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  1. I would definitely pay the deviation fee and fly the day before. My extended family has had way too many close calls with delayed and cancelled flights causing them to almost miss cruises.
  2. Oh good, for a while there I was thinking I was the only person who thought fountains was kind of gross and not funny. I saw it once and that was more than enough for me.
  3. I wouldn’t leave it in there for a week, but in my experience it has been cold enough that I would feel fine making 2-3 bottles at a time and storing them for most of a day. I don’t have experience with formula, but have left breast milk in it for a couple of days before.
  4. I am fairly sure it is only Escape. We haven’t used it, but have a toddler and I did some research on it and was disappointed they didn’t put it on the ships after escape.
  5. Totally agree. I really like the Dawn and Jewel class mini suites for 3 in a room, but wouldn't pay extra for it when we only have 2 in the room.
  6. On Escape last month they had a deal for buying unlimited for 2 devices that was less than twice the cost of the one device unlimited. I don’t remember the price though, or if you could apply the discount from the 250 minute promo to it. So not sure if it would be better than purchasing for one person ahead of time and another onboard.
  7. One of the main dining rooms will be open.
  8. They have the same parties and activities as most other ships except for things like ropes courses and water slides. Are you the kind of early 20s who will embrace the vacation and make a good time for yourselves? You will have a fabulous time. Star is one of my favorite ships! (I am mid 30s now but have been on it several times dating back to my 20s). Are you looking for the latest bells and whistles and someone to entertain you nonstop? Then it may not be your thing.
  9. My Mom lost hers on our last cruise. It was no big deal at all. Took 5 minutes at guest services to get a new one.
  10. Yes, this! We used them in March and it was the highlight of our cruise!
  11. Several of the supper club shows are free, in addition to wine lovers and a couple others that have a charge.
  12. They can eat free from the kids menu up to age 12. They sometimes charge for Teppanyaki though, no matter what they eat, especially on smaller ships where seating is very limited. It doesn't seem to be consistent.
  13. I have sailed everything from inside to suites, and in the right circumstances would do any of them again! But I really like aft facing balconies (which could be regular balcony, mini suite, or suite).
  14. I have an earlier version of this and it's perfect for use in ports, and takes up very little room in suitcase. https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/86674?page=stowaway-day-pack I also have a lightweight Eddie Bauer one that folds up into one of its pockets for storage. It is also very good, but not quite as sturdy/well made as the LL Bean one.
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