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  1. Haven't been to Mumbai - certainly drunk it in other big cties in India - the main issue is that it tend to be heavily chlorinated. The only place I've found the tap water really, really undrinkable and I've travelled most of the world except Africa, was central Queensland, Australia. In the outback the water supply is artesian and very, very sulfuric. You have to leave the water in an open container overnight to allow the sulfur to evaporate. Apparently its not harmful to life - but it does smell like rotten eggs
  2. Yes dehydration does make jetlag worse - why on earth did you not just refill a water bottle? Rome has drinkable water as far as I recall. I carry an reusable plastic bottle and refill it as necessary - saves me ffrom dehydration and the planet for plastic - its a win/win
  3. Unless you have pre-existing conditions - they haven't covered my partner's health for years
  4. We normally travel for at least 6 weeks - next year have 4 months plans to make up for lost time. I have 2 approaches to my hair, let it grow long enough to tie back and ignore it - or cut it short and ignore it. If the weather is hot and humid I'll have a hat on anyways.
  5. Yes we can cancel up until January for minimal cost and don't have to pay more until April - so there is time to see which way this one goes - fingers crossed I'd say!
  6. I was talking to my TA today. Currently all Cunard ships are close to "home" ie UK. For the QE to do the trip from west coast USA to Europe the ship would have to be in Vancouver first. To be in Vancouver it must have done an Alaskan season - its not a very long season, it would be long way to go for like 6 weeks cruising. Before that it would normally do a Japan season. QE is currently due to depart the UK in Feb to relocate to Japan. How likely is it that Cunard will send the QE off to Japan in about 6 months time. They will need to be confident that they a) get guests on board b) at least stop off in some of the itinerary e.g. https://www.cunard.com/en-au/find-a-cruise/Q209K/Q209K Plus of course the confidence that they will be able to homeport in Japan for the season. Looking at Delta taking out previously well-managed countries like Australia, NZ, Vietnam and Singapore I'm not at all sure if it will happen - tis seems like an awful lot of "what ifs" for Cunard too - particularly if they can make money just putting around the Med and Europe. We have a personal issue that is questionable whether my partner can get travel insurance for the US because of pre-existing health issues - and at the moment we can't get any travel insurance for anywhere because the whole world is on a "do not travel" notice from the NZ government. I think that will resolve by early 2022 - but again - until it actually happens.... I'd give it 50/50 at the moment I was confident enough to get the TA to re-book both cruises as fares have dropped substantially - but not enough to actually book any airfares
  7. Thanks for the clarification @bluemarble - this change could save us a fortune next year. Its looking increasingly unlikely that our July cruise will happen, so we will likely fly to Europe and travel overland independently for 6 weeks or so before cruising back from Barcelona. If my partner only needs a couple of shirts and one suit then he can buy those in Barcelona and save hundreds avoiding shipping a bag to the port.
  8. I'm just quoting what is on the website so I guess that's as accurate as it gets. It wouldn't make me sad frankly because it would make it much easier to pack for a trip which involves hauling bags around the world - my partner would only need one suit and a 2nd pair for business trousers. Others can dress as they wish
  9. Looking at this page https://www.cunard.com/en-au/the-cunard-experience/what-to-pack - I'm sure the dress code has changed e.g. Smart Attire evenings, I quote: Smart attire simply means a dress shirt and trousers, skirt and a top, or a cocktail dress. i.e. no mention of jacket or tie. The Gala evenings are still "black tie dress code" without further elaboration of what that means I know that's the Australian link - but I dug out a VPN and found the same pages on the US and GB sites.
  10. Well if they bring back the Lido then the same items as the afternoon tea are available there - minus the queueing to sit around in the Queens Room. Once we discovered that we didn't bother with the queens room again
  11. I booked two sailings with them in 2022 one in Nov 20, one in Apr 20 - if they don't require all on board to be vaccinated I'll be cancelling because I'd be stupid not to. Why risk an outbreak on board which could see us denied port stops?
  12. Than you for your report its very helpful. I can't even imagine wearing a mask everytime I left my cabin which I think is what you're implying. Hopefully that will be history by next July or I'll be cancelling.
  13. So just to clarify - you are complaining about OTHER GUESTS using their phones in an outside area? Were they talking too loud too....
  14. Pre COVID I think the cheaest bottles of wine in the MDR was drinkable Italian rose - about $32. We bought on some nice Hunter Valley wines and paid the corkage on some of them
  15. Sailing up the east coast of Australia - so long as I can see the land and there was a town/city on the shore I could normally get a connection from an open deck
  16. I think this might be a game changer. I'm considering getting Glocalme mobile wifi device for when we can finally travel next year. So I'm on their mail list - and they have just annouced a new device https://www.glocalme.com/US/cloudsim/Numen with something called Hypercom https://offers.glocalme.com/HyperConn the relevant item on that page is this: Ultimate flexibility All wireless networks are accessible including 5G, 4G, WiFi and Starlink. So what I'm reading is so long as I own this device and I'm sat somewhere with a view of the sky (pool deck will do)- I have connectivity -regardless of the ship's crappy/expensive wifi. Dare I get excited?
  17. It appears there a number of companies doing small (about 40 pax) boats up and down the Croatian coast - usually a week Split to Dubrovnik or v.v. Can't find any reviews or info on CC though - what am I doing wrong?
  18. No it was a just stop on the way back from PNG. I love PD though -we were supposed to be there next month - cancelled now of course. I know someone who was in PD in the early 70s - they couldn't believe how much it had changed. If you have an overnight - I'd highly recommend hiring a car and getting out of Cairns up to PD and maybe Mossman
  19. If someone is so sick they can't be vaccinated I seriously doubt they would be travelling anyways. I have a niece who is at risk of death if she eats sesame and some other things - she's fully vaccinated
  20. Unless its a 100% vaccinations for both crew and customers (over 12) I wouldn't step foot on a cruise ship
  21. I was onboard when you took that pic - it was quite a thing to get in and out. They lost a tour group in the Tablelands and originally we were due to depart 3pm - but we were a couple of hours late and I wondered how low the tide was getting View from the Commodres Club
  22. Yes I always wore 2.5" dancing competitive - but coming back to it after over 18 months off with partner's health issues I'll probably not wear that height again - the pain in my legs was destroying my technique anyway. NZ has (finally) opened up to same sex competitive dancers and followers who are male can dance in comfortable cuban heels at 1 or 1.5" I will probably do so too if we return to competition. And for a cruise ship its a much better height for going up and down stairs!
  23. I would normally do BART - but we'll have at least one checked bag between us as we have to pack for 2 longish Cunard cruises (36 and 20 days) so need formal wear. We'll spring for a uber probably. We will be staying a few days in SF - my partner hasn't been there and I've not been there for 30 years and its a cool city. Will probably stay somewhere near Embarcadero -from memory that's an OK neighbourhood ?
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