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  1. without looking on my last key card I think it is in the theater
  2. don't forget Medical Evacuation in addition to Medical Coverage. That jet ambulance from Bonaire to Fort Laurderdale cost my travel insurance $25G. Not all private insurance covers out of country. My private insurance would have paid but they dragged their feet in processing the claim so they went to the travel insurance. Remember when traveling through the Caribbean, 3rd world countries and the local hospitals are not set up for trauma. I happened to have had a heart attack while docked in Bonaire. I happened to have had the insurance bought through United Cruises, can't remember the name off the top of my head. It worked and it paid.
  3. We just came off of the May 20 sailing on the Breeze. We went to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel in that order. Our formal nights were on the first sea Day (Monday 2nd night) and on Grand Cayman Day (Thursday 5th night). Yours may depend on your itinerary. We had fun and we loved the Steakhouse! We ended up in the Steakhouse on night 3 and 5, Italian on night 4. Anytime dining the other 4 nights. Happy cruising to you and your wife!
  4. extremely low risk of fog.....no better or worse a chance of a hurricane than FL, AL or somewhere else along the Gulf Coast
  5. you can catch the duck tour at 2500 Seawall Blvd (25th and Seawall) near the Pleasure Pier. phone is 409-621-4771 have fun!
  6. my luggage tags I printed today say Faster to the Fun on the tag
  7. I have heard people moan about how done or not done the WCMC is. How do you like yours cooked? I always ask for one well done. I like more "cake-like" to eat with the ice cream.
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