I’ve had rough sailing in the Winter due to the winds. Once on deck 15 forward! Do you feel vibration from the engines? I’ve felt that on Princess ships, and is there even when idling in port.
  4. Did you do a shared, or private? Big difference in the RIL price, if the private is 500Eu. Just don't know if our budget can handle that!
  5. Yes. I think it is the agency that is OCC? Anyhow, we also determined with help here on this board that we needed a good agency. I tried one that has a presence online on YouTube, and who has sailed Oceania a lot. But no real perks. Now, our agent has not sailed Oceania, but thru his agency offered some valuable perks. So we don’t have that personal expertise. we have sailed with Princess where you can really benefit from their Air. But will be booking our own for Oceania. Unless we are very surprised that we could come out better, after paying to customize our flights to arriv
  6. Thanks! But, it is still very confusing. It looks like with these repurchased direct tickets you have to be there FOR your timed entry? And it doesn't seem to say which tickets include which areas, or a tour guide? We are thinking of arranging with one of the main Rome tour guide companies, and should then have a smaller group, preferred entry, etc. It seems that you can do tours that include the underground, OR tours that include the very upper levels. But, not both. Maybe because the amount of walking, stairs, time, would be prohibitive. I am thinkin
  7. I know that this has been discussed over and over! We will be in Rome for two nights, pre-cruise. I want to do the colosseum one day, and am thinking of very early entry to Sistine Chapel and Vatican on the other day. We are not as interested in the underground Colosseum. I am wondering if access to the main floor, or the highest levels, are really worth extra? They enter onto the main floor thru that main gate. "Gate of Death". I see video taken from the uppermost level, from one of the main private/small tour operators, overlooking Rome, and some of the Forum, e
  8. We did Port. that puts you facing inland as you cruise South. At all of the scenic areas, the ship will make sure both sides get viewing on the way in and out, and in front of the major Glaciers. Do a pre-boarding boat cruise of PWS and College Fjord before boarding! (such as the 26 glacier tour)
  9. I have the Delta Gold, but it simply will not let me access the offer, even thru the back door links. AMEX does put out these offers once or twice a year? I think it is because my account still shows that I took advantage of this offer last year. Maybe they will only let you access the offer once per year (or so many months).
  10. Thanks! I hope this will be a decent location. If the only extended balconies left were not already far aft, I might consider! They look amazing. One thing for me is any vibration from the engines there. Just me.
  11. Neither of the back doors will work for me right now. It actually shows the offer and lets me enter my card number in the second 'shopping' back door. But then it just doesn't do anything? My AMEX account still shows that I did use the Princess WLCL offer last year. I am wondering if the system sees that, and won't let me use it again this soon?
  12. We have a verandah on deck 7, not one of the extended ones, as that might not be necessary for us. We decided that we would forego the deeper verandah so we would not be so far Aft. We would be near the Aft stairwell. Can you guys tell me if there are any pros or concerns with that location. We could still upgrade to the next category, and move up to Deck 8, the most mid-ship of the forward category. But we are wanting to watch the budget! How is it being on Deck 7? On a European cruise, over a year out, is there any chance at all that we would see a worth
  13. This is great info. Thank you again, everyone. It sounds a bit time consuming to keep checking and then changing your dining time? Like, if a good time opens up for a different evening in Red Ginger, then we might have to then schedule a new evening in the original restaurant booked. But, it sounds like it might be worth the juggling! We would at least hope to try each of the four specialty restaurants on a short 7 night cruise. I know! I know! Too short... But time and budget dictate! And we do like the itinerary.
  14. If the Regal has just had her dry-dock, then hopefully, FINALLY, they have now updated all the beds. I would hope so!!!! Ours was pretty bad, a year ago. Heard that they had changed out the upper decks recently, but not all.
  15. I don't see why you wouldn't want to look into re-booking. But, I would shop around a bit and make sure you get the best rate and any other perks offered by a good TA. Things might be a bit different in Canada. We are looking at a future cruise, looking for a good TA for that cruise line. One, who is supposed to be a 'preferred' agency for the line, and has a big online presence (videos on youtube, etc...) only offered $50.00 pp OBC. Found another that offered $100.00 pp plus gratuities. Checking around can make a difference!
  16. Have they drawn the winner? Boo-Hooh if we didn't win. I entered this, a lot! Anyhow, it seems obvious that the new ship will be the Allura, as they have announced the new Allura class ships. I also put in other names like the Celestia, Ventura, and others. A lot of good possibilities for future ships!
  17. Was this listed as a special culinary Jaques cruise? Or, did you just get very lucky!
  18. Can I assume that there are fees for these classes. And we can sign up online. It seems that these are set in the sailing schedule far in advance. ETA: I have found something that shows $69.00 for these classes. Even though I am the wanna-be foodie, my husband is my sous chef sometimes! So that would be about $140.00 if I didn't do the class by myself. I wonder if there will be a good offering of culinary classes on a short, port intensive, cruise. I would have to see what might be available when at the two most minor ports. Chef Pepin, Eur
  19. As a a bit of a wanna-be foodie, this is interesting! It seem like you can order either the standard burger or the wagyu? On a shorter sailing, I am trying to narrow down my menu priorities! (And, in this case, since the correction is actually pertinent to the topic of the thread, I think a nice reminder is okay!)
  20. We are looking at Italy and Greece, last week of April. So glad to see this thread! Thanks so much to you all for the good info. We would be debarking at Athens on Orthodox Good Friday. I would love to hear more about that. But I understand that might be the best day to be there for Orthodox Easter. I would love to hear recommendations for Santorini and Rome!
  21. Does it matter if you want to be at Fira? I have heard that the communities between Fira and Oia can be some of the best views and fewer crowds??? If you can manage to be in that area at sunset. Of course Fira would be convenient to head back to your ship.
  22. Just messing around.... No worries! I know when I am on this little phone of mine things seem to get screwed up!
  23. Totally agree with cruisemom! And, I think my comments were pretty self explanatory and speak for themselves. And, re: the post just above, I don’t usually engage with useless and negative banter.
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