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  1. Yeah - we look forward to it so I can take the shuttle to pick up miscellaneous sundries and forgotten things at Boots. Not unlike when those of us from the US West Coast become very familiar with the Mexican ports. After a couple of trips, Puerto Vallarta becomes most notable for the big, convenient Walmart across from the pier.
  2. I'm sorta' doing something similar. Unsure of when things will start up, here in the States, I booked a 5 night (has to be less than 7) cruise from LA to Cabo San Lucas. We're staying aboard and considering it a 5 night cruise with no ports. Six months away. I can't wait.
  3. Obviously a typo, and should read 2022. (And the May 2020 RT TA was my first cancellation, as a matter of fact. And, of course, May 2021 has been cancelled. I'll keep booking 'em and one of these years, they'll start again.)
  4. Good for you. I found out in September of 2019 that I had stage 4 cancer. I scheduled a bunch of cruises afterward (and already had a couple before my diagnosis). Luckily I was able to take my dream QG crossing in December 2019 and a quickie Mexico jaunt from SF in January on Princess. Since then, I've had six cruises cancelled. I booked another Mexico jaunt from LA in late August, and have two one-way QM2 crossings scheduled for October. I'm hoping to be able to take our round trip QM2 crossings in May 2020, and if I can get the other two in before then it will be a bonus. As for scheduling b
  5. Thanks. I missed it on the thread. It seems like a broken link on their end that's probably intentional at this time. Thanks for the reply
  6. I just booked the Ruby Princess for a 5 night Cabo cruise on August 28, 2021. I tried to use the MedallionClass app to get Ocean Ready. All is fine except when they say they're launching me to a page to select Medallion accessories. At that time I get bounced out of the app and back to the iOS screen. Are others having a similar problem? Is anyone else booking cruises? Obviously, there's plenty of time.
  7. If they were to change around the QM2 history displays overnight, I'd have no idea which way to turn!
  8. We've been on eight crossings and have seen them on all of them, I think. Not many. Perhaps three or so on our long corridor on Decks 8 or 5 - even on 9. That's how I was able to gauge how far we had gone (or if I had headed in the wrong direction). So, yes it's done a little. On TAs. (Personally, we don't. But to each their own)
  9. We just booked a cruise out of San Pedro on the Ruby Princess on August 28, 2021. We'll be flying down to LAX. I'd like to pre-arrange a transfer between the airport and San Pedro pier (both directions). Does anyone have a recommended car service for LA?
  10. We just booked the Cabo cruise on the Ruby Princess on August 28, 2021. (I'm hoping that they'll get some ships going on limited itineraries this summer). We live in SF and will be doing same-day air down. Since we aren't totally foolhardy, we'll likely take a plane that arrives around 10:00 or so (with 2-3 other good possibilities later, in case there is a problem). That will leave us arriving before boarding begins. Sitting in a crowded terminal for a couple of hours isn't my idea of a good time, so I was wondering if there is any place near the San Pedro pier that you'd recommend for lunch
  11. Thanks for the knowledgeable correction.
  12. From my understanding, surge suppressors require a ground wire. Ships have no ground. Without that, they risk shorting by sending the current to the other live line. (or something like that). And all lines have that prohibition, some make a bigger issue of it than others. Searching Amazon or elsewhere for "cruise ship power strip" will result in many results. Here is the one I use https://www.amazon.com/Outlet-Desktop-Charging-Station-Extension/dp/B07BF788FF/ref=sr_1_10?crid=2SN1JD19FNH3C&dchild=1&keywords=cruise+ship+power+strip&qid=1613363234&sprefix=cruise+ship+power+%2Ca
  13. I've got three or four Cunard trips stacked up depending how you count it. (The first trip is two one-way crossings, booked that way for a better deal, but may be a factor in the 7 day maximum US requirement). ..and I better get on one of 'em to justify the Cunard logo face masks I bought a few months ago and the gold Apple Watch band I specifically got for Royal Cunard Ball dress code on a crossing.
  14. I just sent an email to my TA about a little 3 day cruise from Vancouver to SF in 2022. YAY! We had a similar trip scheduled and for last year. Love these little cruises to/from SF and it'll give us a chance to experience a new ship, as of the current fleet, we've only traveled on Mary. YAY!
  15. I think that HAL is the line most similar to Cunard among US lines (I have no experience with P&O). Both lines have a long history and celebrate that tradition. Both lines cater to a similar demographic, tilting largely to seniors (but not exclusively!). As a result, both lines emphasize a quieter activities and entertainment, as opposed to pool slides and climbing walls. Their ships are smaller than new ships on most other lines, and in fact, Cunard ships other than the QM2 share a hull design with HAL ships. The single thing I think of on HAL ships is genuinely warm service. A lit
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