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  1. You don't have to do anything, the balance will show up as a credit on the credit card you registered when booking. It usually shows up in 3-4 days after the end of the cruise.
  2. During a cruise, does she ever wave her arms to part the seas? At the very least she must feed the entire crew and passengers with a couple of loaves of bread and a couple of fish.
  3. Why don't they call in All Inclusive II and jam it down every ones throat.
  4. One of the reasons people give for buying a drink package is not having to take the whole 10 seconds it takes to sign the slip. They still have the other reasons such as getting there monies worth and the ability to try new drinks and not worry about the cost if they don't drink them.
  5. Unless they have a group rate, at least in the past, TAs price had to be the same as the cruise line charged. They were able to give you obc which normally came out of their commission. My go to online TA usually gave me 10%+ of the cruise price not including taxes and fees. There is an online site that sends your cruise out for pricing and their quotes come straight back to you. Just for kicks, I sent one out Monday, for a cruise in October. So far I’ve gotten back nine quotes and they all have the same price on them, the cruise line price. All but two included an extra obc, but not as m
  6. Are you sure you aren't comparing apples with oranges? All TAs do is act as a middle man, and it should be the exact package as the cruise line, but normally they add extra such as obc, specialty restaurants, etc.
  7. Maybe that’s all the people who wanted to take the first cruise.
  8. No. It's still a couple of hundred dollars, per person, higher than what we think it's worth. This is for the Edge sailing October 2.
  9. I follow pricing closely. Your pricing is based strictly on cabin cost and that is entirely based on supply and demand, so sometimes they have to lower the price to fill the ship. We did a TA on the Silhouette 6-7 years ago and paid $600 p.p., plus taxes, and fees, for 13 days in an 1A balcony. I would bet that the vast majority of the AI, in my example was built into the base price. There is no way they can make money on unlimited drinks, all day, every day, for less than they get for one can of soda, including tip.
  10. Did you miss the point about the daily cost is LESS that one soda, tip included?? The end of my post stated that a good part of the cost, and profit, was already built into the base price. Wi-Fi does cost. Do you think the equipment needed to allow a couple of thousand guests plus crew access it is cheap? What about the staff needed to keep it up and running?
  11. October 2, 2021 is a seven day Caribbean cruise, for two, on the Edge. Concierge, with AI is $2,906.88. Concierge, with just tips, is $2,861.88. A difference of $45. Divided by 14 (seven days times 2 people) is $3.21 p.p. per day for the classic drink package and wi-fi which is less than one soda, including tip. How could a company who went several billion dollars in debt do this? I can think of two possibilities, poor management or the cost plus profit is built into the base price. Either way, it doesn't reflect well for the line.
  12. If you are going to flame somebody, at least have the facts straight. According to the first post, she arrived 30 minutes early, but you expanding it to two makes for a better jab. Lastly, do you really think that nobody else would have come, in that extra 30 minutes that things would have been any different??
  13. Your original post said :loads of people", this one says "someone", there is a difference. I read several boards daily, and a small majority of the posters who have less than stellar things to say about cruising even mention their experience or lack of experience with cruising.
  14. Easy answer, they haven't got the guts to enforce most of their procedures, they are afraid to upset their passengers for fear of mot getting extra tips, or tips at all. People know it, how many times have people asked the question on these boards, "How closely do they enforce things such as saving seats, minimum age for the different kids groups, number of cards for the number of drinks, etc., etc.
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