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  1. MarkBearSF

    Laundry on Board QM2

    An old hand on the QM2 provided this advice - "Go to deck 10 & 11. They're never crowded - the rich don't do their own laundry." (Obviously a gross generality - but the advice has proven helpful)
  2. MarkBearSF

    Golden Lion EVENING MEALS

    Are we talking the full dinner offerings and not the hot hors d' oeuvres?
  3. MarkBearSF

    Golden Lion EVENING MEALS

    I seem to recall that the Pub Dinner was given a trial on one or two ships about six months ago, but was discontinued and no more was heard about it. It was not an option on the QM2 in September.
  4. $2.75 per person one-way (same as the subway cost). It is bit of a walk to the station and then a lengthy subway ride with a transfer to the 9/11 memorial and museum. On the Manhattan side, it's about as far to the nearest subway station (Wall St.) as it as to the memorial. The ferry is much more convenient and the same cost.
  5. MarkBearSF

    The return of Cunard Pens

    They started disappearing on the Fashion Crossing (I believe) - When we were on the following Eastbound, they were not in the cabins and were going fast and they were basicaly gone (except for the ones missing the pocket clip) on the return to NY. There were 21 days cruising Canada and a return Westbound after this with no deliveries expected in NY. Reports from a month ago were that they were missing from all the ships in the fleet around that time - and the usual worries that this was another Cunard touch that was going away.
  6. MarkBearSF

    The return of Cunard Pens

    Hurrah! According to a passenger on the last Westbound crossing, Cunard pens have returned to the QM2! She had one in her cabin. - Mark
  7. We're doing a quickie repo cruise on the Golden Princess from Vancouver to SF next September. According to the itinerary, we don't leave until 11 PM, and the previous cruise arrives at 7:30 AM. The ship is obviously spending an extra long day in Vancouver. When will I learn my boarding time? We'll be flying up from SFO and arriving at 1 PM, and would like to board as early as possible.
  8. MarkBearSF

    Cunard, QM2, Door Keys??

    ...You may wind up standing in that line no matter what. (I had to visit almost daily, last month. Nothing near my card except my magnetic personality) One sees far fewer lanyards on Cunard than typically seen on Carnival or Royal Caribbean, however some do wear them. - Mark
  9. MarkBearSF

    class difference?

    Also - although I assume much of the ingredient prep work is done in a common area downstairs, the dishes are done in the smaller grills galley serving one tenth the number of passengers, providing opportunity for a bit more care per plate.
  10. MarkBearSF

    Size of luggage tags

    I measured the ones we’ve used with both pre-printed and print yourself labels and they seem to be in the middle of the 2 sizes Cc offers (2.5 x 6”). I got mine from Amazon. ...and I believe the extra info you show on your picture are simply instructions, and not needed for the label itself. In any event both approaches worked! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. MarkBearSF

    White Star Service.

    There were people beneath the signs to accept the bags. (...and, yes, it was THAT long hallway. The spots were along the left wall as you exited.) - Mark
  12. MarkBearSF

    White Star Service.

    By the way, when leaving Red Hook a couple of weeks ago, I kept an eye out - and on the long hallway after customs, there were two spots with signs and someone to take the luggage. One was for "Luggage Forward" and one was for "White Star Service." - Mark
  13. MarkBearSF

    Size of luggage tags

    From all that I've seen, there seem to be two sizes of those tag holders (we have both) the long skinny ones fit Cunard (and Celebrity, I think) and the shorter, squatter (more "square") ones fit HAL and most other lines. This picture Pennbank posted is of the latter size. If yours looks longer and skinnier than that, it's likely OK. Considering that they only cost a few dollars and arrive from Amazon in a couple of days, there's no big problem if you need to order a new set. - Mark
  14. MarkBearSF

    I would like the new ship to have....

    I would as well, but imagine it would be a hard sell for a shorter voyage that costs appreciably more. - Mark
  15. MarkBearSF

    I would like the new ship to have....

    I was on that voyage. Yes she was delayed - BUT this was due to an extraordinary set of circumstances. Upon departure from SOU, she dawdled in the Bay of Biscay because following her usual course would put her directly into TS Helene's path. After the storm passed, she went way south, almost to the Azores to get south of it and continued on this southern route. On Day 5, a passenger took a turn for the worse in the infirmary and needed to be evacuated to Canada. This necessitated a diversion from a far southern path to a location a day away up north, with extra time used for the medevac operation itself (a further 6.5 hour diversion). The gas turbines were used. The night before arrival, the turbines needed to be turned off in the early AM. (Possibly because the water supply was being worked on - there was no water to the passenger cabins or bars from 1-5 AM, and I surmise that the curtoff also affected the systems to cool the gas turbines). If it weren't for both of the first two occurrences in combination, there would not have been a problem. They DID use the turbines to make up speed. But they could only do what they could do. Complicating the delayed arrival, was the last point AND the semi-annual Coast Guard inspection in NY. So, a scheduled three hour delay stretched to twice as long - and was furthered by a longer than usual time to clear inspection.