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  1. Email yesterday, refund posted to my cc today for April 5th Cruise. I submitted the request for refund on March 23rd.
  2. Requested refund on March 23 for an April 5th sailing that NCL cancelled. I *just* received an email that they have processed my refund and it should post to my cc in 7-10 business days. Yes, my faith in NCL is getting restored. I will post again once it's refunded in my credit card.
  3. Hi all! I had booked Nachicocom for our cruise, which was cancelled. I emailed them and they said they would reimburse us the deposit, but it would take 3 weeks. It’s been 3 weeks. If you had a reservation, what is the status of your deposit reimbursement?
  4. Royal Caribbean just extended suspension of cruises through May 11th. I would expect NCL to follow. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/89/royal-caribbean-extends-global-suspension-of-cruisingrnnbsp/
  5. Why don't we just track in this thread? I also think we should limit the tracking to those that NCL cancelled on us. Ship: Getaway Date: April 5 Booked by Travel Agent: No Requested Refund: March 23 Status: ?
  6. LOL, 42, that's funny. I got my 4 cancellation emails. But, it's the same generic verbiage that we got when the form was submitted. I guess we just sit and wait the 90 days.
  7. I went ahead and submitted a form for each of us and it took it (didn't give me an error). Since the form has to be completed within the next 45 days and the refund won't show until 90 days, I don't want to wait until 90 days to find out they failed to refund me for 3 out of 4 people in my cabin.
  8. Does anyone know if I should submit one refund form for the 4 passengers on my reservation or just 1 form?
  9. Here is an excellent FAQ that was sent to travel partners (someone posted it in another group): https://gageplatprod1stor1.blob.core.windows.net/portal/16/AssetLibrary/Document/81c14c4d-003c-4cad-95a4-0d3071f900b8.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1_UxeVVydQoHvImlc2UZMx10eOJxGkljhrNo0vt5v8w96YgTOI6DHlG0s "If an FCC is not preferred, guests can receive a full refund in the amount of the cruise fare paid. Note that all refund requests must be received via the following web form (https://www.ncl.com/casesubmission/peace-of-mind/), which is available as of March 23, 2020. Refund requests must be submitted by no later than 45 days after the voyage cancelation notification (i.e. refund requests must be submitted by April 27, 2020 for suspended sailings between March 13 – April 11, 2020)." Q: What is included in the FCC? A: The following will be applied to the FCC: • Cruise fare and taxes o Including any winning Upgrade Advantage payments • Flight arrangements booked through Norwegian Cruise Line • Hotel and Cruise Tour packages purchased through Norwegian Cruise Line • Prepaid service charges • Beverage or dining gratuities (if part of the Free at Sea (FAS) promotion selection) • Prepaid shore excursions • Essentials Travel Protection Q: What is excluded from the FCC (or refund)? A: The following will not be applied to the FCC or refunded: • Booksafe Standard or Platinum Travel Protection, if purchased • Special Promotional Onboard Credits (OBC) Q: Are any amounts on the affected bookings being refunded instead of being included in the FCC? A: Any ancillary items sold by Norwegian Cruise Line will be refunded to the cardholder who made the original purchase (refunded to the original form of payment) and will not be included in the FCC. Ancillary pre-purchased items include: • Bon Voyage gifts and celebration packages • Dining or beverage packages (those not part of the Free at Sea (FAS) promotion) • Water and/or soda packages • Purchased on board credits • Internet packages • Photo packages
  10. So, do I fill out one form total or forms for each person? We have different last names, but are all on the same reservation number. I've received 4 separate emails for each communication. Would feel better if the form had where to put each passenger's name...
  11. Some passengers are wondering why they have not yet received their email. I wonder if they are sending the FCC emails in groups by sailing/ship or last name. We were on the April 5th Getaway, and I'm the lead passenger in the reservation and my last name starts with a "C" and I got it last night.
  12. I didn't pre-purchase shore excursions, or the daily service charges. But, I did get 125% FCC on the Dining and Beverage Package gratuities.
  13. My reservation had: 1. Cruise fare 2. Taxes and Port fees 3. Free at Sea Beverage and Dining gratuities 4. Upgrade fee ($119) from free 250 internet package to unlimited My 100% FCC includes exactly these 4 items and my 25% FCC bonus is exactly 25% of that amount. That means they included the taxes and port fees, Free at Sea Beverage and Dining gratuities and upgrades as all FCC. I would assume the same way they gave FCC on these types of items, that they would allow to use the FCC on them too. All these items appeared in my cruise confirmation. I believe that items that are purchased separately, like Shore Excursions, don't get added to cruise confirmations, and those should be refunded, even if you opt to take the FCC.
  14. I see it now. And I also got the extra 20% off, which is in this page as well, with an April 10th deadline. Between the extra FCC and the extra 20% off - it's certainly worth looking into it.
  15. I'm probably being super dense, but I only see two links in my email and none of them show that screen: https://www.ncl.com/why-cruise-norwegian/book-with-confidence http://www.ncl.com/FAQ What is the link that shows that Information on Suspended Sailings?
  16. My amount matches perfectly. I received an email for each person in my reservation. I upgraded the free 250 minute package to the unlimited package and it includes that under my email. The extra FCC bonus is tempting. I know I want to cruise NCL again. The problem is we don't cruise often enough. Our last cruise was 4 years ago. We already have a bunch of travel plans, and with the uncertainty over the summer, there's a good possibility we would not get to use the credit by 2021. But, the FCC is tempting enough that I will look around at cruises tomorrow. I just want to make sure I have the option to cancel.
  17. My family was on the Getaway cruise for April 5 that was cancelled. I did *not* cancel and did *not* take the Peace of Mind offer and did *not* request FCC. I just received an email saying they have issued a FCC. I don’t want a FCC. I was just waiting for their refund form to appear, as promised, on March 23. Email does not say anything about the refund option. Anyone else in the cancelled March/April cruises received this? I certainly hope they are not backing away from a refund.
  18. Exactly. One of my kids' schools is closed until April 12th, the other one is closed indefinitely. They are not closing the schools because they think they are not in tip-top clean shape, or because they think the kids are going to get it. They are closing it to comply with community best practices to flatten the curve. The best graphs I have seen about the topic are these ones: https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/2020/3/12/21172040/coronavirus-covid-19-virus-charts
  19. This is not about an individual’s vacation. It’s not about you or anyone here in particular getting or not getting COVID19. It’s about flattening the curve so that we protect the elderly and immunocompromised. It’s about ensuring hospitals do not get overwhelmed with a surge in needs for ICU beds and ventilators. It’s about trickling the cases coming in, so that our healthcare workers do not have to make the kinds of decisions healthcare workers in Italy are making: who gets the last ventilator, who gets the last bed in the ICU. I think Disney has done the right thing by closing all of its parks and its cruise line. It helps flatten the curve is we don’t have 4,000 people in closed quarters. Will NCL put people ahead of profits? We’ll see.
  20. Well, Disney has now closed all of its parks worldwide, including Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and Disney Cruise Line. Kudos to Disney for “flattening the curve.” My DH is a healthcare worker and if he were faced with the position that Italian health care workers are facing - deciding who to give that last ventilator that is available - I know that would destroy him.
  21. The article talks about the quarantine process. Everyone here is talking about the portion of the quarantine on the ship and that the ship can charge you, but after that portion, you still have 2 weeks at a military base. Who pays for that second portion?
  22. Based on the latest example of the Grand Princess, quarantined off the coast of California, you wouldn't be quarantined for long in your stateroom. They learned that lesson with the Diamond Princess that the ship becomes a petri dish, even with everyone quarantined to their cabins. After they can set up the logistics (which takes days), they will move you to military quarters to do your 2-week quarantine. Since you are already off the ship at that point, your T&C for the ship do not apply. Who pays for your two week quarantine in a military base? https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/03/11/coronavirus-grand-princess-passengers-disembark-third-day/5015027002/
  23. I’m going to do that, thank you. But, would still like to know how a cancelled cruise for FCC with an accepted bid is treated by NCL.
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