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  1. No social distancing, no mask with the exception of dealers, you get your promo chips at the cashier. As far as obc, I would transfer obc from my account, (not casino promo credit), and I was always able to cash out whenever. Promo credits no.
  2. I will say that when we were onboard the Edge a couple of weeks ago, the numbers seemed to be increasing a bit every week. 750 our first week, 850 our second, and they were scheduled to have over 1000 the next two weeks after we debarked. I can tell you that the crew is being told that they are gearing up for Christmas and expect the numbers to really increase then. That being said, we are booked again in January and there seems to be plenty of availability.
  3. I think it varies a bit from week to week. We had a shuttle scheduled for 11 am but the shuttle picked us up early. We were actually at T25 before 11 and we checked in with no problem. Suites may check in at any time and don’t have to adhere to the scheduled time. When we left the next week, we were among the last to leave at 9:30 and they were not checking passengers in then. To be safe, I would not arrive before 10:30 am for sure.
  4. We were just on the Edge in a suite. At T25, there is a separate door for suites. It is the far left one. After stepping inside, cards, covid tests and passports were checked. They then walk you to a separate elevator and there you go through security and into the lounge. There are retreat concierges there to greet you, (currently they are Amber, Joao and Hussain). At 11:15, we were escorted to our suite to pick up our keys, drop our items and then were able to go to lunch in Luminae at 11:30. We were in an upper level suite so I’m unsure if you will be escorted or just directed to your cabin. Have a great time, we loved the Edge!
  5. I always bring a small bedside fan, usually a rechargeable one with a usb plug. The refurbed ships usually have a usb plug next to the bed. I know the Edge does since we just got off of her.
  6. We are on the 11/27 Symphony and the 12/4 Reflection.
  7. We have a similar situation, going from Symphony at Port of Miami to Reflection at Port Everglades in December. There are six of us, so we are looking for a car/shuttle service recommendation. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Ship: Edge Length of Cruise: 7 nights Cruise Sail Date: Sept 18th, 2021 Date email offer received: None received, submitted bid on August 29th Captain’s Club Tier elite plus Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: TA Current Cabin: Edge Villa Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin category: Iconic suite Bid Offer: $3025pp Notification Date: September 1, 2021 Accepted / Rejected: Accepted General Comments I was totally shocked to win this one, since this cabin was still available at 14Kpp the day before I placed the bid. Also shocked that they accepted the bid so quickly. Great room and we loved it, but too much for just two people.
  9. The same thing has happened to us except that the home test WAS our back up plan. Has anybody actually received their test kits yet?
  10. Yes, we get on next week. We’re excited because we never expected them to accept our bid. We never would have paid what they ask for that room, but apparently they get it because I rarely see any open this close to sailing. Sorry to miss you guys.
  11. I didn’t have I agree. We just were able to move up from an Edge Villa to the Iconic suite on our cruise coming up in a couple of weeks.I placed a weak bid (about $200 over minimum) and they accepted it within a couple of days. That made it more than half the price that they were listing it for the day before. Sometimes you can get a good deal, or at least it was a good deal for us since we would never be able to stay in an iconic suite otherwise.
  12. I don’t believe that it has to be observed by a doctor. In Celebrity’s latest update they use the term “certified guide”. That could be anybody that has had the training to observe or administer the test.
  13. From their website- For full vaccinated guests living in the U.S., a home-test kit will be available for purchase on our Website as of Wednesday, September 8, 2021. We are working with an authorized medical provider to be able to offer this option. You will complete your pre-cruise test right at home or at any other place of your choosing with the help of a live video supervision by a Certified Guide. These test kits will be delivered anywhere in the U.S, within two business days and you will receive validated results in 15 minutes.
  14. At least they are giving you the home test option.
  15. We are booked on the Edge BTB starting 9/18/21. They have sent us emails about every other day explaining testing requirements. Got another one this morning reiterating the 3 day testing window. They say this in in effect until 10/1/21. I figure that they may change it after that.
  16. This is good to know since we have a side to side cruise on Symphony/Reflection in November. Of course this could change 20 times before then.
  17. She is scheduled to leave the 18th, but she said that could change.
  18. I’m sure the OP ( I’m assuming vaccinated) wasn’t expecting to have to take a covid test every cruise. I know when I booked my side by side in 2020 I certainly wasn’t expecting that. I have already started researching where the rapid test sites are in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale because I believe testing is not going away anytime soon.
  19. I certainly hope that is true since we have the same situation in November/December, Symphony to Reflection. I am not extremely trusting of what the Celebrity reps say so if you could report back after your cruise, I would greatly appreciate it.
  20. I was able to take a pic from a video. This is the tub height but now they are totally enclosed with glass double doors. Maybe that will help.
  21. We got off the Edge several weeks ago and we were in a celebrity suite. I am a tub person and I absolutely hated it. It was like your standard Holiday Inn type tub with a glass enclosure. The glass doors would swing both way and at times got in your way. It was not high, just normal bathtub height, maybe four and 1/2 ft long and really not a lot of room to shower or bathe. We usually cruise in celebrity suites but I will not book one again on the Edge because of the tub. But like I said, I’m a tub person.
  22. My husbands cdc card has his middle name, which is what he goes by, instead of his given name. It was no problem when we cruised on the Edge last month.
  23. We spend a good amount of money with them and have quite a few FCCs but the $2008.21 has us totally stumped. They will figure it out eventually or maybe not.😀😀😀
  24. I have had four unexplained credits placed back on my credit card from Celebrity in the last six months. The last one was for over $2000. My TA and I have given up trying to figure out why I am received these credits so now I just keep track of them. When they realize that they have have over refunded me, I’m sure they will deduct it from one of my FCCs.
  25. We were on the June 26th cruise and I asked her if she was going to be there on Sept. 18 (our next Edge cruise). She said that that was her scheduled sign off date.
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