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  1. HAL retired about 15 years older ships but none of their Vista Class ships that sre similar in age to Constellation.
  2. In this documentary (and later on all Sovereign Class ships) they did not add cabins to Sovereign. It was about adding balconies to existing cabins on deck 10 and about extending the Windjammer Café on deck 11.
  3. Does she get the blue hull? Infinity did not.
  4. I am not sure if it is that easy. Celebrity Apex just canceled all port stops in Cyprus into September. And if people are not able to fly to Cyprus easily anymore due to again implemented travel restrictions or fewer flights?
  5. Will Jewel continue to sail from Cyprus as Covid figures and travel risks are currently so high for this island??
  6. Port Amsterdam is open for cruise calls for ships leaving from Germany but there are no departures from Amsterdam yet.
  7. Is anyone on Jewel right now? How is it going? Cyprus is currently not the best choice for travellers because of very high Covid figures. Do you believe Royal will stick to Cyprus as starting point for Greece cruises?
  8. That is incorrect. In Germany they decided for the mix just because of scientific studies. This was not done because of limited supply from certain providers or other political or economic reasons. In fact the opposite is true. Just because of this decision many supplied dosis could not be used anymore any many apointments for vaxination had to be postponed.
  9. There have been official studies in Europe proofing that mixing AstraZeneca (first shot) and Moderna or Pfizer (second shot) provides the highest percentage of immunization. In any case much higher than two times AstrZeneca. This is why countries like Germany now do this mix on purpose. Everyone with first shot AstraZeneca will get second one with Moderna/Pfizer.
  10. No, he will not come back now. A lot of assignments have been changed due to ship locations, new itineraries and other reasons. Many Senior Captains come back first.
  11. Claus Andersen is on Jewel and Trym Selvag is on Freedom.
  12. It is not like a plane where you fly in Economy, Business or First.
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