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  1. We were on the Liberty a couple of weeks ago and the first night (or second, i can't remember) a woman won $15,000 on an 88 cent bet. Some said that it was like her first or second pull. The casino was busy the whole cruise ( over 300 prime members on) and although I didn't win, I did get a lot of play for my money. I also got massive headaches from the smoke, which is why I prefer Celebrity's casinos.
  2. Just answered my own question https://www.orlandosentinel.com/weather/hurricane/os-ne-hurricane-dorian-cruise-relief-20190904-jr6lhn7y2bgm5gxftrvv3invmu-story.html
  3. Does Empress currently have passengers on it or is this strictly a relief mission? Either way, kudos to RCL for their speedy response!
  4. Chengkp75, you are such a wealth of knowledge and one of the few on here that I rely on for accurate information. I'm sure that you have answered this question a hundred times but would you mind sharing once again your nautical background? Thanks so much! Debbie
  5. Yes! And I was the OP just trying to find out about Christmas on Oceania! That was ridiculous how fast that topic was hijacked!
  6. Wow! I have never seen a question go off topic so quickly! Once again, if anybody has any experience with Oceania activities over the Christmas holidays, I would love to hear about it. Thank so much!
  7. We have spent Christmas with other cruise lines but this will be our first with Oceania. I’m just curious about what I might expect. I’m sure the ship will decorate but do passengers decorate? Do they have any special events? Caroling, special menus etc? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Debbie
  8. That happens to us a lot in the casino, even if we haven't cruised in a year. We play three card and my husband is a very generous tipper. I'm sure that helps, lol!
  9. I would be curious about the embarkation lunch in Chops too. We also have unlimited dining but I thought Chops was only available for those that bought the "Key" package. Is it open to everyone?
  10. It appears that the outside of all of those dark wood cabinets have been painted gray, not replaced. Some of the paint was scratched off in several places last month when we were in there, so I do wonder about the durability thoughout the next few months.
  11. Just off the Summit and yes, they offer free drinks to players at the tables. Pretty much whatever you wanted. I do not know about those playing slots. We sail Celebrity a lot and this is the first time that we have encountered this.
  12. On the last cruise Rihannon told me that they were slowly trying to get rid of those chairs and only had six left. When I walked into a restroom a couple of days later I saw that two of them had been placed in there.
  13. Thank you so much for your input! Yes, I remember the AC being lacking, so that is a plus. Enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  14. We are look forward to enjoying the suite next to yours in a couple of weeks. I think the redo is lovely , well, except for maybe the weird sphere chair. I am wondering if you are missing the dressing table outside the bathroom. That’s where I usually get ready in the evening and I’m just curious where you can plug in hairdryer and flatiron now. Thanks Jim_ Iain for the great insight on your trip. The info that you are sending is invaluable to future cruisers on this itinerary!
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