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  1. I didn’t even get a blue envelope, I was rung by the practice. I’m convinced it was government policy to not provide a vaccination card, I know of no one getting one. We are actually booked on a Princess cruise from Southampton in October, trying to use up our credit from our cancelled cruise on the Diamond Princess last year. So far, Princess are not requiring vaccination but Angus is fond of pointing out that all the Carnival lines tend to follow the same policies. Re dates : we have been scrutinising the FM’s statement closely, it seems likely we’ll be able travel in Scotland from late A
  2. We hope it will be on our medical records, and I can just imagine our practice’s response to 5000 of their patients wanting a gp letter to prove vaccination. I am not confident that we will get any evidence of vaccination in time for holidays abroad this year, and at this point in time it’s not entirely clear when we could even go to England given the different stance between their government regarding overseas travel, and the Scottish government’s recent statements .
  3. We also have one booked for later this year, with final payment in July, with the current Ts&Cs in the UK we would cancel then if cruises hadn’t restarted from the UK by July. In your case, I wouldn’t make the final payment now but contact Princess to find out if they can change the payment date, otherwise I would cancel. We think chances are low that cruises will restart mid May, from the UK at least, even if all over 50s are vaccinated by March, it’s still likely that there will be restrictions such as quarantine until the summer. We were booked last year and Princess were good about
  4. We are also booked for this cruise, Sky Princess is a very large ship, so will presumably take a while with the tenders. What did you think of Sardinia, it was the principal reason I was interested in the cruise, never having been?
  5. Sadly, we are not on a cruise out of Hawaii, we are booked on the Diamond Princess in a few weeks! No idea whether we’ll be going or not.
  6. We would always check with the special assistance desk, then find the wheelchair queue if there is one. You will be directed to a special queue or area if there is one. It is much easier on the scooter tbh, rather than walking with various aids or getting the assistance person to wheel you through, security staff will tell you what to do, they’ll ask if you can walk through the scanner, I generally say no as you could be waiting a while to go through and you aren’t allowed to use your own sticks, they’ll give you one made for a giant. Our anxiety levels have gone down significantly with using
  7. In Elizabeth’s Travelscoot group you can post asking if there’s anyone in your area who wouldn’t mind your having a look at their scoot, or you can search in the group for St. Louis, that’s what I did because I was fairly sure I had seen posts from people there (I don’t know where it is, somewhere in the US a long way from the Travelscoot shop I gather). I gather the Travelscoot people in the US are very helpful, but they won’t necessarily know about all the scoots in your area as there is a second hand market also. The other very small scooter I’ve seen is the Smartscoot, I didn’t look int
  8. Re the Travelscoot, there is a Facebook group called Elizabeth’s Travelscoot, I see there are some people in St Louis in the group, it may be possible to try the scoot there by asking if they would mind, this is a fairly common request. I bought mine after I saw one live, so to speak, here in Edinburgh and thought it looked ideal. I then met several other women who had them and was reassured about it, mine is definitely ideal for travel, also goes well on cruises, including tenders excursions etc. I think it’s a good idea to try out a scooter anyway, but it is good to evaluate your needs, i
  9. Venice is quite accessible, from the cruise port take the peoplemover to Piazzale Roma, then take the number 1 vaporetto (this is the most accessible vaporetto route) to where you want to go. It has two wheelchair spaces, takes scooters. You need to pay attention that the no 1 goes to vaporetto stops where you may be confined to the immediate area due to there being bridges with steps, some bridges near St Marks do have very steep ramps but these are doable. The no 1 does go to St Marks so you can go around the St Marks and Arsenale area. The tourist office in Piazzale Roma has an accessible
  10. actually, being also gf and df, I really appreciate the food commentary and the pictures, thank you Steelers0854, much appreciated. Also, I’m not having any problems reading the patter or viewing any photos. Really very clear for photos taken in variable lighting conditions.
  11. The tiramisu looks delicious, can’t remember when I last had any ! Am making a note for my upcoming cruise, thank you.
  12. We do tip where the assistance has been particularly helpful, except in places where they would be offended by tipping. It’s been a very mixed bag in the USA with wheelchair assistance, generally it has been poor at airports, to the degree that we are quite distrustful of assistance there, the assistance person does usually seem to expect a tip in the USA but not elsewhere. Assistance at airports can also be quite poor at European airports, where we’ve had a few interesting experiences. But the assistance provided by the cruise stewards on ships is usually excellent, they don’t seem to expect
  13. thanks for the photos, that clarifies things quite a lot, all of your desserts appear to be cake so I don’t imagine they’ll be gf and df, I will still bring my own biscuits and chocolates for dessert.
  14. There is a shuttle : https://www.city.yokohama.lg.jp/lang/overseas/port/cruise/190423cschE.files/0013_20191224.pdf
  15. We did a tour with our roll call group, as JB says it’s very poor and sometimes worrying to see how people live there. I really would not recommend wandering off on your own. This is the tour we did, happy to recommend : https://www.sihanoukvilleguideservice.com/english/day-tours/sihanoukville-day-tour/
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