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  1. We took advantage of the Cyber Monday $1 Deposit and booked a cruise to South America on the Coral. Looking at the deck plans it seems the layout is a bit quirky. Having Horizon Court in the front of the ship seems odd. Appreciate comments from Folks who have sailed on the ship. Also, any problem with noise in the aft cabins on Baja deck just below the Youth Center? Thanks
  2. kjg46

    Princess Booking transfer policy

    I can live with the new Princess transfer policies if I know all the rules of the game before I play.,. Like many others, we usually book with Princess and then later prior to final payment transfer to a TA. What I fear might happen, say the Princess cruise price goes down after transfer to TA. Will the TA be able to reprice through Princess or our we now locked out of future Princess promotions and prices reductions?? "The unknowns we don't know"
  3. I just checked our b2b bookings for 2019 and found that the new Cyber Sale is not as good for us than the current booking via 3 for Free. On one booking the cabin price increased $50. On another booking, the price increased $100. Onboard credits not as rich . We originally repriced from Sip N Sale to 3 for Free. Maybe others will have better luck. For now, we will "Hold em"
  4. kjg46

    Live from the CB 11/11-25/2018

    I agree, I checked the details on the app and it is for IOS 10.3 or later. My first generation iPad mini is now maxes out at iOs 9.2 or 3. Thanks for the "heads up"
  5. kjg46

    Live from the CB 11/11-25/2018

    Thanks for the additional comments by Folks on this thread. I "Took the bull by the horns" and called the Princess Ocean Ready help number and found out the following: 1. Ocean Ready replaced Ocean Compass (Compass was more or less a beta when OM first started) 2. Ocean Ready app for iPhone (only) available at Apple store. 3. Tried same with my I pad and Ocean Ready app not yet available for Ipad. Confirmed same with Princess help line. 4. Reservations going forward, Princess Rep. said reservations are being accepted into Ocean Ready now through the end of February. I tried my b2b in July/Aug 2019 and app would not accept. 5. I "assume" the Ocean Ready app will be open to additional reservations as we move forward in the calendar. All the Best
  6. kjg46

    Live from the CB 11/11-25/2018

    Can you tell me if "Ocean Ready" is the same as "Ocean Compass" We have a B2B on CB next year. If I go to Ocean Compass (we have set up an account, but it won't let me add a reservation number. Is "Ocean Ready" only available just before your cruise.? Any information you can provide will be appreciated.
  7. kjg46

    On the Caribbean Princes......

    Well Done1 I sure enjoyed all the pictures and comments during your cruise. It is very nice of you to share your experiences.
  8. kjg46

    Taking food/snacks to your cabin?

    Just one thing, Please don't put the dirty dishes out in the hall. All the best. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. Thanks for posting the photos
  10. Question: What do footstools have to do with the itinerary change re hurricane Issac. The original post?
  11. With the S&S don't try to cover the $ value of that promotion. Just consider what you would normally drink per day (maybe a bottle of wine at dinner and if you wish cocktails per day). That would no way come close to the perk value. However, that is the actual value you need to compare to 34Free. On our New England Canada cruise we gave up the S&S for the 34Free. Iit was a better value to us than trying to drink 15 drinks a day to reap the full value to the S&S. We saved $894 on refare, $351 Tips and $400 OBC Total value to us $1645. vs S&S value of $1,761. We can use the OBC for shore excursion, spa etc. Can't do the same with any residual S&S drinks. All the best
  12. kjg46

    Status of Ocean Medallion?

    I am estimating 90% of Folks carry or use a smart phone and access social media via Google etc. Many, many sites now track every ones actions even if turned off. People talk on their phones loud enough were people can hear their conversation from 10 feet away. Folks now post the most personal pictures of themselves and family on the internet with out any regard to who may be viewing. A now some are having issues with the medallion! Go figure:ship::ship::ship:
  13. kjg46

    Are Elite Perks Generous Enough?

    I agree. The majority of our cruises have been 10 days or more. Folks take 2 b2b (3 or 4 day)cruises earn double the cruises than our 12 day cruises. Something wrong here!
  14. kjg46

    Are Elite Perks Generous Enough?

    I wish we could exchange the Courvoisier VS & Dewar's Scotch Whisky for Bourbon and Rum. Hopefully, on our next cruise they will have some in stock. Seems like the bar selections are not with the times. Just me:)