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  1. I am having a difficult time reconciling how a company can maximize their revenue (when they are already losing money at the rate they charge me to get on the ship) by making onboard optional purchases so expensive that I won't buy them.
  2. I have gotten villas 4 or 5 times in the past. They were a great investment at $499 split a few ways, and still pretty good at $599. I balked at $649 but still went ahead and rented (had others pitch in, so still thought value was ok). $999 would be a deal breaker for me, however. Here is my question - how do you define maximizing revenue? Even if the company still sold all of the Villas and Cabanas and the new rate, how many customers are alienated by the inflated pricing? What value does Carnival place on repeat business? What value do they place on the customer experience? I would argue that raising prices on optional items could do way more harm than good, by leading to a reduction in repeat business. I, for one, would take my vacation dollars elsewhere if I didn't feel that I was getting enough value for my money. Just my opinion.
  3. Was on Mardi Gras last month. You get 15 seconds from the time your card is accepted to complete your soda pour. The maximum dispensed each time is 16oz. They had Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Starry (Sierra Mist), Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Orange Crush, and Mug Root Beer (although Root Beer was not available at the Guy's Pig and Anchor location). There are 3 stations in the buffet and one in Guy's Pig and Anchor. It is a far, far better system than having to wait at a bar for soda (except for the places where you get get an entire cold can - like the Pizza Place). It took me about a day to get really good at the timing, and by the end of the week I was a pro (knowing exactly how much ice to have in my cup, etc.).
  4. Was on last month and Trivias were held in Limelight Lounge 7 Mid, Summer Landing 8 Aft, and a few were held one night in Punchliner 6 Fwd (these were the big specialty trivias: Friends, Harry Potter, and The Office). There may have possibly been a few at Center Stage 6 Mid but I didn't attend those and my memory is foggy.
  5. Note about the sensory bag: We got one for our 16 year old last month on the Mardi Gras. Guest Services directed us down to Camp Ocean on Deck 4 to check the bag out. The headphones in the bag had amazing noise cancellation properties, but were a very loud color (Bright Orange maybe?), so my son wouldn't wear them. It also contained some fidget items and a lanyard that identified him as having sensory needs.
  6. Had them last month on the Mardi Gras -- they were also available in Sea Day Brunch (for a fee)
  7. It closes at 10pm each day and and typically opens at either 11am or noon.
  8. Just off the Mardi Gras - the Pig and Anchor was the biggest disappointment on the entire ship. Service was subpar and slow, the food was a bit of a disappointment (although mac and cheese was good), but the biggest disappointment was the bar. It was by far the worst place to get a drink on the ship. Service was at a monolithic pace, and oftentimes, it took over 30 minutes to get a drink. I opted to go outside to the Watering Hole and got my drinks much faster. It was strange to see such slow service, when other venues on the ship were busy yet still very efficient (coffee shop, pizzeria, Shaq's, Guy's Burgers to name a few). The fries at Guy's Burgers were not as good as in the past, but there are also 2 other venues to get your fry fix (Shaq's and Time Fries)
  9. Just off the Mardi Gras this past weekend. I was able to use Cheers on debarkation morning at JavaBlue. However - note 2 things. 1) They did not permit any alcohol drinks on debarkation morning, only non-alcoholic ones (specialty coffees, Powerade, soda, etc.), and 2) Since we were in a US port, tax was charged on the transaction. Hope this helps!
  10. Your other options for Embarkation Lunch would be: 1) Guy's Burgers 2) Blue Iguana Cantina 3) Deli 4) Pizza 5) Chopsticks and if you want to pay extra: 6) Bonsai Sushi Express
  11. Thanks for the review! We were on the sailing after yours, and it was much less crowded. I heard we were at 75% capacity. I am not sure if that was correct, but we did not encounter many lines the entire time. I had the Value plan for internet, as I needed to do a little but of work while onboard, and I will agree that it is probably the slowest of any ships that I have been on. I know that food is always subjective, but our experience was that the food on the Sunrise was very good overall. Highlights for us were Guy's Burgers, Cucina (both lunch and dinner), and the Deli (my wife loved the meatball sub). MDR food exceeded our expectations also, I guess I feel a little lucky, because we made Half Moon Cay, making me 6 for 6 lifetime at this amazing port. This was our 3rd time in a Villa, and I can't imagine not having one now. Quite honestly, I believe it is the most beautiful beach in the entire Caribbean. For those into Cruise Directors, Adam has left the Sunrise to join the Spirit, and has been replaced by Mel.
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