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  1. We got married on the Dawn on embarkation day in 2012 and enjoyed our honeymoon cruise with our ~15 guest who sailed with us.
  2. I have never gotten sick on a cruise. I've traveled with a few people who've gotten GI illnesses on a cruise, but I can't think of a time anyone I've cruised with has ever gotten a respiratory illness.
  3. My last cruise was with my Mom to Hawaii. It was amazing!! We were there in March, on the last sailing before the shutdown. We flew in 2 days before the cruise, so we had a full day to start adjusting to the time change and go visit Pearl Harbor. We would have gone a day or two earlier, but that was all I could get off of work. I will definitely go back with my husband sometime in the future.
  4. That is a tough question! I really like aft facing balconies. But I also really like the family suites with balconies on the Star (there are only a few of them on Deck 12).
  5. We spoke with Nancy Kerrigan several times on one cruise. She was cruising with her family and we just happened to keep ending up in the same place. It was actually not until after the first time we'd talked to her that we realized it was her. She was very nice and we never called her by name or said anything about figure skating -- we just talked to her like we would to any other nice person we happened to meet on a cruise.
  6. We have booked more than one cruise with "Baby LastName" as a passenger because we booked before baby was born and didn't know the name yet. Our travel agent happily took care of correcting the name and birth date once we had the real information. No charge.
  7. I would be surprised if they cut capacity that much, but if they did I would find it to be a huge plus! I would much prefer a less crowded ship. I see absolutely zero downside other than I'm sure prices would go up.
  8. All we have is 2 NCL CruiseNext deposits that are good through early 2024. I'm guessing we'll use them by then, but if not I'm not out a lot of money for them. There is a good chance we will not cruise in 2021, but probably will in 2022 or 2023.
  9. I would likely choose an Aft Balcony, but I would look carefully at what was on the floors above and below me for noise concerns before booking.
  10. All of my NCL cruises and both of my Princess cruises had indoor muster stations. The only time I've mustered outdoors was on Royal Caribbean about 15 years ago.
  11. Personally I love the Dawn, so this would be a very easy decision for me. Definitely longer cruise with better itinerary, and avoiding the mega ship.
  12. I miss that we typically cruise with at least part of our extended family, and we're not seeing them at all right now.
  13. Take your car seat with you, and preferably buy baby a seat on the plane and use it there too. 8 months is a great age to cruise! I've cruised with my son at 10 months and my daughter at 9 months. So much easier then than when they are 2-3! Take a small stroller, and take a carrier to wear baby. We used both a LOT.
  14. For me the perks frequently aren't worth a ton. But the ability to choose my own cabin is. I had a bad cabin once (woken up multiple times every single night due to very loud machinery noises right below our cabin) and will NEVER let the cruise line choose my cabin location again. Unless I am booking a type of cabin where I am really ok with the location of every single cabin in the category.
  15. It is almost always the case, though I did have one NCL cruise last year where there was 1-2 ports where ship time and local time were not the same. First time that hasn’t happened in about 10 cruises though. Edit: I have also been on an excursion where there were different clocks labeled for different ships at the entrance to the island, and it was a different time if you were on a carnival or RCL ship than if you were on an NCL ship because they were trying to not confuse the passengers!
  16. Pretty sure Dawn never had a slide in the main pool area. We Went on it for he first time in 2009 and there was no slide. That said, my 4 year old son and his 8 and 11 year old cousins had a fabulous time playing in the kids pool area and on the little slides there.
  17. Did NCL change the flights, or did the airline? If the airline changed them, call them (airline) and tell them the change is not ok and they should have other options for you.
  18. We won't take our kids out of the country without passports. My 5 year old's just expired, and we'll get him a new one before our next trip.
  19. I am comfortable in a balcony room with my kids (currently 2 and almost 6), knowing that they are NEVER out of eyesight of an adult when on a cruise. We also communicate clearly which adult is responsible for them -- like making a comment about "keep an eye on her, I'm running to the bathroom now".
  20. We don't do shorts for dinner, but DH usually wears jeans. Sometimes we pick 1 night to wear nicer clothes, sometimes we don't.
  21. Depends on how many flights and who I am with. My mom has trouble with stairs, so more than one floor and we take the elevator (up, she can go down them ok). I can fairly easily talk my husband into stairs for maybe 3 floors. By myself I will take them for 5-6 floors at a time.
  22. I send socks and panties, but not bras. I just pack enough of those for the whole trip.
  23. I would do Getaway. The itinerary is so much better that time of year, and much more of the entertainment for the kids is free.
  24. We always take our own car seat for things like this. Ideally you would also buy baby a plane ticket and use the car seat on the plane. We did that most but not all times when our kids were under 2.
  25. Private tour with Bodden Tours in Roatan was the highlight of our trip!
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