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  1. Looks like a very nice occasion. Maybe we will get invited someday. I love to hear others stories about cruising. We have met some fascinating people on our own while cruising, on excursions, and once while sharing a cab.
  2. As a south Florida resident and a veteran of several hurricanes, I can’t imagine any building going on without considering the survivability of a storm. It may even be the law, like here in our state. I wouldn’t worry about it, cruise companies are very careful with their investments.
  3. I am wondering? How do you get invited, is it a personal invite or a note delivered to your stateroom? Is the menu specially chosen. Just curious, we will probably never be invited, would like to live vicariously thru others. Is it like an episode of “The Love Boat”?😄
  4. I hope you are correct. We love that ship, we did a Med. on her 2018. We would love to do a Baltic on her in 2021.
  5. Hearing of people hoarding chips, reminded me of a funny thing we saw on a ship. Two elderly ladies would bring a small tote to the WJ and take many pieces of citrus fruit every morning. We wondered if they were from someplace where citrus fruit was unusual?
  6. We decided to try the Chefs Table experience on our Jan sailing. Anyone want to tell me about it ?
  7. Not for cruisers to use, stateroom attendant can get laundry done for you.
  8. I love sea days, but we flew over to Italy to see as much as we could in 3 weeks. Choosing a port intensive cruise was the answer for us. We were able to see much more that way, including Malta, Athens and Pompeii. It was very worth it for us.
  9. I don’t, I do remember walking on that deck in Solarium and there would be netting over pool around 9:00 or so. Hot tubs in Solarium were busy, Bar was closed on that side, you had to go out into main pool area for a drink.
  10. Read the rice cooker story—-hysterical, Went on a cruise with our parents, who didn’t know you were allowed to bring two bottles onboard. I explained to her about the size limits and the need to have them in carryon bag. Found out later that she had carried on two HUGE bottles of wine in her bag. Nobody said anything to her.😳
  11. We have used Rome in Limo before and we were very pleased. Go to the website and check it out. Remember the port is pretty far from the city, about an hour train ride. You may be able to get them to come to the port.
  12. We sailed on Indy recently. Noticed that the ice cream on pool deck was manned. Two crew members during peak times and sea days. I really liked it that way, seemed to move faster and more sanitary. The other thing we noticed was that they didn’t have water dispensers anywhere near the Solarium. We had to wait in line at bar for water. All of the other ships we have been on had water and lemonade type drink available.
  13. Forgive me, I am wrong regarding gratituites. My math skills are lacking it would seem. I will grab a calculator next time.
  14. We are very close to diamond so we booked a JS for the double points. We have had JS several times while on Med. cruises. We enjoy a bit of extra room and a larger bath. But, we always pay our gratuities in advance and have always payed the suite price of $ 17.95 per day. I just checked my invoice. Maybe this has changed?
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