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  1. So, the issue is the ceramic? I had a ceramic curling iron that I have brought before (just died so it's now trash) and had no issues. Now, I am wondering if I got lucky and if I should not take a ceramic one next time?? First world problems. LOL
  2. So, I was curious and went to look up the room sizes by SF. I compared the Mardi Gras to the Conquest. Regular balcony - MG - 205 sf & 44 sf balcony vs. C - 185 sf & 35 sf balcony Ocean View - MG - 243 sf vs. C - 220 sf Interior - MG - 158 sf vs. C - 185 sf It looks like only the interiors are smaller. I didn't check the suites.
  3. I've been thinking about getting one. We have a ton of OBC (and already have the cheers package), am I able to purchase a weekly pass as soon as we board? I heard that there are only a limited number on each cruise. Thanks!
  4. I just did this yesterday and it worked just fine (my cruise isn't until next October). Tried again now and got the same error message. Someone told about the shortcut. LOL
  5. Unless each passenger is changing gloves after each utensil it's not worth it. If they sanitize or wash their hands before and you wash yours after, then everything should be fine.
  6. I actually have one like that too! Mine doesn't have the USB-C, but the cord is only about 5-6". Sometimes I take both because there's two outlets & I need to charge a lot of things! LOL I love being able to use the basic household extension cords and usually take a couple of different lengths. Just makes it easier with hair dryers and everything else. I really wish there were USBs on the little side tables. I use my phone as my clock at night and alarm if we need it. Since they don't have the USBs (like the Liberty has), I have to have a cord across the room during the night. Not great.
  7. We take a multi-plug & USB outlet and then just take a regular extension cord. No worries about that being taken. Plus, you can get any length you want for the extension cord and any household one will work. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082FJXVW6/?coliid=I1QO0UI6W4LBD0&colid=3JWV286120WEQ&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it This doesn't have a surge protector and it gives you 3 USB ports & 3 outlets.
  8. It's the same with Cheers. We got it for the first time and other than the paragraph at the very bottom, there is nothing that says we have Cheers. There is also a pop-up (that I took a screenshot of) that says it when I go to my Cruise Manager, but nothing else. Carnival really needs to do better with these things. It really messes with us planners. 😁
  9. Beat me to it. I always keep all of my emails for this very reason and I even print out the one with the OBC just in case. I agree - we shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to see our OBC.
  10. Yeah , I know and I love it when we are out and about the ship. But, when we are in for the night I love sitting in the bed and highlighting anything that interests me and then I can narrow it down to what I really want to do. I like seeing everything at once so you can tell if you can go from one thing to another.
  11. Thanks! That's a start. We don't sail until next October, so some things might change by then, but at least it gives me a starting point! It would be nice to be something you could ask your steward to leave when they do your turn down.
  12. Do you know if you can pick one up in the evening for the next day or do you have to wait until the day of? I love having the Fun Times on the app, but am really bummed about not having a full copy, It is one of the things I keep from each cruise. Plus, I love selecting everything I am thinking about then drilling down. Also, have to say not happy about having to use my phone for everything that was previously on paper. And, my Dad has cruised with us and only has a flip phone. I hope this is only temporary or an option. I like not having my phone out during dinner.
  13. Why would they start requiring passports? That has nothing to do with the virus and they would lose a lot of their customers. That totally sounds made up. Not you, the TA.
  14. It could encourage more to get vaccinated. Just like the states offering scholarships and companies offering donuts and beer.
  15. I've done that. In fact, I saved the email as a pdf and I even took a screenshot of the Congrats popup. LOL I want to be armed with anything I might need to show them. Just wish they would put that popup info in the documents.
  16. Same here. I just don't get why it wouldn't show on your docs or online other than a pop-up.
  17. Am I the only one who booked using the Cheers to You promo that cannot find it listed anywhere in the cruise documents? I got the email showing my new rate and noting that we had purchased Cheers. Also, each time I log in, I get the popup that says Congratulations! Cheers and Bottomless Bubbles are included in your booking. But, I have been unable to find that anywhere in my documents. I have even tried printing and I can see my OBC when I do that, but there is still nothing in the documents. Does anyone know if it shows when they have booked with that promo? If it does, where are you seeing it. Thanks! Little things like this drive me crazy.
  18. Very good points and I agree with just about all. I, too, have thought about an infected passenger turning my week's vacation into a 14 day plus nightmare. I just wonder if in the end, Carnival is going to have to cave and go with the others with 95% vaccinated. All of this craziness is one of the main reasons that we rebooked for late next year. By then, the hope is that things will be more normal. I can deal with most restrictions, but I really have no desire to have to wear a mask on a cruise. That would be a hard one for me.
  19. Those who are vaccinated shouldn't be required to wear face masks on a cruise if they don't have to on land. If those who are unvaccinated don't wear a mask, it is of no concern to those who are vaccinated. My problem is making everyone wear a mask when it isn't required for a vaccinated person. That is the other extreme. Just don't require masks, period. Those who aren't vaccinated will be the ones taking the risk and if that is a risk they wish to take, then let them.
  20. Same for us. Ours was $350 for the two of us for an 8 day cruise. First time with Cheers.
  21. I think you can call your PVP and ask for that rate. I've read where it worked for others. Worth a try!
  22. When our October 2020 cruise was cancelled, we rebooked for October 2022 (already had our 2021 vacation planned). I have been waiting for a Cheers to You promo that would be good for that cruise, most of them were only good through the summer of 2022. Finally got it yesterday. Called our PVP and by using that promo (RU2) we are only having to pay $450 more total. We already had a credit (not OBC) of $100 so we applied that and for our 8 day cruise Cheers will only cost us $350 over our cruise fare. This breaks down to $21.88 per person per day. A savings of $30 per day per person. I was leary that it would be worth it for us because we aren't huge drinkers, but with that cost (basically 2 drinks) we couldn't say no. Just had to share because only folks here would understand! So, if you are already booked and get the offer, it's worth checking.
  23. This is why I am happy we are not booked until October 2022. By then, everything will have changed 100 times. But, I feel confident by then there won't be mask requirements.
  24. I've received several offers, but none of them are for cruises as far out as ours is (Oct. 2022). I keep waiting. We've talked about how much extra we would be willing to pay for that. I figure there would be some discount. Hopefully, they will send an offer soon for cruises in late 2022.
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