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  1. I can see this when/if cruising starts up. If the CDC makes it clear masks and social distancing must be part of the startup agreement, and the lines don't aggressively enforce it. I can see them being shutdown and open for litigation. Unless some idiot signs and agreement that exonerates the line from any liability.
  2. Logic tells me you get nothing. The fcc is 125%, you paid $0, hence 125% x $0 =0.
  3. I thought the elections were always the first Tuesday in November?
  4. If you set it too high, the lines will be out of business. I would suggest 50 to start with, just to be on the safe side.
  5. Everybody 65, or over, should cancel all their booked cruises and take a refund not fcc, and cease all future bookings. See how that works out.
  6. Though the Mercury wasn’t our first cruise, the three cruises we took on it ranks as our three favorite cruises. We’ve bee on most of the “s” class ships an RCL’s “Oasis class ships and none of them even come close to our experiences on the Mercury. I’m glad there are other who appreciated it as much as we did,
  7. Unless people here in the U.S. start wearing a mask and social distancing, I'm going with never, at least for the U.S. and it's citizens. By they come up with a cure, or vaccine, the cruise lines will be bankrupt and out of business
  8. Is that any different for the posters searching until they find an "expert" that agrees with their opinion and take their word as gospel. I've been on two juries and both sides had "expert" witnesses that testified in their favor.
  9. Ask the families and friends of the seniors who died prematurely how they felt. How do you know they were close to dying? There was a COVID doctor on tv today. He said that the four last patients he lost were between 24 and 47 years old with no previous medical problems. Yes, you are trying to be heartless otherwise you wouldn’t have made such a insensitive statement.
  10. Most, if not all cruise lines will be bankrupt and either be out of business , or at a greatly reduced volume. I don't even want to think about the medical side of the equation.
  11. If people don’t change their attitudes, probably never. The CDC controls when cruises can begin and they have told the public, many times, wash your hands, wear a mask and social distance. Some people think they are bullet proof and some are just so arrogant that no one can tell them what to do. Follow their guidelines. What have you got to lose? What’s happening now surely isn’t working. What have you got to lose. If you are waiting for a vaccine or a cure all, by the time it happens, it will probably be too late.
  12. I know for a fact Arizona gives totals and how many of them are covid cases. The governor was on tv again today amd I think he said icu beds are at 85% capacity and 16% of them held covid patients.
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