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  1. For those looking... look at Cozumel Bar Hop. Love it, been 6 times.
  2. Well, one day we were pulling into Labadee. They announced we would be delayed departing the shop due to a medical helicopter coming in to remove a passenger. Thinking about being taken off the shop in Haiti makes me want to buy medical and evac coverage. If I'm sick in the Caribbean, I want them to fly my fat tush back to Houston or Miami.
  3. Based on what? Every employer that is self insured sets many of its own rules. People should contact their plan and find out what is covered, if anything. A former employer plan didn't pay anything outside the US. The ships doctor was considered outside the US.
  4. Your insurance MAY NOT cover any treatment outside the US. Or it MAY. You need to find out from your plan. I've seen both coverages. Just all depends.
  5. Just moved my cruise to a big box TA. And I've just now repriced my cruise due to price drop. No issues. Since myvegas was applied by Casino Royale folks, TA doesn't care about it.
  6. After a bout of normal while at the airport requiring medical evaluation and also several trips to medical on ships for various reasons, our medical insurance has been a bargain overall. It's about someone's level of comfort with their risks.
  7. You need to consider medical and evacuation coverage. Even if I'm not worried about the cost of air/cruise/hotel, I want med and evac. Your personal insurance might cover.
  8. Well, we did. When the govt cancelled Cuba, we got 50% back. And we didn't care about Cuba.
  9. Filled up sometimes. I booked lessons. Was delayed to another day. Showed up at rescheduled time, they had no idea about a lesson. Guess it wasn't full.
  10. I would think the TA doesn't care about Myvegas. We did it before, haven't moved this one yet. Probably tonight.
  11. Just yesterday "purchased" a reward on My Vegas for $100 obc. Called Casino Royale to book a Nov 21 cruise. We are C&A, FL residents, seniors and Diamond. Whatever combo of discounts worked, Myvegas was applied, all no issues. We have redeemed about $1000 Myvegas with RCL. Seems to work. Now we book direct with the casino folks, then move our booking to the big warehouse club to add their benefits too.
  12. Cozumel Bar Hop takes backpacks with school supplies. We bring one every trip.
  13. Most importantly, where is the Diamond Lounge?
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