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  1. I AGREE...about being small on phone, but I didn't always have a tablet with me, but always have my phone. 🤗
  2. It is no longer available...I used it for years when not on my computer. It is not available for use any longer that I can find. It was such a nice and useful app. Sorry it is gone 🤔
  3. We had Cruise Critic on my iphone as an app but now it comes up "no longer available in app store" so I am unable to read posts from my iphone any longer. I upgraded from 11 to 13 and BAM Cruise Critic doesnt work!!!
  4. Ours for August 2022 also has been dead except for 4 posters in close to a year. Hopefully when things get better we can get back to chatting with one another and planning fun things together.
  5. I LOVED 1877 THE ICE SHOW!!!! My favorite though was "FLIGHT." have they started that show again?
  6. We have done Coastal Kitchen via the suite route, but mainly do breakfast and lunch there. I think I only had dinner there once in many sailings. We mostly travel with family and are assigned to the MDR. We use MDR, Windjammer and Coastal Kitchen for breakfast and lunch. I have purchased the 3 Night Dining Package and switch up between MDR and Specialty restaurants for dinner.
  7. I doo see lots of lights but can't make out which one is the ship 🙃 Thanks for sharing!!!!
  8. I have done it in the past with a case of formula and diapers about, ummm, (he's 11 now), and it worked. I don't know for certainty it still applies. We dropped them off when when we dropped off our luggage at port. We used clear packing tape to make sure the tag was visible and didn't fall off. Good Luck 😍
  9. I am scheduled to cruise August 2022 also and everything except for the wine n cheese tray for my room GRATUITIES were added to every purchase.
  10. Keeping you and your family in prayer...Thank God you had the vaccine and your symptoms were mild. May your next cruise sail smoother.
  11. Just spoke with my son...he said it wasn't the Captain...he said they were in International waters and thinks it was the ship's Chaplain...she was very sweet.😍
  12. I will ask my son...I don't remember, but it was someone onboard who does it for royal...I will get back to you 🥰
  13. My son had his wedding on the Allure of the Seas in 2018. We sailed away with close family members who booked the cruise to share the joy. The ceremony was held a couple days later when we docked in Puerto Rico by an officiant on the ship. The ceremony and reception was held in Dazzles. It was very personal and beautiful. I brought decorations on board and we decorated a long table to seat 12 in CHOPS. I made the centerpieces and name cards for seating. We had napkins with their names & wedding date on them. Lots of wedding confetti and sprinkles on table too. The wedding cake was amazing and provided by the ships catering department. They plan to celebrate their anniversary this October on Symphony of the Seas. 🥰
  14. I am sooo sorry!!! I was saying I cant get into my August 22 sailing cruise planner meaning August 2022. Today I still can't get in!!!!!
  15. Can't get into my August 22 cruise planner either!!! 😵
  16. I agree!!! The first time was awesome with the dancers and decorations...our last experience was not that great. Opted not to do it again on Allure.
  17. I guess I am surprised because of all the restrictions on board (fees for testing, separate venues, wearing of masks, etc.) that so many decided to cruise this summer rather than wait until things are less restrictive. I have no words is all....not being negative in any way...
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