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  1. We frequently choose obstructed OV on Emerald Deck (8) on Sapphire Princess.
  2. 🙄 I’m still “New to Princess.” Next update maybe?
  3. Apple version updated 3 hours ago. It didn’t pop up automatically, I had to search for it.
  4. @Osa J I think you're right about the Chat person having only limited access to your actual reservation. Just keep the notes you have and a print-out of your credit card charges and that should help with identifying missing Genoa, cancelled Gibraltar, and rebooked Gibraltar. I think you are going to have to do this with a phone call, or maybe more than one if you can't get it resolved the first time.
  5. I'd go to your Travel Summary right now and print out the section with the Shore Excursions that are still showing with the prices you paid. Hopefully that will give you some leverage to say, "here are the six shore excursions for a total of $1280.70 and my credit card bill shows you charged me $1450.60, so the two dropped shore excursions for Genoa accounted for the difference." (Numbers randomly generated by me - use the prices you actually paid. 😉) You can also look on the shore excursions listed for Genoa and see if it is still listed or if it has been removed entirely. HTH!
  6. 🙄 Didn't mean to give bad info - I was not able to do that with the old app several weeks ago and should have double-checked before posting - thanks for catching it!
  7. It no longer works that way on either the old app or the new app. As it stands now, App Version 1.01.-3901, you can only access one future cruise at a time. If you log in using your user name and password, that will access your next cruise chronologically. If you want to see other future cruises, you must sign out then sign back in again using SIGN IN WITH BOOKING NUMBER. Once onboard, you cannot use the app to access any cruises other than the cruise you are currently on. HTH.
  8. How about instead of my phone buzzing my Ocean Medallion vibrates instead? 🤣
  9. If you go to "Luggage Tag & Travel Summary" under the blue title bar that will take you to your Travel Summary that should (operative word 😉) have a section titled "Special Services" under which is listed everything that's included with your package and the associated value of each line item. HTH!
  10. It should be in your Travel Summary - everything that's included should be under "Special Services."
  11. Confirming that requesting by email is no longer a viable option as @SheenaQ commented last week. I used this address earlier this morning to request the benefit and received an email reply just a few minutes ago with this response: Thank you for your request for an onboard credit as part of the Carnival Corp & plc. Shareholder Benefit Program. Carnival Corp is implementing a more automated onboard credit request process in partnership with Stockperks. Please go to www.stockperks.com/carnivalcorp for all details about the program and how to apply for your onboard credit via the Stockperks app. Thank you for being a CCL shareholder! We look forward to welcoming you aboard. Kind regards, Ana Commercial Compliance Support 24303 Town Center Drive Santa Clarita, CA 91355
  12. You're right, you can access certain aspects of your future cruise reservations on Princess.com, just nothing that requires the app to be completed. IMO, incorporating that limitation into the most recent version of the app (new, old, and web) ticks my "fail" box. 🥴
  13. A further twist to this fail: once onboard you can not access ANY future voyages via the app - be that old app, new app or web version - to complete steps that can only be accomplished by using the app, e.g. purchase MedallionNet and DMW reservations.
  14. I learned something new already this morning, thank you! I'll never be able to see another inaugural cruise offer without being tickled by this reference. 🤭
  15. @t&atravel - even following those steps I do not see how to book MDR on the new app, but this could also be because I'm booked on the Sun Princess and there certainly have been a number of comments from passengers who were having issues making any dining reservations on that ship specifically. 🥴
  16. I didn't have a need to check that out during my most recent cruise and have disembarked at this point. We are cruising in September with another couple, and as I know that our bookings were linked on the old app, I looked at the new app just now to see if I could make dining reservations with them (as per your question), but I cannot access My Shipmates, so no joy. It sure would not be an improvement if we'll have to wait until we board to see them as Shipmates to finally make dining reservations, imo. Wish I could have helped with a better answer.
  17. My Shipmates is located under My Profile in the NEW APP, and yes, you need to be onboard to be able to access it.
  18. Nope - JP apparently released the news yesterday that although Princess will be taking delivery of the Sun today, she must remain alongside at the dockyard to allow additional technical work to be completed.
  19. This is odd - I DID get a notification that you had quoted one of my posts... Just nothing from threads I've been following for a lot longer... ?
  20. I just did a search here for "notifications" as I'm having this same issue - no new notifications since Friday, February 9th. I sent an email to help@cruisecritic.com but still have not had any reply, nor any resolution. I had already tried changing notifications, but that does not seem to have fixed anything for me either. Fingers crossed it gets fixed before too much longer. 🥴
  21. If you read this thread from a local, small business perspective, it sheds a different light on merchants “choosing” to partner with Princess. I respect everyone’s right to choose whether or not to use MedallionPay, and am providing this link only in an effort to help make an informed decision.
  22. It seems likely that Radiqal would be expecting some portion of that remaining 10% cut.
  23. I am onboard and have the new app and can confirm that it does include the number of drinks (as well as specialty desserts) you have used each day. Access your Profile and then it’s under Onboard Packages. HTH!
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