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  1. Reread your post. You stated that you had to be expose to the viruses so your body can build up an immunity or else you'll be wearing a mask forever. Viruses are different. My brothers brother-in-law died from Covid at 47, with no preexisting conditions. If your statement is accurate 47 years of exposure to viruses isn't enough time. geez.
  2. I would bet a vast majority of the new booking are people using their fccs. It also would be interesting if passenger load is based the same as the past or the 50-60% predicted because of the virus.
  3. Exposing yourself can lead to illness, hospitalization, being put on a ventilator, and/or death. No thank you, I'll continue to wear my mask, social distance, wash my hands, and hope the vaccine is as effective as advertised.
  4. Wouldn’t you like to know about when you can expect the sausage whether it be next week, next month, next year, or never, so you can plan accordingly. I suspect they are waiting for one of the other lines to come up with the solution so they can copy it, like they’ve done with the shutdown extensions. If they stay true to form, they’ll announce it the week before they roll it out.
  5. There must be alot of stupid people out there as the whole world has this problem and the CDC only has jurisdiction over the U.S. The idiots are the ones who ignore how serious this problem is yet they ignore the recommendations made by the experts, that would help bring it under control. The cruise lines have known for almost a month exactly what it would take to sail but no ships are sailing and they haven’t got the common courtesy to tell their customers why.
  6. The problem is that they didn't give anybody any briefings. Either they have accomplished nothing or they don't care enough about their loyal customers to keep them informed. Probably a bit of both. I find it ironic that they have lost billions of dollars so far, and no real end in sight, but they sit back as quiet as church mice. They are still drawing a paycheck so what's the rush?
  7. Back to the point, what exactly are they working on and what kind of progress have they made, if any. I think they owe that much to their loyal customers, after all it’s been over eight months with no true end in sight. By their actions, or lack of, I think they are waiting for it to go away or that public pressure will prevail and they’ll we able to do as they please. Guess what? Neither one of those is going to happen.
  8. What exactly are they working harder on? If they are working hard on anything it had to be the all inclusive deal, not anything to get them back on the seas. It’s been eight months down, and they must have had some type of idea what they had to do. They also got the tentative ok from the CDC on some specifics over three weeks ago, and still not a word. If it wasn’t all the positive comments on the progress with viruses, the way the virus is growing, they would be working paperwork for Chapter 11. Nero fiddles while Rome burns.
  9. Didn’t they state that the first few trial cruises would be nonrevenue generating cruises? I was only referring to the cruise being free, I realize probably at least 90% have some type of cost, even if it’s just parking, or a way to get to the terminal and back home again if they live near the port. I also think the risk of getting COVID isn’t worth it, even free. We are in the high risk age bracket.
  10. We aren’t going to spend our money, just to spend it. We basically have everything we want and go anyplace we want, so what’s left? If we made a list of the top 20 things we would worry about, money would not be on the list. Nothing could makes us happier than knowing we were able to help ensure our kids and grand children should be able to live a lifestyle we think they deserve.
  11. I spent 13 months in Viet Nam in the mid 1960s as a combat infantry man (mos 11B10 for vets). Most of us were draftees and all I saw was some minor drug use. The morale was down some but I saw no insubordination or fragging. The morale problem was mostly caused by what was going on back in the states regarding the war.
  12. It's not for the faint of heart, but equities, over time would put any cash investments to shame. Since the first of the year, through this past Monday, my IRA is up about 19%. $1,000,000+, plus appreciation is not too shabby. Over the 19 years we've been retired, the initial amount has over tripled. My certified financial planner (my brother) has pleaded with me to move some into safer investments but I'm willing to take the chance. I've by playing this game for over 30 years and I've ridden this elevator up and down several times. If the bottom falls out of the market again,
  13. If they have all the money, and time, you say, the smart ones aren’t going to stoop down to the level of going on a mass market, run of the mill cruise line. The switch from the common people to the wet behind the ears snobs, would take too long, and it would be too embarrassing to their egos. From what I read, the only thing you are taking over is your parent’s basement and any entry level job you can find.
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