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  1. sooooo...GS pay for room service but are not charged the extra for added gratuities OR... GS do not pay for room service period but may tip if they like...I am so confused, sorry. What about the daily gratuities charged per person?
  2. I cant remember the name of the blue tube slide but you could go down in a double tube or as a single rider. You needed to carry your tube up the stairs. For the slingshot (yellow tube) the tubes were already there at the top.
  3. Thank you for your response...I now know what I need to do and which Cabana I need to get. ☺️
  4. We saw those but didnt get close enough to see what the water was like...I have a few questions...1. Was the water very shallow? 2. Was there a seaweed bed there in front of the cabanas? 3. If so, how large was the seaweed bed? 4. Were there any rocks in the water? I ask this because i am very sensitive to things touching my feet in the water. I will need to wear water shoes if I choose that type of cabana. It isn't a problem, but trying to eliminate extra weight in packing. I love your pictures. I cant remember what I saw when I walked by them....lol...shucks, I never noticed there were outlets or a ceiling fan...both pluses. THANKS!!!
  5. We were there a week ago and didnt have bands..they did however make us scan our seapass card to enter the waterpark and to exit. Whenever we wanted to go do something else you checked out and then had to check back in to renter just like on the ship
  6. There were 2 colors in our cabin...I kept the lavender cup also. My husband took the green one
  7. You are very welcome!!! We decided to try it first before our family cruise so we could first hand tell everyone what it was like. I didnt think I would have so much fun at my age (64) 😍 My grown children keep laughing me saying Mom you light up every time you talk about it, we can tell you guys had fun.....YES WE DID
  8. My husband and I were there last weekend without kids....lol....we were the kids!!!! We are OVER 50 (he he he) and had a blast..Our ship was the only one there (Mariner) and it wasn't crowded, noisy, busy or anything. Not sure what it will be with a ship as large as Harmony. We were one of the few EARLY BIRDS to get there (as soon as gangway opened 0830 am) and did several slides with no lines at all. I never laughed so hard. 🤣 The hardest part for me...hubby did better, was climbing allllllllll the way to the top of the tallest waterside ever. I had to stop several times to breathe and stop my old legs from cramping. The ride was worth every step. I was crazy enough to climb it twice!!!!😮 I am not great with names but after doing the tallest one twice, we opted to do the middle height one. Equally as fun. We did 2 of the tube rides with the slingshot one being the most fun. It was one wild ride!!!! The wave pool was a nice way to relax a bit before sitting under the umbrellas to once again breathe.😎 We are going again in the spring and taking 26 family members along, 11 children in the group. They can't wait to get there. There are plenty of umbrellas present with a small table in the middle of 2 loungers/chairs. Lots of seating available. There are several attractions there, but not as many as a water park in hometown. For me there were more slides but not much of anything else inside the water park with the exception of the wave pool, tube rides and something that reminded me of an obstacle course but over a pool. We saw that children liked that one. I can't tell you if it's worth it to you but I am going back with my grandchildren and we got a Cabana that included 6 water park tickets. Some of our group are buying individual water park tickets and others are going to Chill Beach for sun and surf. HOPE THIS HELPS 😁
  9. In a Jr Suite on deck 9 right now and Bob, by the way is always right....our bed is by the bathroom 😉
  10. Just got back on ship from Coco Cay and all chairs and umbrella setups are free and plentiful as all the other posters mentioned. We were the only ship there so they were many empty seats, but I can't imagine allllllll of them ever being used.
  11. We are on Mariner right now and had the 3 Night Dining Package. As soon as we boarded we made all 3 reservations at the times we wanted. Today is day 3 and we went to Chops to change our reservation that was for 6 at Jaime's. No problem!!! We got 6 at Chops. Love the options and the ease of it all. 😍
  12. Glad to read Royal Caribbean International stepped up to the plate and offered assistance. I was happy about Disney doing it, but super proud Royal did. Blessings to the people of the Bahamas 😇
  13. Keeping Laura lifted in prayer and hope she recovers very soon...
  14. GOD BLESS YOU and THANK YOU!!! I am sooooo excited!!! I loved Playmakers on Symphony ..that is my go to lunch spot 😁 I am happy to read we will have lunch options on our Mariner sailing despite not having "sea days" Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!
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