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  1. Yes the deal for solo travellers is brilliant at the moment ( I think it only appeared today, as I’ve been checking for a relative).
  2. Interesting that Celebrity have reduced the headline prices on the summer sailings again about £100 per person- but by the introduction an inside cabin guarantee. Of course, with the reduced capacity on these sailings, no inside cabins have been on sale so far. Is this a slightly sneaky way of avoiding honouring the price guarantee? I wonder if everyone booking an inside guarantee will actually end up in a balcony cabin? In the unlikely event of a COVID outbreak would Celebrity really want passengers in an inside cabin?
  3. For anyone on the 6 night summer UK cruises, there has been a price reduction of around £90-£100 per person. If you booked before end of April, Celebrity will honour their best price guarantee - which is unusual for the UK!
  4. If you are logged in and look at the bottom of their post there is a list of reviews - scroll down to the silhouette one!
  5. Just had a celebrity ad pop up elsewhere to say that they are giving double Captains Club points for these cruises. Not exactly a deal breaker, but welcome nevertheless!
  6. The Celebrity starting price is for a balcony cabin on the deck just above the “promenade “ deck. The price also includes wifi and gratuities. We are quite tempted as they are calling at at least two ports for each itinerary. Celebrity Silhouette has also just had a serious refurbishment ( well just before the cruise industry was shut down).
  7. Looks like this text was tailored to a particular booking so I guess refers to the 7 night cruise corresponding to the original 3 or 4 night cruise?
  8. It mentions transferring to the seven night cruise at no extra charge in the second sentence of the first paragraph!
  9. I must admit it doesn’t sound like the P&O I know - we’ll have to wait for confirmation or otherwise!
  10. However, it does seem that those already booked on the 3 or 4 night cruises can transfer to the 7 nights cruises for the same price! That is what is being reported on another site.
  11. Interesting that the BBC say the Egyptians are reopening an older channel to divert traffic. I’ve looked on Marine Traffic and can’t find an alternative channel at the point of the blockage!
  12. Thanks very much for this useful information. We have now booked an Antarctic cruise for January 2022 on Roald Amundsen - so should find out more about the flights next month.
  13. Hi everyone! We are interested in an Antarctica cruise in November 2022. I’ve noticed that Hurtigruten currently include flights from London in the price. Can anyone whose done this cruise with included flights give any information about them? Which carrier do they use, are the flight times good, is there the opportunity to upgrade to more than the basic leg room ( and how much might this cost)? Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. I think you have to go into your account and opt in - and then hope that the P&O IT system looks on you kindly!
  15. No you are right, it definitely wasn’t Alta (even though P&O claim it was) - it was Stavanger. I hope it wasn’t one of the the P&O Captains supplying the questions and answers!
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