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  1. Yes and you also have privacy from above. The AFT VB's on Deck 5 are our favorites.
  2. I did see your reply. Thanks, I now know it is working. Have a Happy New Year.
  3. Anyone know if HAL roll calls are down? Volendam Oct/Nov 2021 don't seem to be working. I guess it would be a good way to end 2020.
  4. First of all you do not get both, A refund and the credit. You could have asked for a total refund to your card OR a credit of the amount you paid plus 25%? used for another cruise. The second cruise, A refund or double your deposit.
  5. Have sailed multiple times on deck 5 aft and once on deck 4 aft. If I had my choice, I'd pick a deck 5 aft for each and every sailing.
  6. Thanks, I thought it was just me. I agree with you that it is a real downgrade.
  7. On the different topics I can not see a post number, did I do something wrong or did CC change so the number does not show. Thanks foe any and all help
  8. Thanks everyone for your input. We have booked the Zuiderdam.
  9. Which Mediterranean Romance and Spanish Farewell Cruise for 2021? Trying to decide between 26 day Westerdam that includes Olympia and Lisbon and 29 day Zuiderdam that includes Casablanca and Canary Islands. Both leave from Venice and other ports are mostly the same. Knowing the choice is up to us we value input from others who are familiar with Mediterranean cruises.
  10. Yes that is the one, but I 'm looking for a printed copy. Does HAl even do printed copies and send them out to Mariner Society members anymore?
  11. Probably been already discussed but ill ask again. Has anyone gotten the Mariner Magazine winter 2020? Called HAL and was told they are late this happened before January 2020
  12. Last page of the Cruise Atlas or Cruise Planner
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