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  1. I went to a minute clinic run by CVS pharmacy. About 20 minutes from my house. They called me with my results before I even got back home. They also sent an email so I could print out a hard copy. Test took less than 2 minutes from check in to completion. I made the appointment 2 weeks ago. No charge. Very easy. I would search for a place that is doing the antigen test. It is very quick and Royal is accepting it. I was afraid of not getting the PCR test back in time as I am flying to Texas on Saturday. Hope this helps. Brenda
  2. Got my antigen test this afternoon.....results in less than 15 minutes. Sailing Sunday on Independence.
  3. Makes me happy, I want to sail on fully vaccinated ships. Hopefully, no masks. Brenda
  4. I have a 5b to transfer, so far only 1 week of the 5 has been transferred. Upgraded from a promenade view room to a panoramic spacious ocean view. pleased with upgrade. Brenda
  5. Just received the cancellation of 5 weeks on Liberty. Hoping they automatically move me to Indy. Then I guess I will move back to Liberty on Sept 26 for the remaining 8 weeks I have booked. Getting very complicated.....just want to be back at sea no matter which ship I am on. Brenda
  6. I am scheduled to board Liberty Aug 22 for 13 weeks....that will make me pinnacle. All my cancellations ended up in a clump...lol. Hopefully, I won't get bored, I have several different friends who have booked weeks in October and November to join me. Some for one or two weeks and my neighbor is coming aboard for the final 6 weeks to get her Diamond Plus. After 13 weeks aboard, I may become a part of the crew. Then Navigator Dec 24 and January 31 out of Los Angeles. World cruise on Crystal Serenity begins Feb 2 for 116 days. Home in late May. Have the Liberty booked for 4 weeks in Sept 2022. Hopefully, they will all go. I really miss being at sea. Brenda
  7. As a single older lady who cruises solo, I would never agree to this. I don't give out my last name or cabin number for safety reasons. Brenda
  8. I heard yesterday from a friend who is a crew member. She has been told to report to Tampa for assignment to the Brilliance on July 17. She has not been able to get vaccinated in her home country, but says Royal will vaccinate the crew. Things are looking up. Brenda
  9. I have 19 booked and they all show on my upcoming cruise list. Brenda
  10. Booked on December 24 and December 31....can't think of a better way to spend the Holidays. Brenda
  11. So excited to finally have a Royal ship back on the west coast. Much easier than either Florida or Galveston from Las Vegas. Brenda
  12. It's a 5 hour flight for me to catch a cruise out of Florida, not that much longer to Nassau. I just have not been able to persuade them to bring a ship to Las Vegas to pick me up. Brenda
  13. Does anyone know which ship Mama Mia is playing on?
  14. I have 24 booked at the moment, including a 13 back this fall and a 4 month world cruise next February.
  15. I have sailed both classes many times, and personally prefer the Liberty over the Oasis or Allure. Plenty to do, no need to make reservations for shows. One of my favorite ships. Brenda
  16. I already get a flu shot every year. So if it is necessary to get a Covid shot every year, I will do it to stay protected. I expect a lot of changes to the rules as more control over the virus is gained. Brenda
  17. I have had both doses of the vaccine and love that it will be a requirement. Makes me feel much safer on board. See you on the World Cruise on Serenity in Feb 2022. Brenda
  18. I am an optimist....I have a 13 week b2b. Board Liberty on August 22 and don't get off til November 21. Making up for all my cancelled cruises, and when I get off I will be Pinnacle.
  19. I signed up, but pretty sure they will not take me because of my age....oh well, it is worth a shot.
  20. I was on track to make pinnacle by the end of 2021. Then Covid came and I watched 12 of my cruises get cancelled. Now with the double points, I will make pinnacle by mid 2021. Thank you Royal, I am a happy camper. Brenda
  21. I have my rhinestone mask ready for formal nights....lol
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