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  1. If you partake in Bingo or Deal or No Deal and the likes, these are also charges to your onboard account/OBC. There are plenty of ways to spend it. However, my last cruise on Celebrity I had several hundred dollars of non-refundable credit left after settling my onboard expenses. I went to the casino and tested a theory. I charged $100 to my casino account (or whatever it was called) at the slot machine. I played for a while. I was up. I was down. I was up, down, up and over my original $100. I cashed out at the casino cashier and received cash. I did this for the remainder of my non-refundable credit. I happened to come out just a little bit ahead. I have seen on other threads that the key to being able to cash it out is that you have to actually BET the entire amount. Not all at once, but over time. So sitting at the slot machines for awhile, up, down, up, down, etc, you end up actually betting quite a bit, even if your net gain is very little if anything at all. Even if you end up losing some of it, It's better than just leaving it unused in your account. Something is better than nothing. And it's fun.
  2. That's what I do. Refundable or not, play a bit and cash out works.
  3. Yes, that just stupid. Really, how much can that cost them? Or in the app, like Carnival?
  4. I've never understood why all the negative posts about MTD. I only do MTD and it's equivalent on other lines. I do not want to make reservations because I want the flexibility in my plans. Sometimes there is a wait, but never more than like 20 mins in my experiences, so we go and grab a drink at the bar while waiting. Simple and enjoyable. What's the big deal?
  5. I was there last month when we were 1 of 4 ships in port and one of them was pretty small. I am here to tell you the queue for the cable car was scary. I actually got married that day in Santorini. When my groom and I got off our tender, my heart sank as I saw the line up. It was literally hours long. Fortunately, I decided I had nothing to lose and marched up near the front of the line with my updo hair style and makeup and carrying my wedding gown and grooms outfit in our arms. I pleaded for someone to take pitty on us as it was our wedding and instantly two very nice ladies let us in line with them. I also must note that nobody else in the line seemed to mind either. I don't know what I would have done otherwise. I knew there would be a line, but not THAT much. All of our other guests had wisely taken early ship tours to assure they got ashore in time ("Oia on Your Own" was their tour.) I couldn't do that as my salon appointment was at 9:00 am on the ship. So, yes. Definitely book a ships tour and do it early since they sell out.
  6. Just off Infinity. My TA had confirmed select dining for all 4 of our cabins. Once onboard, we were actually all assigned late dining. They were very accommodating and had no trouble seating any of us whenever we wanted to dine.
  7. Thanks. That's what I thought, but others we are traveling with insist their wait times on Royal Caribbean were untenable and don't want a repeat. Would a table for 8 be easy or hard? Also, do they really charge $10 per person for reservation cancellation less than 24 hrs?
  8. Yes, I was asking about the headliner/production shows
  9. Carnival has a very nice App feature that allows you to check in for your Main Dining Anytime Dining from your App. It gives you an estimated wait time and then a message when it is time to head to the dining room. Does Celebrity have any system in place for their Open (anytime) dining other than having to personally show up at the dining room with your party and wait?
  10. Summer Med 7 day cruise. Are there 1 or 2 shows a night? Are any of the shows repeated on another night? I am figuring out dining times.
  11. I will need a few items to be pressed. How long should I expect? I will need them back the morning of day 4 (with embarkation day being Day 1) for my wedding😃
  12. Yes, I have thought long and hard about this. That is why we are having a secret courthouse wedding before the cruise, in case that were to happen. My planner in Santorini would have to do some fast maneuvering and set us up in Athens where we are all staying for 2 days post cruise. But being a "symbolic" wedding, it should be doable and there are only 13 of us. But I am optimistic weather will be fiiiiiine for us in mid June for Santorini. Fingers crossed!
  13. My TA asked if there were any special occasions onboard when we were booking. I don't think he was expecting to hear "yeah, my wedding". So I'm pretty sure he noted it.
  14. Funny and timely. I have been catching up on Downton Abbey on Prime Video and last night there was a funeral. I mental noted that all of the women were wearing hats in the church, but no men. I wondered why women had different rules.
  15. I am new to Celebrity. We are on Infinity in the Mediterranean and have a balcony cabin booked. I will admit that I didn't do much research beforehand as I was primarily interested in itinerary (I am getting married in Santorini on this cruise) and I was a bit surprised at the amount of amenities/areas that I cannot partake in. I can't help but notice that the vast majority of posters on here do not book the general population cabins. Will it feel like half of the ship is off limits to me?
  16. I am excited for pickleball on Infinity. I have never played and am dying to try it out,
  17. Sorry. I meant to post this under the general Celebrity forum
  18. Am I reading this incorrectly? It seems that if the ship excursion is late, the ship is going to continue and they will catch you up to the ship. Huh? Since when doesn't the ship wait for it's own excursions? "In the unlikely event that your tour is significantly delayed, we'll make all the arrangements for you to return to the ship at the earliest opportunity with no expense to you."
  19. So if my wedding ceremony is scheduled at 3pm Greek time, what ship time would that be on June 13, 2023 for a ship that departed from Ravenna, Italy?
  20. I am getting married while on Santorini (symbolic wedding). We are due to be in port from 8:30-10:00pm. This cruise leaves from Ravenna, Italy. Ravenna uses Central European Time Zone while Greece uses Eastern European Time Zone, a 1 hour time difference. So if we are due into Santorini at 8:30am, what time is it on land in Greece? (And is there some sort of daylight savings that may come into play?) I am having a bit of a freak out about timing of my on land wedding.
  21. I was on an NCL Baltics cruise and a guy we became friendly with was without his luggage for a few days. it eventually caught up with him
  22. As long as I can make it to Ravenna from Venice and get on the ship, I'm good!
  23. Excellent. We are flying into Venice the day before. Thank you. Does the shuttle option show somewhere? Am I just supposed to know about it? Can I use OBC?
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