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  1. Thanks PR! No I don't think the 2nd cruise is a WC - just a repositioning down to Australia for our summer season. I hadn't thought about Duty Free - its no longer much of a deal in our part of the world - can usually get spirits cheaper on special than in duty free at the airport. We are cruising via Maderia and Cadiz so we will probably bring back some port and sherry from those ports - but as we aren't exporting from the EU I don't think it will duty free prices - just local pricing - and availability - I love dry sherry from Spain - but its hard to get in Australian/NZ
  2. We have 2 tentative booking for 2022 SF-Barcelona arriving 29 Aug 2022 and Barcelona - Singapore departing 10 Oct 2022 Both the Queen Elizabeth - we even have the same cabin! What I'm wondering is will Cunard have any options to store one bag (probably about 26" wheeled), which we don't need while we travel Europe carry-on only. I would normally just come to an arrangement with a hotel but if Cunard would keep it that would be even better! Or is there left-luggage at Barcelona cruise terminal? Or is this sort of thing you discuss with cabin steward and what size tip would be
  3. The Australian government would be sh*t out of luck on that - the "foreigners" on that ship have been here since November - there are foreigners working all over in NZ from farms to hospitals - you may or maynot mix with them
  4. It's just finished it's season - but they've bought another smaller ship which is doing trips around the Marlborough Sounds. And yes I can't see why you couldn't do it - once you are legally in the country no one is checking your passport! https://www.heritage-expeditions.com/blog/introducing-heritage-explorer/
  5. I'd only be booking a few weeks in advance - I think the future of travel the next few years is either very low refundable deposits e.g. Cunard or last minute bookings - which is what I'll do with hotels and flights
  6. I would say probably OZ/Kiwi guests only - and the testing/vaccination requirements will reflect where we are in the roll out by then. Certainly need to have a stable trans Tasman bubble as a first step. I wouldn't give up on cruising locally yet - remember that both NZ and Asutralia have got local cruising with local operators now.
  7. Yes - from the email Air NZ sent to me a few hours after the announcement : We know travel has become a bit more unpredictable with COVID-19 so we have extended our international flexibility policy. If you have flights scheduled to depart before 11:59pm 31 December 2021, you can opt into credit or make a change to the date or time of the flight with change fees waived (fare difference may still apply). You can find more information on our COVID-19 Hub.
  8. I have my own business - but its all doable long-distance on a laptop - I figure if stuff shuts down there will be no issue with accommodation because the next tourists won't be arriving. Its a risk - but hardly a huge one
  9. The only cruise I've done was 14 days out of Australia - Australians have their own version of sequence called New Vogue - every sea day had a "sequence" session late PM with recorded music. It took one day and the Aussies had educated the English host about NV - supplied a list of dances and correct tempi. She did always struggle to pronounce Excelsior Scottisch though LOL All New Vogue from then on - packed floor and quite an audience I was really impressed they had exactly the right music and clearly had not come across it before.
  10. Most countries accept their own currencies not US$ - they will happily pad the price though - I watched a local take away accept A$ for NZ$ in my home country - she made about 20% on the transaction LOL Most countries have ATMs and they all dispense local currency at good rates
  11. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me - planning some winter sun in Queensland - totally expect to pay costs if the border closes while we're there - certainly not rushing back to go into isolation - will just stay longer at the beach
  12. I'd get a train if you can get something into Heathrow - because of traffic congestion
  13. I would definitely do the driving after the cruise - then you'll know more about the country and gives you the chance to return to somewhere you may have missed etc. I completely agree with you - I don't understand the rush back home thing either - had to when leave was limited by my employer - now not so much.
  14. Oooh - i didn't know that - I think I still have a few small GBP notes in my travel drawer
  15. It depends - on the country and weather - e.g. if its going to be a month long cruise and the weather will be better at the end of the cruise I'd do the land based then. If flying long-haul then I like to break the flights with stop overs and then at least 2 days in the departure city before getting on the ship. I never plan on going home well rested - that would mean I didnt' do enough on holiday!
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