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  1. OMG ! What exactly does that mean... you got “lava in a toe” IN your toe?
  2. Thanks for the pics @CharTrav! Palm's products were so awesome for the time. They succeeded because they did not try to replace your desktop (like Apple's Newton did at the time.) Palm simply tried to be better than paper. Did you use Palm's Graffiti? I filed my right index fingernail at a certain slant to make it easier to use the Graffiti shorthand. In the rare times I actually write, I occasionally will write a "T" like a Graffiti "T".
  3. @CharTrav and @Clay Clayton My 10 year old Microsoft foldable travel keyboard recently stopped working. It was so perfect for fast note taking while on a plane when dictation was not possible and with only a small tray table to use and non room for a laptop. I was looking at these reviews... FYI in case this helps you: https://toomanyadapters.com/best-portable-keyboards/
  4. If that works for you, cool! (re: Waiting in line at Guest Services after you board so that they can print you a docking schedule for all the ports) On the last part, ("Whatever you do beforehand is going to change somewhat in 4+ months, guaranteed.") I've not experienced that in real life. Example: To my Plan B list of possible things to do if Plan A changes in Rome, I added the San Callisto Catacombs. The Catacombs and people running it were still there and ready to welcome me 8 months later. Of course what DOES change all the time, seemingly at whim, is opening and closing times, especially in Europe. Key benefit of having copied and pasted the phone # data onto a Google Drive doc snippet. (or simply use Maps after scanning the Plan B list of places to see given 3 hours of dead time): I can tap once on top of the linked number and immediately phone them to verify opening and closing times. With a paper list, no matter how many times I press on the paper, it doesn't connect me directly to the business.
  5. @-Lew- Since you first mentioned DEVONthink here, I've heard about it no fewer than 3 times on podcasts! What are the main experience benefits you see of DEVONthink vs Evernote? Formerly I used Evernote as the general catch-all for bits of info I needed to keep track of while traveling for work. Then most of my "random info organization" needs shifted to Google Drive because it made it so easy to collaborate with family while planning vacations. (Like the way it looks when 2 people are editing the same doc while on the phone - kind of like playing Battleship how you can clobber someone else's words 🙂 I evolved Evernote to keep track of my Dad's health and appointments. Now that Dad has passed, I primarily use the Health diary notebook for myself, with each separate note being an "event" or test result that I can easily later search. ex: 2019 04 24 Vitamin D 39 (<-- that's the title. Contents = a screen shot of the test result from MyChart app. I format the date like that so that sorting by name automatically sorts by event date.) 2021 03 12 Vitamin D 55 etc.. and as a reminder of future appointments whether existing or needed 2021 04 08 Mammogram at ___ 2021 05 00 schedule Eye exam What was switching to DEVONthink like? Evernote does not have great export capabilities.
  6. Your saying this made me curious ... I have BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) for US primary insurance via my employer GeoBlue is a "licensee" of BCBS. Which I s'pose does not imply that simplification that you have. It's probably still like dealing with 2 separate companies.
  7. To me the alternative is more complicated - not leveraging a way to organize details a beyond what a TA does for me. Using an online approach like Evernote or Google Drive creates unexpected advantages. Ex: I paste in Room Tips from TripAdvisor into my hotel checkin Google Doc for a trip 6 months out. Then, in the moment before checkin, I scan it and know what to request. More often than not, I have a much better hotel experience because of this, even when staying in the same class of room. If it weren't easy and fast to 1) Copy & paste bite-size pieces of info as I vacation plan in 30 min chunks of time (like tonight!) 2) Search easily and Refer back to that info during the trip, in-the-moment. Then yes, it would be more complicated. The other advantage is it lets me be more spontaneous during the trip. Of course I have a "Plan A" itinerary of excursions and fun things to do. But I also have on Goog Drive several "Plan B" options that sound fun per day in case things change or I just feel like doing something else. Last time in Rome, I had a spare 3 hours on day of return flight. I looked up in my handy Plan B online list and Carpe Diem'd to https://www.catacombe.roma.it/en/index.php My hotel said they could get me there and back in the time I had. Upon arriving, I was invited to join a small group from a Catholic church in Boston having a special tour by a priest. It was an amazing experience.
  8. Yep. I tried searching from: *.viking.com live with the latest rep on the phone. I found 1-2 emails from one Viking rep with Subj: "test #3" in Oct-Nov. Whatever he tried worked with the emails from last fall when I made a couple reservations. Problem is, I don't recall what he said he did differently. In fact it's worse. I thought I simply could set up the Yahoo account to auto-forward everything it received. (I did this before when I moved from Yahoo to Google.) Surprise: As of January, Yahoo now charges a fee to auto-forward. So I need to remember to check it for Viking emails. Meanwhile I'm still receiving a million emails / day to my normal gmail account from everyone but Viking.
  9. @Clay Clayton and @Heidi13, Do you use OneDrive to access your docs & spreadsheets while traveling?
  10. ** Recent Events: I just survived nearly freezing to death in the February Texas Freeze. No power, no heat for a week in my neighborhood. - 3 days earlier than the rest of Texas. A week in sub freezing temps. Nights at < 20 degrees. Then no running water for a week. Then natural gas co warned they might need to turn off gas. Survival tip in case you're ever in same situation: Warmest place to try to sleep is in a closet with every sleeping bag, comforter, and blanket thrown in there. I know I'm going to die at some point. I didn't think it would be via freezing to death in my own Austin Texas house where I could see my breath when exhaling, with my phone too cold to hold, and with ice covering all roads. The total silence and total white-ness outside made me think, "this must be what living on Mars feels like..." On the good: 7 burst pipes have been repaired by a plumber I have a 20 year relationship with.. I was able to turn off the water at the street before an eventual emergency evac, so no standing water and no flood. Researched how to do a controlled turn on to detect water leaks. Immediately called the plumber when I saw the burst pipe symptom. That symptom was: After turning the water main handle just slightly (10 degrees) clockwise, the red triangle started spinning even though all faucets were off. This red triangle is visible on the water gallons dial next to street main turn off valve below that big heavy concrete lid. Check it out next time your plumber does something and has to turn off the water! This would be a fascinating learning experience if it weren't so traumatic at the same time! One of many lessons learned: Found a hotel who claimed they had a generator in case their circuit was taken down via load shedding. Booked the last $400/night room. However, when their circuit was indeed taken down, I learned the generator only serviced the lobby. So back to freezing, OR, gathering in the lobby with all the other people and risk COVID. This weekend I'm taking a deep breath and trying to remember where I was with bookings. I really wish I were better organized with travel.
  11. How do you organize and keep visibility on 1) Your upcoming travel details Ex: - If you use a travel agent, do they provide an online dashboard to show you what cruises they are managing? - Do you use an app like TripIt? If yes do you supplement it with a free form document system like Google Drive or Evernote? Even if it's something basic that keeps. you from booking 2 overlapping trips :-), I'm interested in hearing what you do. 2) Remembering deadlines before a trip that require an action by you Ex: - Remembering the 14 or 21 day deadline to book travel insurance to cover pre-existing conditions. - Remembering when you can book excursions. - Do you book Google Calendar reminders? 3) During the trip I'm feeling so disorganized right now because of ** Recent Events The agent I'm using is not helping me be more organized. Ex: I asked him what were the Viking cruises he was managing for me, and he didn't include one that I had originally booked with a different agent at same company. Right before the freeze I was in the middle of planning a Christmas 2021 trip to the Dubai World Fair which looks like it's going to be amazing. I spoke at a conference in Dubai in 2017 and unexpectedly totally LOVED the city and the experience. This brings me to question 4) 4) Do you use the same system to keep your non-cruise trips and cruise trips organized?
  12. Yep. Tried that first Original post >> I have tried: 1) First adding the specific sender agent at viking to my contacts.gmail.com 2) Of course checking my spam
  13. Nope - I have Google One and still have 50GB left. I get tons of email every day to that account. Odd.
  14. I can't reliably receive my invoice emails from Viking to Gmail ... I have tried: 1) First adding the specific sender agent at viking to my contacts.gmail.com 2) Of course checking my spam 3) Have Viking agent forward the invoice from their email inbox (not just trigger a send from an automated system) None worked. Anyone else had that experience? What was your solution? What I eventually did that worked with the very patient and kind Viking agent experimenting with me on the phone: Created a Yahoo! mail account, and asked her to send there. Et voila! Received her email immediately. Baffled. I get 1,000,000 emails reliably to my Gmail account. I've had this problem for a while. There was 1 agent who managed to get through sometime in January. I have a test email from him. Don't recall what he did to make it work. It's unsettling to not know what emails I'm not getting from Viking. So for now I guess I"ll just have Viking use my Yahoo! account...
  15. Thank you for your insights re: deck 7 vs deck 8 !
  16. I wish I had read about this sooner!
  17. Thanks Peregrina. There wouldn’t be a lot of chair noise from the lounge?
  18. Any thoughts on PS2 Room 7000 Pros & Cons? It's the only PS2 left on an itinerary I'm interested in... I believe the ship is Viking Mars if that makes a difference.
  19. I believe Steve Dasseos covered this topic in his Q&A in the Travel Insurance forum. His username is @iamtrustworthy In addition to being trustworthy he provides great customer service. He gave me a reminder call in time to meet the deadline to cover pre-existing conditions for a trip we had discussed 2 weeks earlier.
  20. @Hlitner, if you had to decide today, which option would you pick? Thanks so much for your proactive update in this thread. Still hope I get to meet you on a cruise one day!
  21. Will do. Calling was my first step, but I missed their closing time by 10 minutes.
  22. Thanks @SanteFe1 ! But don't the red words mean I need to pay a deposit / it is overdue? It does say, "Deposit Due"
  23. Has this happened to anyone else? I gave a $500 deposit to a Viking Ocean cruise to a Viking agent on the phone. Deposit was via ACH from my checking account. However, on Viking MyJourney, I see this. Doesn't that look like Viking thinks I still owe a deposit?
  24. Which rivers are especially good or have some advantages for cruising in March, April, May? I saw topics about, for example, the tulip cruises in March. Any rivers to avoid during the months of March, April, May, or if not avoid, have downsides to be aware of?
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