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  1. Pay for outside contractors to come and remove the seaweed job done simple stop making this a criticism of the staff and people.
  2. Many replies here are missing the point. This is not a third world country. It is a luxury island owned by a billion dollar company. All the problems can be fixed very quickly if you spend the money. To use other islands problems as an excuse is pathetic and easy way for RC not to spend the money.
  3. I was there 3 weeks ago and it was perfect. I was there yesterday and there is 2 foot deep slime that you have to walk through and it does not improve much the further out you go. The resort looks pretty good most of the new tall palm are now supported with wood and the balloon is still deflated.
  4. Its not out of their control now to get rid of it. I am back there in 3 weeks on the Harmony and I hope it has been removed by then.
  5. The hurricane has pushed up a lot of seaweed into the beach areas. It feels disgusting underfoot and the stench of rotten eggs is overpowering. They need to dredge this out asap.
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