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  1. We are set to cruise on her the day you get back. Our theory was short cruises to both private islands, RCCL can control the conditions better and no need to go into countries that may not be ready. I’m not an expert but I hope I’m right this time.
  2. Sign us up to sail in Aug. We will be ready.
  3. Things are getting serious! My hubby who is very fussy about his hair allowed me the give him a haircut. I propped my i-pad up and watched a video on doing a mans haircut. I Must say it doesn’t look too bad, but I’m sure his barber isn’t in any danger of being replaced. I was able to get my hair cut and colored just before closings. I have hats if things get ugly. I can do a manicure and pedicure myself, but I would really enjoy a pedicure right now, just to relax.
  4. I’m sure he had reasons unknown to some of why he made his decision at first. Every Governor has to do what’s good for his state and situation. I am not judging because I’m sure he is doing his best. I for one am trying to be positive, this is uncharted territory and we will learn much from this. Throwing blame does no good at all in my opinion.
  5. I am kind of confused as to why the ship would come to FLL. If it was a SA cruise, does it have a large amount of people from that area where it would make sense to at least stay there until they are allowed to dock? And why not make sure you were going to be allowed to disembark before making the trip to FLL?
  6. Actually it is posted on Disboards and being discussed extensively. We have reservations for a vacation in April, we have been waiting to reschedule and not been able to do that. I spent 2+ hours on hold with Disney to reschedule. The Disney app, which has all our personal plans on it, now gives instructions for rescheduling after June 1st. I would not lie about this, jeesh.
  7. No fishing for anything, I had reservations in April, got all my money back. Made new reservations which are also refundable.
  8. I am aware that things change, that’s life. I was just reporting some positive news.
  9. Just received word from Disney that the parks will resume operations on June 1st. i know this won’t matter to some, but I see it as a positive move.
  10. I’m afraid I didn’t see them, my bad. Sorry to have bothered you.
  11. My husband was reading me an article about the cruise industry and the stimulus pkg. It seems they may not be eligible because the ships are not registered in US and many of the crew members are not US citizens. I never really thought about the registry part, but aren’t there many companies that are based in the US and have folks from different countries?
  12. Thank you for the wonderful posts. Just this morning my DH and I were feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. It seems everything we love to do has been canceled. No traveling to see our grandsons, can’t visit our new granddaughter, no Disney trip and no cruising. We wallowed in self pity and then I read your posts. You really cheered us up and made us laugh our butts off. Thank you!❤️
  13. First off I have no idea if I’m allowed to ask this question but I don’t know anyone to ask. I’ll take my lickin if I’m wrong. We have booked several times at Next Cruise then had our TA take over the res. later on to take advantage of perks offered on both sides. I would like to know, is it possible to do the same thing with a RCCL res. made online? Also, is it possible to get a balcony credit, loyalty perk, by just asking for it, if we are not on a cruise at the time?
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