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  1. The tiramisu looks delicious, can’t remember when I last had any ! Am making a note for my upcoming cruise, thank you.
  2. We do tip where the assistance has been particularly helpful, except in places where they would be offended by tipping. It’s been a very mixed bag in the USA with wheelchair assistance, generally it has been poor at airports, to the degree that we are quite distrustful of assistance there, the assistance person does usually seem to expect a tip in the USA but not elsewhere. Assistance at airports can also be quite poor at European airports, where we’ve had a few interesting experiences. But the assistance provided by the cruise stewards on ships is usually excellent, they don’t seem to expect a tip, but again we do tip where appropriate.
  3. thanks for the photos, that clarifies things quite a lot, all of your desserts appear to be cake so I don’t imagine they’ll be gf and df, I will still bring my own biscuits and chocolates for dessert.
  4. There is a shuttle : https://www.city.yokohama.lg.jp/lang/overseas/port/cruise/190423cschE.files/0013_20191224.pdf
  5. We did a tour with our roll call group, as JB says it’s very poor and sometimes worrying to see how people live there. I really would not recommend wandering off on your own. This is the tour we did, happy to recommend : https://www.sihanoukvilleguideservice.com/english/day-tours/sihanoukville-day-tour/
  6. It’s the door width that’s the issue, they do vary between cruise lines, so for a regular cabin you need to check the actual width of the door versus the width of the scooter, keeping in mind how easy it might be to turn in from the corridor. I have a Travelscoot, mine is 52cm wide and it was great on our last cruise, it got past trolleys in corridors (by a narrow margin) and no problems in the cabin. I do usually get an accessible cabin for bathroom reasons, but the Travelscoot would fit in most standard cabins, mine is 1m x 52cm. I have to warn you, once you’ve used a scooter on a cruise you won’t like going back to hobbling around the ship with sticks or a walker.
  7. no, only gluten free oats are gluten free, the vast majority of oats are grown and processed in fields and factories that handle wheat, and by their very nature, soft and porous have a considerable degree of cross contamination. Gluten free oats are grown in wheat free fields that have not previously grown wheat and are processed in factories that do not handle wheat. A reliable brand is a local one in Scotland, Nairns, where oats are grown and processed safely. It is due to this sort of mistaken belief that coeliacs have to be extra careful when eating out, I avoid oats except where the labelling is clear and from a reliable manufacturer.
  8. Thank you for your advice, very helpful, I will order lunch ahead where I can.
  9. Thanks very much for your reply, it is very helpful, though not encouraging. I do feel for you being gf and vegan is very hard, things have improved here in the U.K. where quite a lot of the vegan food in supermarkets is also gf, which does mean I can get desserts (yay!) but it is harder out in restaurant land where there is often only one gf and df option and no dessert, and not necessarily vegan. I will bring lots of food with me, luckily I have been able to reintroduce gf oats from a local very reliable company, Nairns who now make a range of excellent oat bars and biscuits. Your experience with HW who was exasperated is what I fear, I had a disastrous cruise on HAL with similar problems, I had been complacent as I had previously been on Norwegian and had no issues, and had terrible problems on HAL with getting enough to eat. I think this is the advantage of getting designated special diets waiters who do seem both knowledgeable and careful, though again whether you get interesting food is down to their persistence with the chefs. On one NCL cruise there was a lady in my special diets group who was kosher vegan, the lovely special diets waiter on that cruise brought all her meals to her including in the buffet because of the level of difficulty. In my case I would usually go wing it for breakfast (I eat only eggs and toast usually, stuff I can identify) and prebook dinner, it is lunch where the problem usually lies, and also getting soy milk (again I prefer soy because I can identify it). I will be extra vigilant.
  10. Thanks for that, reassuring about bread and having a separate toaster sounds like they do know what they are doing. I have never found gf English muffins to be particularly edible, white toast is usually fine though (except that cruise where they ran out of gf bread and the chef made his own inedible bread). I haven’t found any evidence that I will get any desserts on Princess other than the dreaded ‘fruit plate or sorbet’ so will follow my usual practice of taking some snacks and chocolate with me (df). On one NCL I had soy creme brûlée a couple of times (very nice) on another I had a special dessert in their upmarket specialty restaurant once, on another cruise I had gone through my usual of rejecting all offers of fruit plate and mentioned cake to them, I then had to eat the worst tasting chocolate cake for the rest of the cruise! I like to find out ahead of time what the options might be now.
  11. That looks really good, will keep in mind for our next cruise, thank you!
  12. Yes, I did this when I booked the cruise, I am more interested in what gf and df food is available onboard and how knowledgeable and helpful are the main waiters, and whether there is a special diets waiter etc. Sounds like I will need to bring any desserts, biscuits etc onboard myself, not an unusual situation in mainstream cruise lines, and also be extra careful about ordering and service. My prior experience is that most or all waiters are completely unaware of what details are in your booking (they are there to help the cruise line in stocking gf and df products, though again they often run out of bread and soy milk on cruises over 7 days.) and also that they know very little about gluten, let alone anything about lactose, for this reason I usually go dairy free on cruises.
  13. Thanks very much for your comments, I will be extra careful. Will there be gf bread? And is there any likelihood of gf and df desserts?
  14. My experience is it’s dangerous if the waiter is not knowledgeable about special diets, I would like to hear from people who have direct experience of special diets with serious dietary conditions. On a our last cruise I had a near miss, nearly poisoned by an entire pasta dish, what saved me was the pasta that came, and which the waiter assured me was gluten free, was a type I had never seen in gluten free pasta, eventually I asked to see the packet, which of course never came. I would have been in real trouble if it had been penne.
  15. Thanks for getting back to me, what’s your experience with ordering gf and dairy free food ? Is there bread (and is it edible?) or should I bring my own? Is it the same person for each meal? On the Diamond Princess there is no anytime dining, at least on our cruise, but I am not sure whether it would be the same person for each meal, including lunch?
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