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  1. We are currently on the 2024 world cruise on the Island and it’s a great ship!! We really are liking it. We would sail in it again anytime
  2. Logged on this morning to see how many days until our next cruise. Had a message that app was going away mid January with a link to the new app. Once I got it loaded when it opens it immediately goes to ‘timed out’. Tried it both on my phone and husbands 😡. Plus with the old app you just clicked on it but with this new one you have to log on. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks
  3. Thank you so much!! This is very helpful. Really appreciate it
  4. Thank you so much!! We’re going on a world cruise in January from LA - we’re American- I think I might have selected in transit. I’ll pay better attention when I request the new ones. Again thank you both so much!!!
  5. Friends did not book anything. We are paying for all of us. I’ve called and cancelled and will make a new reservation immediately upon boarding and keep fingers crossed we can get something that works for us rather than settling. This could have all been avoided if the person would have told me up front I can’t book now and use OBC. Very frustrating
  6. I can’t find the pricing for the beverage packages. Do you have to call them?
  7. Haven’t sailed on RC (40+ on Princess) so my question is - can you bring your luggage on board or do you have to give it to them. They once left my luggage on the sidewalk so I now always take it onboard with us (luckily I saw it before we entered the terminal). Thanks
  8. @ldtr exactly. I feel the same with ‘resort fees’. Just raise the base fare so I don’t get pissed off being nickel & dimes
  9. @whitecap 🤣 I am dying!!! That is perfect!!! OMG!! I don’t know how you came up with that but I love it!!! You should send it. Can’t hurt. Might want to copy the board of directors so they know how people feel (I’ve done that before when a company really pissed me off). Possibly the board doesn’t know what’s going on. Post on social media too. Again can’t hurt
  10. Just heard from Princess. I can’t figure out how to copy what they said but basically it was - ‘too bad. You were given the opportunity to spend more money to upgrade (although I don’t recall my ta telling us that)’. I responded - that doesn’t help. Why couldn’t you grandfather people in who already spent a lot of money. I’m done. I’ll pay the $15 on the world cruises but not the other 5 cruises.
  11. @suzyed ask why those who already purchased the packages are not being grandfathered in. I also added we purchased the packages at not on insignificant costs I also added we have 40 cruises and have spent tens of thousands of dollars with them. And I said even if we were a first time cruisers it just looks bad. They sold us something that we were supposed to get for free and now they want to charge us for it. It’s nothing but greed. Again I’m not saying it will work but they have to be told this sucks. And it will let people who don’t pay attention what is going on. I agree with one of the previous posters that people are going to wonder ‘wth’ is this charge. By that time it will be too late. This is just my feelings.
  12. I don’t mean to be cruel or mean but she makes me nuts!!! But I guess enough people like her.
  13. Thanks so much arizonaperson. This is very helpful as I didn’t know you could do this 😀
  14. Thank you so much everyone!!
  15. We cruise a lot but never with anyone. We have friends who want to go with us. So it is possible to get a table for 4 in the MDR (we only eat in buffet). I’m guessing you have to do that dine your way or something like that. Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you
  16. We are on the Emerald - 5 day to Cabo. It’s a holiday weekend and a full ship. But we don’t even notice it. Pools are full but not ridiculous/ plenty of loungers. Have not had a problem getting seats in the buffet. No problem getting seats in the venues. Been great and really enjoying our cruise
  17. Just got a move over offer for our 5 day Cabo. Responded within 90 minutes and the offer was closed because they already got enough responses. Was kinda bummed because we would have liked to get s 7 day Coastal for the small price we paid for the 5 day. Oh well. Maybe another time
  18. How does someone over 60 affect your cruise? I honestly think you are being unkind for complaining about us older folks - we are 70. And why do you find it necessary to make any comment about someone’s weight? That is a very unkind thing to say regardless of what country you are from.
  19. Also there were 2 different segments available. Sorry I can’t remember what they are and yes very expensive even with the additional 5 days
  20. We booked this morning!!! So excited. Had to log in and because we are Elite it showed up and I was able to book. Now we just have to wait for excursions to open
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