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  1. MarkBearSF

    Cunard, QM2, Door Keys??

    ...You may wind up standing in that line no matter what. (I had to visit almost daily, last month. Nothing near my card except my magnetic personality) One sees far fewer lanyards on Cunard than typically seen on Carnival or Royal Caribbean, however some do wear them. - Mark
  2. MarkBearSF

    How to properly eat a scone?

    ...and avoid other faux pas. As we were enjoying afternoon tea on the QM2, at the end of the service, I was again confronted with scones. I was well brought-up in the US, but some foods and situations weren't part of my childhood. When eating a scone, with jam and clotted cream (or similar, in this case) Does one separate the halves and eat them separately? Do I spread the jam or cream on the entire portion or as I go? Is it acceptable to bite into the scone, or should I tear my portion before eating (as with a dinner roll)? And, while I'm at it, are there any other faux pas if which I should be aware? (I heard long ago that the "pinkies up" approach to holding a tea cup is a silly affectation that somehow took hold in the popular mind as "classy") Thanks - I always try to match the manners of the room, but sometimes need coaching.