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  1. I don’t want to turn this into a tax avoidance thread, but as someone who has paid their fair share of personal and business tax, I do take exception to very rich people going out of their way to avoid paying their fair share! Having said that I do think that P&O have done really well to secure his services ( whatever they might be).
  2. Not sure about the clean reputation - there have already been comments elsewhere about his tax avoidance! That being said he does appear to be a brilliant all round musician.
  3. I see that carnival have announced that another of Ionas sister ships (Mardi Gras) will be delivered 8 weeks late. This follows the late delivery of both AIDA Nova and Costa Smerelda. If Iona is delivered on time, it will be first of this class of ship. On the other hand, the naming ceremony for Iona is going to be a couple of months after the announced maiden voyage!
  4. Thanks for the tip to hide used photos - I missed that. I found the photo box system very intuitive and have enjoyed using it. Just need to double check the text comments before ordering! I found setting the background colour to black ( rather than the default white) effective for my photos. Really pleased P&O have run this promotion.
  5. Still not possible to pay for excursions. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of using the new My P&so here is the payment screen. Who would design a screen where you ask for your first name, then your country and then your last name. As for the address - what would you fill in for the various disjointed fields?
  6. Apparently despite the P&O system experiencing significant problems, Carnival decided to launch the equivalent Cunard system on Monday - which caused the whole lot to come crumbling down. I can only think that both P&O and Cunard were under severe pressure to release these systems before they had been tested.
  7. For anyone else trying to book shore excursions through the new system and finding that P&O won’t accept their payments, I’ve just been told by P&O that the whole payment system for My P&O cruises has gone down. They are obviously trying to fix it urgently, but it has been broken since late Saturday (or at least has been for me) so it looks like a major fix!
  8. Lucky you. I wish my next cruise was still on the old system. The new system is currently pretty dreadful, both in design and reliability. I really hope they get it sorted out quickly.
  9. My P&O system was playing up last night - wouldn’t accept payments. It actually came up with an error message saying contact card issuer. I did this and was told they tried to make the requested payment, but it was bounced back from P&O! Anyway system is apparently completed b*gg****d today, might be back up on Monday! Why on earth don’t they test these systems themselves rather than relying on us to test them.
  10. Yes the My P&O ( which replaced the excellent cruise personaliser) is pretty die at the moment. I wanted to look at excursions so assumed that if I selected “shore experiences “ from the menu, I would be taken to them. Nothing there! In fact you have to click on the shopping trolley icon at the top of the page and then select “shore experiences” from there. Seems they are not that keen on me spending money!
  11. You could order a paper brochure - this has the full schedules for each ship and each part of the world. You can order one here https://www.pocruises.com/brochure/
  12. In the post I read about this, it did say that initially some of the select ventures would be free or heavily discounted in order to relieve pressure on the main freedom dining restaurants ( no club dining of course). This seems to make sense to me as there are so many alternative dining venues on Iona. I guess they would then gradually increase the prices.
  13. This is one of the funniest posts I’ve seen in ages!
  14. Strange! I always considered cutting a roll in half with a knife was more delicate than ripping it apart with your bear hands! Who on earth makes up these etiquette rules?
  15. Looking at responses on social media, it seem to be having a few teething problems. It seems that loyalty levels aren’t being recognised, so no loyalty discounts are being applied when booking excursions/experiences etc. P&O apparently advise doing the payment on line and then phoning them to get the loyalty discount applied! Hope they get it sorted out before my cruises are moved over to the new system.
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