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  1. Princess Insurance is secondary coverage. Need to file first with your regular insurance. Also, should you travel early to your cruise etc. Any problems at a hotel, accidents pre-cruise are not covered. Princess insurance only covers those items purchased directly from Princess. Go early or stay later, it is on your dime.
  2. Many of us opted for Option 1 (FCC) during the early cruise cancellations. We were advised the the FCC must be used by May 1, 2022. As additional cruises are cancelled, (now some now say, January / February 2021) Our cruise selections will become limited by available time, Also, ships will not be fully booked due to Covid spacing, thus fewer options. Hopefully, the May date will be extended deeper into 2022 to allow us to fully utilize our FCC.
  3. Tom: CruzinNoony: We selected Option 1. The detail behind the FFC Balance shows the following: 1. Future Cruise Deposit (Applied to our 2021 Booking). 2. Voyage Goodwill (FCC Amount of our cancelled cruise) 3. Voyage Goodwill (FCC Bonus Amt from Option 1) Princess did not apply any amounts to our existing booking. When the payment comes due, I will advise ether Princess or my TA to apply said balances to my current booking or additional bookings. Additional bookings may be subject to greater deposits as I have already used my FCD on the early 2021 cruise.
  4. We currently have an existing booking for 2021secured with a FC Deposit. We received our FCC for a 2020 canceled cruise a month ago. Is there any advantage of applying the FCC to our 2021 booking. Should the 2021 cruise be canceled, I assume Princess would just move the applied credit back to our FCC account. (Maybe additional cancellation credits??) Appreciate your comments. (Sorry if this subject had already been discussed) Stay Safe😷
  5. Good to know. Thanks for posting. Have a great Holiday.
  6. Thanks for the info. I guess am not the only one as indicated in my original post. Another thing, I thought we were to receive an e-mail when this FCC were posted. I did not receive any. I was just reviewing my future booking when I noticed the FCC. Also ez-air is also included in the "holding account" I think Princess needs to add another line or two to the personalizer.
  7. Forgive me if this subject has already been covered. Today, we received our FCC for our 3/19/20 Coral cruise. (Option 1) The FCC was calculated on the Fare Amount which is fine. However, were not given credit for the taxes, port charges and ez-air. When I called Princess, the Rep. said that such amounts would be moved to a "Holding Account" and used on our next booking. The princess web site does not display these amounts. I did request a email to confirm the amount to have as a record when going forward. All I received was a email schedule on how items would be handled but no specific dollar amounts.. I also mentioned that many other Folks may be calling requesting some kind of confirmation showing the amounts to be used in the future. Just wondering if anyone else has had this same experience.
  8. My belief is the Cruise Line Association wanted to continue cruises during this during the COVIC-19. Using age 70 as a cut off. They then think everything is OK in the Cruise Company ranks. I just wonder how well their suggestion played with the Task Force and the CDC. Almost overnight a 30 stoppage of all cruise lines.
  9. For those of us still cruising, in addition to the current OBC incentive, Princess should double the OBC of Future Cruise Deposits to boost bookings. 🙂
  10. Good enough. We will be on the March 19, 2020 sailing. I Appreciate your posting. Thanks
  11. I would appreciate it if someone currently on the Coral would post the names of the Hotel General Manager and Food & Beverage Director from the front page of the Patter. Many Thanks
  12. Too many cabins, not enough crew.
  13. Thanks, Hope you enjoyed your cruise and stay in BA. Happy Holidays
  14. Thanks for taking the time to prepare your posting. Always good to get info. from Folks who have "boots on the ground"
  15. Good information in that thread re taxis and letter from Holland America January 2019.
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