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  1. It is a body wash / shampoo combination, no conditioner.
  2. Serenade is significantly lighter than Radiance as they started to built the upper structure with more Aluminum and less steel after Radiance.
  3. If you book deck three there are no balconies. And why do you assume deck three should be louder than other decks?
  4. This might be the case but the dry dock schedule remarks are not really relevant for her destinations in Summer 2021.
  5. Ok, but then you have to use a Navigator compass from the five day Western Caribbean cruises last year and before her dry dock.
  6. She entered service in 2004 and has to go into drydock every five years during the first twenty years. She replaces Serenade in the Baltic in 2020 but comes in from Dubai via Med.
  7. No because they need this size of ship for Baltic and Norway ports in the summer months. She should also not be due for a dry dock in 2021 and comes in and out via Med in 2019 and 2020 as well.
  8. Or she comes from Southampton and sails mainly Med itineraries.
  9. It‘s Antipasto or Antipasti which means appetizer but not anti pasta which means against pasta..
  10. Or just take the towels available from the pool deck....
  11. The entry depends on the terminal and gangway location.
  12. I trust this is for Copenhagen? She will dock at Ocean Terminal, the new cruise terminals further away from the city in Osterport.
  13. Serenade has been confirmed to stay in Australia only for one season in Winter 2020 so she could be an option for the West Coast from late 2021 with summer in Alaska and winter from LA or SD.
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