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  1. If that was a group rate, it was pretty sad. The last group rate we got was almost three years ago, it was for an Aqua cabin on the Silhouette. The price through Celebrity was $3100 including two perks. We paid about $2750 for the same thing. We also got a wine tasting, and a slot tournament with cash prizes. There was over 100 people in the group and two reps from the travel agency. You could book Celebrity or RCL only, through them and still get the fcc perks plus whatever they offered.
  2. I'm really surprised at all the incompetent comments about the people working in the Celebrity cruise department. This is one of the reasons people give for not using a travel agency. Battle of the incompetents??
  3. We prefer to stay in the same stateroom, on a B2B, but sometimes it's not economically feasible to to do such. We book when we find a price we can live with and sometimes we can't find a room that is available for both legs. To keep the same room for both legs of our B2B coming up, we would have to book two categories higher than we want which would raise our cost $300 p.p. I think an extra 1/2 - 3/4 hour, each, of our time is worth $600.
  4. I think the revenue from being able to add a few more cabins, rather than adding laundry rooms makes it a no brainer for them.
  5. There is priority tendering, for at least Elite Plus and above, personal experience. All it means is you don't need to get a tendering ticket, you just need to show your seapass card when you get to the tendering area. Once you get there you still have to stand in line with everybody else.
  6. That happened to us once. We got a check for it with an extra $50 for our inconvenience, along with a hand written note of apology from the owner.
  7. We are going the first part of October. Our travel agent made the final payment a few days before the 90 day deadline just in case there was a snafu. This is in the U.S.
  8. We did a 14 day Caribbean cruise, last September, on the MSC Seaside, in a YC Deluxe Suite and liked it so much, we are doing the same cruise this October. We booked it in January and paid about $2650, which included all taxes and fees, internet, gratuities, and a drink package that includes the minibar in the cabin. Business must be picking up as you don't see prices anywhere near that now. From what we heard and saw, we wouldn't consider any other categories except the Yacht Club. Being a European based line, the vibe is different than the other mainline cruise lines, but once you understand that, no problem. We found the ship beautiful, the service normal, and the food pretty good, overall. Hopefully the cruise in October will be the same.
  9. I’ve rode the stock market elevator up and down many times in the last forty years. One thing I learned early was not to put all my eggs in one basket. Although I have more money in the market than I should have for someone my age, I have enough diversity that we’ll be ok no matter what the market does. We bring in more cash from investments than we do from my pension, and both of our social security combined. Pricing isn’t a big deal, it’s value for the money and we don’t see a whole lot now. If the economy tanks, lowering the price, by itself, is meaningless.
  10. In less things have changed, the letter designation is for boarding order. A's board first, followed by B's, C's, etc. There are no assigned seats on Southwest so you sit wherever you want that is still available, window, aisle, center, center seats, etc.
  11. We were on the Allure for two weeks and spent considerable time in the suite lounge. The concierge was up there most of the time and never even stopped by to introduce himself ore even say hi. The tip was 0 at the end of the cruise.
  12. We too are getting older and are seriously thinking about only cruising from the west coast as we live in the Phoenix area. We have a cruise, leaving from Miami, on MSC Seaside, in October and it will probably be the last one from Florida. We usually have to go a day early and because of me being 6'4", we usually book economy plus or exit row seats. Air fare, hotel, extra meals, and extra shuttles will run us over $1500, do that 2-3 times a year and it adds up. Flying to San Diego or L.A. runs us about $400 and because it's only about an hour flight, I can handle regular economy seats. We are able to go same day and there is no other hotel, meals, or shuttle cost. When we first started cruising, our first dozen, or so, cruises were from the west coast and never had any hint of problems going same day. We usually take one of the earlier flights so there is little chance of weather delays for planes coming from the snow and cold, as the plane is sitting there when we get to the airport.
  13. On the other side of the coin, if you pay for champagne you shouldn’t get beer. That seems to happen more and more the last several years, especially on the other mainstream lines. That’s why MSC is getting more popular and their pricing is rising.
  14. O.K., if a person in a Central Park balcony offers $2,000 to move up to a suite and a person in an ocean view balcony offers $1,000 to move up to a suite, who do you thinks gets it. They make $1,000 more giving it to the Central Park bidder so if they don't the person making the decision should be fired. Or don't balcony owners get suite offers? I know they do on Celebrity.
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