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  1. I agree with you 100% on the IV balconies.To me they just lookalike CV cabins. Why should I pay so much more for IV if I can get OV much much cheaper. No brainer.
  2. Concerning โ€œLuminae at the Retreatโ€, is The Retreat what used to be called Michaelโ€™s Lounge? I cannot seem to find anything about Michaelโ€™s Lounge on this ship. Michael's Club is gone.They is now a new lounge called Suite lounge. Loyalty means nothing to Celebrity any more and now they only focus on making PROFIT for the company. I felt so sorry to myself to be so loyal to this company.
  3. OMG Maria and Jesus,please help me. Can someone get a life?
  4. I think is a good idea wearing wristband so other people know what tier"s you are.The best is printed the points to reach next tier. Its also good for Elites breakfast and Happy hours in the evening .There won't be any officers stand in front of the entrance.
  5. Just my 2 cents.If someone pay so much more in the suite,the menus should be as good as the specialty restaurants if not better. Come on wake up Celebrity.
  6. Life is too short to nickel and dime.You can't bring with you any way.
  7. Please do not sail with Celebrity.Just stay where you are. Food is bad ,services also bad. Happy hour's Lounge and MC Lounge is always over crowded as some one posted recently.
  8. There was also a thread the pinnacle members would like the reciprocity with Celebrity as Zenith to solve their over crowding. That was even mention recently by Michael Bailey during the President's cruise and approved the idea.
  9. There was a suite passenger on RCL Bashing the Top Tier saying they were over crowding the Suite lounge on Symphony Of The Sea last month. I hope this never happen to Celebrity Ship.
  10. I like the idea Michael's Club only open to Zenith members of the Captain's club once they revolutionize the Solstice Class ship. That will prevent over crowding by the Zeniths in the Suite Lounge. I have heard complain from poster mentioning over crowding in MC was caused by Zeniths.
  11. Very nice. You must have booked before 07/28/2017 Price Created Updated $ 4,699 2017โ€‘07โ€‘28/ 2017โ€‘11โ€‘05 $ 4,999 2017โ€‘11โ€‘15/ 2017โ€‘12โ€‘17 $ 5,199 2017โ€‘12โ€‘21/ 2018โ€‘05โ€‘09 $ 5,799 2018โ€‘05โ€‘18/ 2018โ€‘06โ€‘26 $ 6,099 2018โ€‘06โ€‘30/ 2018โ€‘08โ€‘24 $ 5,999 2018โ€‘09โ€‘02/ 2018โ€‘09โ€‘05 $ 6,299 2018โ€‘09โ€‘21/ 2018โ€‘10โ€‘15
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