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  1. That’s exactly what I thought. Since they’re having symptoms on day four, I think it’s far more likely that they were exposed before they boarded the ship.
  2. True, though they could certainly follow DH and myself, as we order specialty coffee or adult bevs with every meal😂 I would think any person who was thoughtful enough to react to cold symptoms by getting tested would also provide the staff with as many close or frequent contacts as possible. I know I would.
  3. There are security cameras all over the ship, and they can certainly track our seapass trail. Ditto for any sign up lists for shared activities.
  4. Yes. See @graphicguysemi-live review from earlier this month. This was post #122, I think.
  5. I can help you with dimensions. Reflection Concierge cabin is 194 SF. Edge Sunset Veranda cabin is 228 SF. I've sailed on both ships in regular veranda cabins, so I know what you mean about them feeling tight. DH and I were OK until it was time to dress for dinner, when the area around the closet was simply too crowded. I've toured an Edge Sunset Veranda with the bed near the balcony, and I would have traded my own cabin in a NY minute😂 I've also sailed in a corner aft Sky Suite on Reflection, and it was lovely. Quite spacious. Of the Sky Suites on Edge/Apex, I would choose a mid
  6. If it’s just the two of you, the Sunset Verandas may appeal to you. They’re aft, the cabins are larger than the other verandas, and their verandas are spacious. If you choose one with the bed near the veranda, you won’t feel crowded when you both need access to the closet. Bookings currently include a beverage package, gratuities, and WiFi.
  7. Thank you so much for posting your impressions and lovely photos! We were meant to sail aboard Apex last November, so your review makes us anticipate our future b2b even more.
  8. Lois, thanks for the recommendation. We've just booked the Riverside for a December stay😊 -Michelle
  9. You can find your answer on the Celebrity website. https://www.celebritycruises.com/health-and-safety
  10. Great review and excellent photos! We must have missed those sliders on our Edge cruise. We won’t make that mistake again. Thank you😊
  11. Following. So happy you made it! Enjoying your posts and pics very much. Wishing you a fabulous cruise!
  12. You two beat me to it😂 I had downloaded them to my iPad, rotated them, and was about to upload but - voila - they appeared before my eyes😊
  13. Excellent! We’ve used the app for the past couple cruises anyway, so this is great news. Thank you😊
  14. Oops! Just realized I made a typo in my post. It was 8 June that we received the "In Process" email. I'm not sure about the need for a marriage license, but I agree that it's better to have it just in case. I do know that the birth certificates must be issued by a government entity (state or county) and have an official seal. I hope we both receive our passports well before sailing, as I don't believe we can complete online check in without scanning in our passports.
  15. I hope you receive your passports soon! I sent our renewals via USPS priority mail (as recommended by the State Department web site) on 28 April. They were signed for in Philly on 29 April, after which it took six weeks for the web site status to change to "In Process" on 8 July. As of today, they're still "In Process". Our final payment for our closed loop cruise is due in September. It's some comfort to learn we can arrive at the port with birth certificates and government ID, as we've never traveled without passports in the past.
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