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  1. I chose not to respond to the "you've been outbid" email I received this past December and did not receive the upgrade. Just by way of information, the original offer was in the good range.
  2. I had seen @dides 's post #44 with a couple of photos of a Cove Balcony, but apparently Sarah G, who was credited with posting them, must have removed them as the links are now broken. I'm finding it really difficult to get any information about the Cove Balconies on the Sun - even Princess' website doesn't have much in the way of specifics. Follow this thread and hopefully more details will be made available before you have to make your decision! Edited to add that @PacnGoNow uploaded a letter in post #51 posted by another guest in a Cove Balcony - it made more sense when looking at those photos that have now been removed.
  3. That is interesting indeed! We are booked in a Cove Balcony in September, and that aspect of the new room design hadn't even crossed our minds! It will be interesting to see if/when that becomes necessary on a Transatlantic. Thanks for the info!
  4. It wasn’t bad in December and February when we chose to walk, but June would definitely have been a whole ‘nuther story.
  5. It's all cement sidewalks and crossing paved roads so didn't cause us any difficulties with our wheeled luggage. YMMV - or YWMV, as in your wheels may vary
  6. Yes, there is a port-provided parking shuttle for those itineraries with departures and arrivals at the different piers. You could park closer to either your departure or arrival pier, but I would think it's an advantage to walk off your ship and to your car without having to wait for the shuttle. We are moderately fit walkers and have trekked the nearly two miles from Pier 2 to Pier 21 with wheeled luggage on a pleasant day to change ships a couple of different times, so I can tell you it's walkable and safe to do so, if you want. HTH!
  7. Bumbling through the new app looking at DMW options for upcoming cruise and I see that the calendar for Sun Princess shows two new icons, presumably to indicate Port Day versus Sea Day? It does not show this for upcoming bookings on Sapphire Princess, but hopefully it's a sign of yet another work-in-progress by the app team.
  8. Given all of the feedback in just these few days after the real-time launch of this new ship design, I sincerely hope that some bright spark at Princess corporate would suggest that everyone on the team tasked with bringing Star Princess to a successful launch be given a free cruise on a Sun Princess itinerary heavy with sea days. Edit to add: as an educational exercise, not by way of "punishment" 🤭
  9. That’s what known as a move-over offer.
  10. Just so you know, I WAS able to watch both of the videos (thank you very much, by the way ☺️) - clicking on the link opened each one in the Media Player on my laptop.
  11. Darn. I was hoping for a satisfactory resolution for you.
  12. Actually, it only shows 2/3 of the cruises I've taken post Medallion release, and it appears to me that they are only those cruises on ships that were MedallionClass ready at the time of sailing. What would be the logic in deciding to only include that subset of data in the app?
  13. Funny thing that the inconsistencies are the only thing that's consistent about this app. 😝
  14. I double-checked that thought. My credit card has been included for Shipboard transactions, but not for Shoreside, and Payment Methods has a green checkmark. I suppose the exclamation point for Order Medallion could be because I ordered it for port pick-up?
  15. I went back into the booking on the app and it NOW shows I am 7 out of 8 completed with the exclamation point next to exclamation point highlighting Order medallion. When I click on that tab, it says, "Can't load content." When I went to the Web Version of the app, same exclamation point with Order medallion, only this time it takes me to the completed Medallion Order form. This is too much like pushing sand uphill.
  16. 🤣 In my case, past MedallionClass cruises showing in the app DO add up to Elite status but I am still tagged as New to Princess, so there goes that theory.
  17. Read your comment and went to check how update impacted my bookings. I had to do a manual search for the app to see that it had been updated as it was not listed as Pending. I, too, am still showing as New to Princess. I have two upcoming b2b's but they are still listed as one cruise and I don't seem to have the issues with needing to check in again or re-order Medallions.
  18. If you purchase the Princess Plus package that will cover gratuities (yes, crew appreciation) of $16 pp per night and Wifi package of $25 pp per night (available to purchase for the entirety of the cruise, no longer for individual days), as well as 2 specialty desserts pp per night, drinks pp up to $15 (any higher value choices will cost the difference over $15 plus an 18% additional gratuity) with a limit of 15 drinks pp per night, unlimited specialty coffees and cover charge for two casual dining meals. If you pre-pay your shore excursions and do not purchase photos, opt to dine in a specialty restaurant, buy anything in any of the onboard shops or donate to the casino, it would be reasonable to expect a zero balance on your final bill. HTH!
  19. I thought that @Charlie_and_Tracey was referring to issues with logging in at Princess.com, not issues with the app. 🤷‍♂️ If the problem is with the app, Charlie_and_Tracey, try lorri111's suggestion.
  20. I've had the same "login attempt was unsuccessful" error messages for quite some time now, and have found that if I just keep pressing the LOG IN button with the same Login ID and Password it will, at some point, finally log me in. I've counted up to nine times before it registered, but it did finally log me in. I had tried changing my password as well, but went back to using my original password which worked. Not sure why the system did not recognize my changed password, but there you go. I hope if you try this it will work for you! 🤞
  21. The New App v. 1.1.0-4202 now includes land portion of cruisetours, sorta'. It would seem that ,HTL might eventually include Princess Lodges? Hopefully they will figure out how to get the dates in chronological order - this screenshot is from back-to-back tourcruise-cruisetour. I also find it greatly amusing that they have addressed my frustration with having "Preferred Name"/"Display Name" field offered but not being used - it has now been completely removed. 🥴
  22. I've also got some Completed cruises listed going back to December of 2018 and I'm wondering if it's only the ones that were booked as MedallionClass cruises maybe?
  23. Whu-u-t? They need more suggestions for how to really muck things up? 😁
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