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  1. We spent time daily, out on the rest of the ship, shows, casino, shopping, bars, etc. We ate all of our meals in the Y.C. dining room, as well as our quiet time, pool time, and most of our drinks in the Y.C. As far as the captain, we saw him twice in the Y.C. area, that was for a welcome aboard drink the first day of each week of our B2B. These high end areas is open to anyone who is willing to pay and for the premium price, you should get something for the money.
  2. It says Philadelphia Eagles “Fan” cruise. If they ask, just tell them you are a fan.
  3. Good point. In 2019 we spent 14 days in a Sky Suite on the Equinox and two months later we spent 14 days in a Deluxe Yacht Club Suite on MSC Seaside. The Equinox was about $330 p.p. per day and the Seaside was about $210 p.p. per day. Both cruises we really nice, but overall, the Seaside was a much better value. The current pricing on both of them is much more than we would even consider paying. In fact all pricing for all lines is way over priced and we’ll stay on the sidelines. If they never come down, that’s all right too.
  4. We’ve done 47 cruises and have gotten obc on everyone of them. And every penny was refundable and ever cent was credited back to my credit card. If that’s changed, it’s had to have been since November 2019, our last cruise.
  5. The obc usually comes from the TA’s commission. The commission is based on price paid, hence, if the price goes down, so does the agent’s cut. Sometimes , if the reduction is small, the agent might eat it,but the price dropping $2,500 is far from small.
  6. I can't see any TA on the Wonder of the Seas for any date. There is one on the Odyssey of the Seas though.
  7. Just who are you to tell someone not to comment on a comment based board? It might be a surprise to you but their are people who have different opinions than yours. Get used to it, if you don't like it, ignore it. Not everybody is a Celebrity lemming, blindly following them and thinking everything they say, or do, is the gospel.
  8. I don't think they do. The point was that her presence on ship doesn't automatically mean a big increase in passengers.
  9. Not a big difference in shut up and don't say anything.
  10. We had poor service there three years ago, that trumps your five years. That makes your point invalid.
  11. The point is you should get better service at the current passenger level. The cruise line can't change crewing level week to week, so the staff it at what they think will be the most passengers. Since they have to feed them and pay them they might as well put them to work. Don't think that's the new norm. When/if they ever, get to max passengers and max crew, the service level will change dramatically.
  12. Her popularity must be waning, according to a recent post, the occupancy for the last several cruises was les than 33%. I can't believe that number is anywhere near the number they were shooting for.
  13. See what happens when they have a full ship rather than less than 50% capacity and overstaffed dining/specialty restaurants because they can't adjust staffing levels cruise to cruise.
  14. Our last cruise on RCL was in October of 2018 was on the Allure, in a Grand Suite. It was a B2B and our travel agent gave us dinner for two, in Chops, for each week. We enjoyed the food, service, and ambiance in the suite dining room that we weren’t even going to Chops. We had tried them on a previous cruise and wasn’t impressed. About the second day they started calling us to make a reservation. The fifth day we finally gave in and booked for that night. The night before we both had the rib eye in the suite dining room so we ordered the same thing in Chops so we could compare. There was no comparison, the suite dining room was far superior in all aspects of the experience. The second week we didn’t bother going back no matter how many times they called. I guess the don’t get reimbursed by the travel agency if not used. Maybe it’s improved by now or experience changes ship to ship.
  15. Because I enjoy a filet. I fly because in the end, the vacation I enjoy the overall product more. Cost isn’t a factor, enjoyment and value trumps cost every time.
  16. We are each Elite Plus so we each get two bags per cruise. We pack lighter and send laundry in a minimum of twice a week. We've been doing this for many years and have found out, if you set it out in the morning, the room steward will send it in when he makes the room. and have gotten them back the next afternoon, every single time.
  17. Did you ever consider calling the airlines direct since they are the ones that changed it? We had that happen a couple of years ago. We checked the flights, on the chosen airline (American), for that day we had booked and called them and they changed us to one that worked, at no extra charge though prices have risen dramatically.
  18. If numbers stay as is, the count towards the end of November might be 0 as in not sailing.
  19. Port Valet is just a luggage service, it has nothing to do we transportation to the airport.
  20. We've sailed with Celebrity 20+ times and can count the number of free upgrades we got on one hand, with fingers left over. The ones we did get were just a move in the same category, never did we jump say from am oceanview to a balcony
  21. Last year we got our luggage tags three weeks after they cancelled the cruise.
  22. The biggest point I missed so here it is. First of all, my statement is based on facts that could easily be documented, yours is strictly on speculation. You said you wouldn't complain if the restaurant charged you twice the price for the wine you could buy at the package store. If I could get my beer for $1.18 (twice the price plus 20% tip instead of sales tax), I wouldn't complain either. The beer price, on the ship is 14.7 times the price I paid. To compare apples with apples, we have to multiply the price you could get the wine for to the price at the restaurant. 14.7 x $37.50 (avg. of guess) = $290. I won't pay the price, what you would do makes no difference to me. The difference is probably a lot worse, I'm sure, at the volume the cruise lines buy, they probably pay a lot less than $.49.
  23. No, the end of October wouldn't be much of a problem either.
  24. Budweiser. It's a Labor Day promotion run by a local grocery chain. It's only for cases, minimum one, max five. I got the five, the use by date is the end of January.
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