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  1. A little better every day, @mking8288—thanks for asking! Taste and smell are mostly back, still not quite as sharp as pre-COVID, but still improving daily. Cough is mostly gone, nasal congestion still there but not as much. Feels like a mild cold that's on its way out. I did a rapid test yesterday and still got a positive result. I'll test again in a couple more days. When I went to my first CC M&G (in 2012) all of the attendees were from the CruiseCritic Message Boards. But the last couple times I've gone to the M&G, the vast majority are from Social Media. The one person we were talking with didn't even know what CruiseCritic was! 🤦‍♂️ I'm not on a Certain Well-known Social Media Site so I am unfamiliar with the roll calls that happen there. I'm just going to chalk up our Meet and Greets as yet another victim of Social Media (see also: decency, democracy, privacy). I'll continue to visit the CC Roll Calls, but at this point, I'll only attend the M&G if there's someone from the Roll Call that I actually want to see.
  2. If it makes you feel better, I stayed in my stateroom a lot and did a lot of reading on my balcony, avoided crowded spaces, masked in the Theater and Comedy Club, mingled with people outside instead of inside, and I still got it. So honestly, it might not have made a difference! 😄 I hope you have a speedy recovery. 🙂
  3. Don't we live and breathe BS rumors here on CruiseCritic? 😄 Definitely take it with a grain of salt, but it does sort of make sense, given that NCL will be having multiple new ships coming online, and they'll need places to homeport them. They might also want to homeport one of their older, smaller ships in Norfolk.
  4. I tested positive a week ago. Today I'm still a little under the weather, but mostly recovered. I had flu-like symptoms for a couple days, then I lost my sense of taste and smell just as I was starting to feel better. My taste and smell are back, but not all the way back yet. I was still positive as of yesterday. My experience will no doubt differ from yours. For me, even a "mild" case hasn't been much fun. But being vaxxed and boosted, we don't have much to worry about...just have to stick it out. I hope you feel better soon! I still think the cruise was worth it. 🙂
  5. I tend to agree. We were going to get it sooner or later. At least now, we'll have some summer immunity for other travels at least. That protection could extend even longer with additional boosters, if they come. Either way, our our immune systems will get better at handling COVID, which is the goal long-term. I'm not worried about monkeypox. There doesn't appear to be any asymptomatic spread, making it way easier to track down, and also, the vaccine for smallpox is effective against monkeypox. The US government maintains a stockpile of smallpox vaccines large enough to vaccinate everyone in the US, so worst comes to worst, we just get a smallpox vaccine. Once this wave is past its peak, we'll probably take advantage of the dip + our immunity and set sail.
  6. I came down with symptoms after arriving home the evening of disembarkation day, but didn't test positive until two days later. I woke up Tuesday with a fever, and that's when I tested positive. The PCR may detect it, but try again in a couple days if it doesn't—or as soon as you get a fever.
  7. A lot of crew on the Joy are at the end of their contracts and going home for break, including the actors and actresses in Footloose. This could contribute to cancellations, if there's a lot of COVID spread aboard (there certainly seems to be) and lots of the new folks test positive.
  8. When I was aboard the Joy, a member of the crew told me that they are visiting Norfolk because NCL wants to homeport a Prima class ship there, and they have to establish a relationship with the port and city. He told me that this was hearsay, and he wasn't 100% sure, but it seemed to make sense. They may be partially provisioning the ship there to establish supply lines with vendors, etc.
  9. Hi @mking8288, hope you and yours are feeling better. I am almost feeling 100% now. I've still got a stray cough here and there. My sense of taste and smell has returned—definitely not as sharp as before, but I heard it can take about 2 weeks to fully return. Longer for some folks. I'd say I'm at about 50% from a smelling/tasting capacity. Still testing positive on a rapid test, so I am not cleared to resume being a member of society just yet. 🤣 My daughter did wind up testing positive on Sunday. She came down with a fever on Saturday afternoon, went to sleep, and tested positive on Sunday morning. Her fever was gone this morning when she woke up, and now it's like nothing ever happened. So fingers crossed it stays that way. My wife tested herself several times over the past week, including taking a PCR at CVS, and has not tested positive yet. She may yet escape. So, all in all we're doing well. The flip side of this is that we'll most likely take a vacation once we've all recovered. The jury's still out on whether natural immunity will provide lasting protection, but most experts seem to think it'll provide at least 2-3 months' of protection. So ironically we may be cruising again sooner because of this, especially if my wife does wind up testing positive. Maybe for our anniversary in August—or maybe even sooner.
  10. No, this specific sailing didn't have Norfolk, VA. Probably because it's Memorial Day and everything will be closed.
  11. Ahh, I had a bit of a setback: my fever is gone, cough is nearly gone, but now so is my sense of taste and smell. I can hardly smell anything—only if it’s a super strong smell, and even then only a tiny whiff, like it was something the next room over. I can taste the difference between salty and sweet but that’s about it. I had my coffee this morning, it tasted like warm water with just the slightest hint of burned wood. 😔 I heard it can take a week or two for smell and taste to come back. I would be happy with taste for breakfast, even if I can’t have Taste for breakfast.
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