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  1. Hi, This is the OP and I wanted to reply following my cruise on 5/17 in cabin 1004 and 1006. There is definitely noise from Cosmos; loud enough on a couple of occasions to identify the actual song playing. The noise lasted until after 1a.m on several occasions. We turned our ac fans on high and though this helped a little the low bass booming was still clearly there. The cabins are also smaller than a typical Aqua cabin. The shower head was clogged with debris and shot water in every direction. Just not a great experience this time with Celebrity for this and other reasons. I won't be back for a while. This was my forty-first cruise with about a quarter of those on Celebrity. I feel sad as Celebrity has been a company that I have trusted for a long time.
  2. I sail in cabin 1004 on 5/17. I spoke with someone at Celebrity this evening. They say that the official change from Aqua to 2C occurs on 5/31. The representative has no idea why the change is occurring, but assured me that it couldn’t possibly be because of a noise issue.
  3. I sail on 5/17 and there are no other Aquaclass cabins available. I am in 1004 so I think I’m stuck.
  4. So if it is indeed the Cosmos noise that is driving this change to category 2C, how should those of us sailing in these cabins as Aqua class in the next couple of weeks deal with this? Clearly Celebrity knows there’s a problem, and we will have no choice but to suffer through.
  5. If you are in an AquaClass cabin should your Xpress Pass indicate this in any way? Thanks
  6. DianaLee, I hope Celebrity gets this sorted out for you quickly. For those of us who are booked in these cabins for the next couple of weeks. I am assuming that Celebrity is going to keep these cabins as Aqua. The only other alternative for the 5/17 cruise would be to bump people from AquaClass as the remainder of AQ cabins are sold out. It is disappointing that one spends money and more importantly precious time, to go on vacation only to experience an apparently less than should be situation. Clearly, things must not be going well if Celebrity is making this change. I hope that Celebrity will do all that they possibly can to make the experience adequate until they can get this sorted out. Celebrity, if you're listening, you are (or at least should be) better than this. Please get your act together.
  7. Why would Celebrity add cabins of any category and not make sure that they are soundproofed to a reasonable level?It is possible to soundproof cabins. It doesn't matter what category the cabin is; a passenger has a reasonable expectation of quiet at night. They could also change the schedule of Cosmos. It is just ridiculous for guests to be disturbed late at night by a disco. It makes you wonder if those making the decisions at Celebrity have ever really cruised in a "normal" cabin. In regard to Blu, did Celebrity add additional seating in Blu or did they just "hope for the best" as far as crowding? I'm sure there are ways they could have made this work, but it just seems like they aren't thinking. Question: If I arrive at Blu and find that there is going to be a long wait, am I allowed to go eat in the main dining room. I'm not a fan of waiting at restaurants on land and not really interested in doing that at sea either.
  8. Malia717, Let's just hope the cabins are still classified as Aqua class through the end of 5/17 sailing. Have a wonderful trip. See you on board.
  9. Alfredo22, I agree it's good news, unless you booked one of these cabins and expected it to be Aqua Class.
  10. Something I just noticed. If you now go to Millennium's deck plans on Celebrity's website, the 13 cabins on deck 10 have the same color code as a 2C veranda category. The deck plan key does not establish the category, but it is interesting that the color is the same as the 2C balcony. I can't be sure, but I think the color was different before.
  11. What a mess this seems to be. Am I reading correctly; some are reporting that Celebrity isn't sure if these 13 new cabins will remain as Aqua-Class? I am wondering if this means that either Blu can't handle the increased load or if the more forward cabins of the 13 are getting too much noise from the lounge above. Malia717, I now have my original 1004 cabin back for the southbound 5/17 cruise. I am hoping you were given 1008 back for both north and south cruises. I did not ask for 1004 back, but it just showed up late this afternoon in my booking. Thanks for any further information that anyone has to share. If Celebrity does make the decision in the next week to make these regular balcony categories, Aqua is sold out on 5/17 so I guess we will get bumped from Aqua. Hey Celebrity, I have an idea, how about just moving us up to a suite there are still several available on 5/17!!!
  12. I have (had) two assigned Aqua cabins, 1004 and 1006, on Celebrity Millennium for 5/17. These are two of the new Aqua class cabin on Deck 10. These cabins were booked as guarantees, but have been assigned for at least the last 30 days. As of this evening almost all of these thirteen new cabins on deck 10, including mine, are available to be booked on Celebrity.com. My booking has been returned to a guarantee. Aqua class was fully booked as of yesterday. Any thoughts on what might be going on? I am trying to call Celebrity and will try to reach my agent tomorrow. This is very odd.
  13. Hi. I can't seem to find guidelines for tipping on the land tour portion of our Celebrity Alaska Cruise Tour. Can anyone help with this? Will there be a tour leader that stays with us for the duration of the tour? Thanks for any help.
  14. This is so distressing. I have cabins 1004 and 1006 booked for a cruise in just a few weeks on Millennium. First, why would Celebrity be so stupid as to add cabins in a location where late-night noise is an issue. I guess this is a case of the almighty dollar being more important than a guests good sleep. I am not a night owl. I go on cruises to get sleep. I live near 30 different bars and night clubs and I go on vacation to get away from this. Aqua-class is supposed to be the extra peaceful, spa-like experience. What a joke! I need advice. Assuming that noise is truly an issue, what should I do? The second cabin is for my parents who are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary. This is supposed to be a special trip. It appears that Aqua class is full at this point, so changing cabins now is not possible. I refuse to allow a stupid decision by Celebrity cruise to lessen my vacation experience. Who is the best person on the vessel to speak with if this is indeed a problem once on board. Blu is also sounding like a stressful, crowded, and hectic experience. Very spa-like; way to go Celebrity!!!! It really seems that Celebrity is going downhill these days. I hope it's not as bad as it sounds. Off to buy the best ear plugs I can find...maybe this should be a new included Aqua-class perk!
  15. I have been trying to find a detailed list of amenities included with Neptune suites on HAL's website. I'm probably missing it, but I can't find such a list. Does anyone know where I can find such a list? Thank you for your help.
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