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  1. The Artic crossing on Jewel from Copenhagen to Boston on August 31, 2021 is no longer offered but our booking ist still there. Is it canceled? Will it be canceled? Will it be adjusted and end e.g. in Halifax? They just added this great cruise one month ago....
  2. Cruises in Europe are not affected by the CDC order of max. 7 days.
  3. Correct but you said they replaced Jewel with Radiance because Jewel has been moved to the Baltic.
  4. Jewel has always been scheduled for North Europe in summer 2021, they just moved her ftom Amsterdam to Copenhagen/Stockholm.
  5. Freedom will relocate from Bayonne to Miami in autumn 2021, no cruises from San Juan on her.
  6. TUI Cruises has always been All Inclusive, Velebrity might copy this very successful business model from their sister company who has comparable ships in size and quality.
  7. And now Navigator is available to move to the US West Coast from autumn 2021...
  8. If you already got three price drops in the last week why not have a break from daily checking and be happy with what you have?
  9. The difference is that Madeira has an official fireworks done by the city. This is not the case in Hamburg. It is just all the local people doing their own private fireworks in the gardens and on the streets everywhere and sometimes anytime around midnight.
  10. The TUI cruise reports have been posted mainly on the Celebrity site.
  11. They would just make a technical stop in the Bahamas without anyone allowed to leave the ship, easy solution for all the PVSA and Jones act focused experts...
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