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  1. Cairns is listed as a possible tender port - but when I checked the cairns Port authority - it looks like Queen Elizabeth tenders at Yorkey's Knob
  2. We're doing a Syd-Bne-PNG-Cns--Syd round trip on NZ passports. I'm just curious - will we get exit stamps in/out of Australia? Do you have to leave the ship in Cairns to get "stamped" back into Australia even if you are staying on the ship for the day? Just curious - I realised I have no idea how passport control works on boats.
  3. And tuxedos and dinner jackets are informal too - formal is white tie and tails or morning suit and top hat! Ironically my partner has tails but not a dark suit or blazer. But we will go shopping before the cruise. The really hilarious part of all this is that it really only applies to men. Women can wear anything they like within reason (ie not shorts or ripped jeans) - even though men (probably) can't wear sleeveless tops into the dining room - I doubt that I'd be banned from wearing a sleeveless top after 6pm!
  4. They need to publish the dress code in English! The only place there is any detail is on the UK website. On the Australian website where I am automatically redirected to based on my geographic location - you get this: Smart attire. Every night on board in most venues we ask that you wear smart attire. You can still dress to impress, yet with less formality than during our Gala celebrations. Gala evening attire. Two or three times during every seven nights on board our Gala evenings (sometimes themed) encourage you to be at your most glamorous from when the clock strikes 6pm. https://www.cunard.com/en-au/the-cunard-experience/what-to-pack I'm quite good at english having it as my only language for 57 years - nowhere does that tell me what the dress code is! Trying "dress code" in the FAQ I get this - Is there a dress code on board? AnswerChildren under 18 do not have a dress code but should adhere to the daily dress code where possible. National and Religious dress including headdress' are allowed on board. Depending on the amount of the face covered by the headdress, guests may be asked to unveil for a security photo at check in and passing through security check points ashore and on board during the voyage. Some items of national dress such as ceremonial blades or swords are not permitted and guests should check our list of prohibited items under the question What am I not allowed to take on board? https://www.cunard.com/en-au/frequently-asked-questions
  5. Interesting Auckland has quite a few cruises with 4 stops. But I would cruise out of Brisbane in preference because the sea is likely to be smoother (I get seasick on a river)
  6. I lived in Canberra in the 1980s after living in Broken Hill and Bougrainville. Seemed like a big city to me at the time - and it was so much quicker getting to Sydney for a weekend - compared to driving to Adelaide or Melbourne from Broken Hill!
  7. In the sense they would have more cruises leaving? Can't see that a terminal makes that much difference really. And its hard to get a better location than The Rocks in Sydney. There just really isn't that much to see in Brisbane for the average visitor. Sydney can keep anyone occupied for a week regardless of their interests.
  8. Iwould have agreed with you yesterday - but now its defence going in I believe they are going in with full hazmat- chemical warfare style suits and breathing gear. There was considerable delay this morning while they go suited up. Sound like they would survive a similar eruption as that of Monday They're in the process of removing 6 bodies - they havent found the other 2
  9. That makes sense - didn't think of coffee - although coffee drinkers during the day we don't tend to drink it after dinner. And I' m think desert PLUS afternoon tea would be bad for the waistline! Is there late night desert at the buffet (asking for a friend ...)
  10. No there was mention of that but it was a mistake - its a Coronial Enquiry - which is standard practice for sudden deaths (accidental or otherwise) https://coronialservices.justice.govt.nz/what-to-expect-during-an-inquiry/
  11. Apparently NZ has a national medical strategy of what to do with if they have a sudden influx of burns victims. I'd never thought of it before but I guess it makes sense. We have form: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1886_eruption_of_Mount_Tarawera https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taupo_Volcano
  12. There is only one operator who does boat tours to white island - White Island Tours - anyone can book like we did. They have 3 boats and I suspect they put on a boat for a group from the cruise ship - but its exactly the tour we did - there is now video taken by someone on the tour prior to the eruption - they did exactly what we did. There is at least one helicopter tour operator - they were on the island too - and it was the owner of that company who jumped in a copter and recovered about 12? in the immediate aftermath - along with the cruise boat who was already leaving with a previous group who turned around and went back. Those men deserve medals. I may be wrong- but I don't think any cruise ship does their own tours in NZ (or elsewhere?) - its all subcontracted to local tour operators
  13. Interesting that the discussion here is about blame. This is from the live feed of the news conference: Police may consult with next of kin when determining whether to make a quick recovery. A quick uplift strategy, where the recovery team gathers all the bodies as fast as possible, would be the safest option for the recovery team but could degrade the bodies and make identification harder. However, if families indicate they are willing to take that risk, police may consider it. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/118058738/live-white-island-erupts
  14. There are 5 levels of There are 6 levels of alert - 5 being the highest 0 the lowest . White Island is always at least a 1. The current level is back to 2 (it was 3 yesterday and post the eruption) - the current status is updated frequently at the Geonet site here https://www.geonet.org.nz/vabs/5QZrCOYsaD2I9FFHDnR8RU This is the official definition of the levels https://www.geonet.org.nz/about/volcano/val but this is the bit you need to be aware of: An eruption may occur at any level, and levels may not move in sequence as activity can change rapidly. White Island is actively monitored - we were on a tour 3 weeks ago (and I'm a trained geologist, but not a volcanologist) and saw where some of the instruments were located. Those instrument are still working. The webcams were knocked out on Monday - but I believe GNS is doing fly-overs regularly at the moment. The instruments monitor things like earthquakes, gas temperature and composition -all of which MAY be a pre-cursor for an eruption. Recent history on white island here https://www.gns.cri.nz/Home/Learning/Science-Topics/Volcanoes/New-Zealand-Volcanoes/Whakaari-White-Island/About-Whakaari-White-Island
  15. I think this piece sums up what's different about NZ. This is why people were so pissed off with Princess recently with their fake Maori welcome to the ship for photographers. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/405325/ngati-awa-to-play-a-key-role-in-the-whakaari-white-island-recovery-operation
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