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  1. I’ll find out on Thursday and plan on reporting back then 😊
  2. More experimenting, more disconcerting results. I used DH's account to log into the new app this morning and it shows we are BOTH and our credit card has been authorized for Shoreside Transactions under his name. Logging in to the new app using my data showed I am still not ready to sail as only 6 of 7 items have been completed when I removed the credit card from Shoreside Transactions yesterday. If I am the lead passenger with the ability to authorize a) Shoreside Transactions (which I chose not to) and b) his ability to make charges to the credit card on file, how is it possible that he can be authorized to make Shoreside Transactions? Is anyone else able to replicate this? Also confirmed that the new app is still connected to old corrupt data. I was able to access his account using a previously identified misspelling of his name (think Steven spelled as Steeen) and there was no problem using that to bring up his reservation, intriguingly with his name spelled correctly and showing his Elite status. 🤔 I can also log in using his name spelled correctly. SMH.
  3. Having or not having the Medallion was definitely the deciding factor for which line you were directed to. I have not been out of PE for the past two years, but I do not recall ever being asked to show the app or QR code either there or any other port we've cruised from since it was rolled out. When we have had our Medallion, they have scanned that, but still needed to check our passports. When we have not had our Medallions, they still looked at our passports and then went to collect the Medallions to give to us.
  4. Oh, this just keeps getting better and better. I was trying to access my June cruise data to see if the way to print the luggage tags could be seen on the app prior to final payment, and now the app will only allow me access to my cruise that's on Thursday. I have logged out, closed the app, rebooted my device and tried two different booking numbers and it is STILL coming up with the one that's in three days. So, would this be because I'm three days out, or because I am no longer Ready to Cruise having disabled that authorization earlier today? I'm done. I'll show up in the Blue Lane on Thursday - where I expected to be because I didn't have the Medallions shipped to my home - and deal with having to provide my credit card, make sure our onboard accounts are linked and spend my cruise monitoring the portfolio. Yep, this app sure is making my cruise memorable! 🤷‍♂️ Just as an aside, there are no vendors that accept MedallionPay on this itinerary - thank goodness I was able to access the list to figure that out. 🤣
  5. @Thrak mentioned the same virtual credit card and I am hoping he will weigh in with his experience if he's had a chance to check it out already.
  6. Yes, but I've ordered them for port pick-up as we don't have a package and it's not worth $10 to me just to have them in hand when we arrive at the pier. (Not even the sake of beta testing. 🤭)
  7. Rather than confirming at check-in, go to Guest Services at your leisure once you're onboard. As long as you've got it straightened out before you disembark you should be okay. I've always found that the lead passenger can see both folios, but the authorized user can only see his/her own, so I don't believe that would be a reliable indicator. At this point, I cannot remember if I was conscious of not being able to see his on that particular cruise, so can't rule it out.
  8. Nice that you spotted it when you did! 😊
  9. From experience, there may be a wrinkle other than being in the Blue Lane when choosing to withhold your credit card information from Shoreside Transactions section to be aware of. We did not find out until after disembarking that choosing to uncheck the box for Radiqal meant our onboard accounts were not linked. Even though each account was settled to the same credit card we had registered when we checked in at the pier, because they were not linked, the non-refundable OBC in DH's account was not applied to offset my charges. We did finally get resolution over a year later, but it was a nuisance, and ever since I have gone to Guest Services to be sure that the accounts were linked. Just thought worth mentioning if it helps someone else avoid the same pitfall.
  10. It posted, if that's what you're testing.
  11. Actually, there has been a change: the team decided to "improve" the Shoreside Transactions aspect in the new app - they have added a whole list of vendors who participate in MedallionPay. Surely that information would be way more important to me to have ready access to in the app rather than a list of my upcoming cruises. 😝
  12. With regards to luggage tags, choosing that tab takes you to the web page of your Princess.com online reservation, so the steps for printing them out haven't changed. That's the same thing as choosing the Excursions tab from the app, you're redirected to the online reservation to complete that task there as well. As far as the timing of when that tab becomes available, I can tell you it's there for my cruise in four days, but not for the cruise in 132 days. Interesting... noticed I was "Ready to Sail" for the cruise that's 132 days out so I dug a little deeper into that and discovered that my credit card has been authorized (not by me) for Shoreside Transactions. So, I tried Steelers36's suggestion of removing the credit card from Shoreside Transactions. The card is still listed for my Onboard Transactions, but I am no longer ready to sail as only 6 out of 7 items have been completed. When I looked at DH's reservation, there are no separate tabs for online or shoreside, and the card data appears as the default under his Payment Methods, so he's still set to sail. And, his Elite status is showing correctly. Continuing my beta testing quest, I logged out of my profile, relogged in using my next cruise booking number, and sure enough, I am no longer "Ready to Sail" in 4 days as I now need to provide the credit card information for shoreside transactions. (Not happenin'!) Good thing I was already quite happy to be in the Blue Lane anyway. 🤣
  13. @CruiseMob and @San10s, I'm not sure why the disparity. Those are the tabs that I have at the top of the new app, and I have to scroll down on that same page to get to tab for Reserve Dining, tab for View Packages and tab for View Wi-Fi Plans. I've been trying to cobble together screenshots to share as examples, but the app screen displays minimal information, requiring substantial scrolling to get to the data, so hopefully you will eventually see this same format on your own app. Just by way of information, this is the Apple app, version 1.0.1. Thank you @Cruise Raider! That's what I was trying to do! 🤗
  14. In the new app, there are six tabs underneath the name of the ship you'll be sailing with the number of days until embarkation. Those tabs are: All Set! - Complete steps prior to arriving at port ✅ Packages - Get the most from your vacation Boarding Pass - Proceed to Blue Lane Luggage Tags - Get the most from your vacation Excursions - Discover more in each destination Spa - Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate Green check mark and Blue Lane are completely unrelated. 🥴
  15. Okay, Thrak, you've piqued my curiosity. So if your virtual number that is designated for Princess gets used by another vendor - something radical like, oh, I don't know, maybe Radiqal something or other, let's say - would your bank reject it as an unauthorized transaction?
  16. I would expect my booked excursion in Montevideo to show as an event at 8:45a on Day 2, but it does not appear there. However, I can see all booked excursions accessing the Book shore excursions tab - that brings up the same web page I see as Excursion Reservations from My Booking on Princess.com. HTH!
  17. Thank you 😊 I do see the Blue Lane designation there. I was concerned it was not a good choice of color options to indicate All Set as that might cause some confusion for someone who was looking to confirm whether or not they were in the green lane. 🥴
  18. Yes, I'm experiencing this as well.
  19. I did have that exact same experience back in December of 2021. We were on Emerald Princess from the 9th to the 19th, disembarked and spent the night in Fort Lauderdale before boarding Enchanted Princess on the 20th. Everyone I spoke with could confirm that "the computer recognizes this as a back-to-back cruise" even though no one had even the remotest idea as to why it would be programmed that way. It's possible that it has always been like that, but until the introduction of the app, there was never an issue with making changes to dining or shore excursion bookings for the second cruise. I am truly sorry to hear that it's two years later and the tech team that assured me they were looking into it still doesn't seem to have resolved the issue.
  20. My experience post latest update (v 1.0.1): Still showing white circle with blue sea witch. My "new to Princess" loyalty level is confirmed when I open my Boarding Pass. Also of note, this includes having a QR code which I was told back in September that Princess would no longer be using for boarding. The stateroom number that was blank yesterday is now listed. Progress? I am able to access OceanReady Checklist without session timing out. Progress? OceanReady Checklist shows we are both now Ready to Sail with a green checkmark. The verbiage reads "To become Green Lane and enjoy an expedited arrival experience, you must choose to have your Medallion Wearable shipped to your home" so that puts us in the Blue Lane. What bright spark decided using a green check mark and font should indicate Ready to Sail? (Gotta' love the consistent inconsistencies.) Under onboard packages, if I choose the Upgrade button, it does show that I currently have the Princess Plus package purchased. Under "Payment Methods," yesterday that was showing as incomplete, but today has been populated with the credit card I had on file with the old app - not because I wanted to, but it was the only way I could make a reservation for Specialty Dining the week before we were due to board. I was SO hoping to get around "voluntarily" supplying that information for Radiqal Gaming within this new app as it was not free choice whether or not to authorize them having access to that data. 🤬 For those asking about Shoreside Transactions, under "My Account" there is a field "Rewards & Credits" where there is now a list of Merchants participating in the MedallionPay program. Tis what 'tis.
  21. Not currently on the Sapphire but I can tell you that it is Paolo Ravera.
  22. It may be that you're not cruising until November. I can access dining reservations on January itinerary, but get "cannot load content" message for May itinerary. Edit to add - looks like that just occurred to you, too. 😁
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