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  1. Thanks again....you have been awesome responding so quickly!!!
  2. THANKS Biker19 😄 Another quick question...Can I give my old WoW Bands to other family members to activate for their cabins, or will they pay the 4.95 still as an activation fee???
  3. I was thinking the same thoughts. I loved my Band while in the pool or at the beach and also for opening cabin door. We got ours free for being in a Suite and I will take them with me on the next cruise if they stopped issuing them to Suite Guests. Do they still have them waiting in your cabin for each person in different colors???
  4. Ditto!!! Would love to see compasses as we are also on April 19th sailing [emoji173]️ Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. I bid a little over minimum for a GS on a Mariner cruise and was notified a week before the cruise I didn't get it. My daughter bid minimum on her Mariner cruise and a week before sailing she was notified she got hers. Guess you just keep trying and maybe get LUCKY 🤪
  6. Miami Vice with Captain Morgan and Strawberry Caipirinha (not sure of spelling) both delicious :-)
  7. Good afternoon!!! Depending on your ages, the pool area is popping!! Lots of music and young folks and a walk in the water bar. Plenty of free loungers with umbrella in the area too. I am a bit older but loved it with my 30 something children. We danced in the pool and sang along with the music the DJ was playing...there are beach areas with the same free loungers and umbrella. There are a couple of eateries with free food and drinks too. Lots of fun to had 🙂
  8. Ohhhhhh….I just finished putting names on some waterproof iPhone cases for beach days. I have one for each family member!!! Those make great gifts. I got a deal on Amazon and customize them myself.
  9. chap stick, febreeze wrinkle release, Tylenol, gum, bottle opener, hand sanitizer, first aide kit, sewing kit, Dramamine, disposable plastic straws, a card to keep the lights on 🙂
  10. Hmmmmmm choices, choices...Park Café, Solarium Bistro, CHOPS or Coastal Kitchen 🙂
  11. One of my grands started cruising at 6 months and to this day is hooked!!! He is 10 now. My other grands LOVE the Oasis Class ships for activities. They too have been cruising for years with the eldest now being 23. The shows have been something they all looked forward to after dinner and have really enjoyed each one. They ask me prior to cruising, "what show will we see this time?" The kids clubs, tween clubs and teen clubs have something for everyone. The 18 and uppers enjoy the Night Life while us Oldsters (he he he) enjoy a more quiet walk through Central Park with a night cap. You can't
  12. I sailed on her in September and November!!! Loved this smaller ship. I didn't think I would but it was very nice for just me and the hubby 🙂Will follow along
  13. Was this price for each cabin??? I read in my cruise planner it is only for the people "in the cabin" so basically in our group of 9 cabins, unless I was in everyone's pictures they couldn't get the photos nor could I get any of theirs. When it says you get all photos, you get all the photos of your face and the faces of those in your cabin. Tell me how you did it ….please 🙂
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