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  1. Many thanks for posting. We will be in BA in mid-March 2020 pre-cruise. This information just what I was looking for. Trying to decide if we should contact our hotel for transfers from airport and/or use Defrantur for both transfers/tour. again. Thanks for the info.
  2. Many thanks to all your posts. Yes, we will look into splitting the salts into smaller bottles or jars. Would help go further. All the Best🙂
  3. We recently had dinner in the Crown grill (CB). We enjoyed the specialty sea salts. I was able to take pictures of two of the three containers. Artisan Salt Co. 1. Hiwi Kai (black lava sea salt) 2. Yakima (Applewood Smoked sea salt) 3. Can some one provide me the name? I think the jar has a pink label? We would like to give these as Christmas gifts to some of our friends. I did go their web site but they changed the packaging and labels. Appreciate your help. Thanks
  4. Do you know if the taxi driver will take US $ Thanks
  5. kjg46

    Argentine Pesos

    Below is the chat I had with the EZE airport information person. Hope this helps. We hope to get our pesos there. Is there a bank in the airport to exchange US dollars. If so what are the hours 11:36 AM Estamos derivando la conversación a uno de nuestros colaboradores 11:36 AM Juan Cruz se ha conectado 11:37 AM Juan Cruz Good Morning 11:39 AM Yo Good morning 11:41 AM Juan Cruz There is a bank next to the arrivals halls called "Banco La Nacion" who deals with exchange 24 hours
  6. Folks: We are starting our cruise in Buenos Aires.( Pre-Cruise 2 day stay). Our Chase Bank does not carry the Argentine Peso due to its frequent fluctuation. We will be using our credit cards for large items. e.g. hotel, dinners etc. However, how are most Folks getting the pesos for taxi rides etc. Airport currency exchange? Will they accept other currency e.g. US dollars, Euros or neighboring countries? Thanks in advance.
  7. Many thanks for you help. I just sent an email to the address above. All the best to CC Members
  8. I have a new email address and want to change the existing email in Cruise Critic. I can see it in profile etc but the only thing I can change is a password which I do not want to do. I do not see any edit for email. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  9. I agree. We have been on CB beginning with the Western Caribbean b2b with this one. Of our 20 years with Princess third time on CB this team is missing in many areas. Dinner times, tenders and Fresh Market table service. It is like “The Gang That Can’t Shoot Streight” Nothing is in sink. We see what is next. In Boston Also seems like no Smart Casual. Many many shorts and baseball hats in the dinning rooms. The 70’s plus folks should know better. Yes I am in this age category but I follow the general guidelines. Sad for us believers.
  10. We will be doing a B2B on the CB shortly. I notice there are some stores on 17th street where we might purchase some "forgotten items". I remember someone in the past postings mention walking through or around the convention center. Looking for a quick-n-dirty directions. Appreciate your help. Thanks🍷
  11. In July we will be starting our cruises in Ft Lauderdale on the Caribbean Princess. (Assume pier 2) What has been the experience in getting to the port via Uber? Any problem entering in a private auto? Are the fares similar to those offered by most hotels and motels. Also, any problems with availability? Thanks in advance for your comments.
  12. I just received a call from Princess Tech Support. They have fixed the app that now allows one to add documents (e.g. passports etc) They had me login and I was able to reach the "Travel Documents" input page. To my surprise, it already has our passport photos from our Princess cruise last year. (yea) The only thing needed is to add our security photos. Hope this helps. Timing:The first leg of our CB b2b begins July 20, 2019. Second on July 27th. We were out 89 days when we first noticed the medallion on the Princess web site. So it took until now to resolve the issue at least for us. Note: they did have to reset our password to correct the document issue. You can again reset it to your old password.
  13. Your post is a good idea. I too have seen many posts re Ocean Ready and timing. It is useful to get your fix on the availability. Thanks
  14. We will be starting our cruise in Buenos Aires. Can someone tell me how far the cruise port is from the Recolete area vs the Puerto Madero area. Also, are taxicabs readily available? Hotel suggestions? Thanks in advance for your comments.☺️
  15. Had anyone traded cognac and the scotch whiskey for Bourbon (whiskey) and/or rum? Seems like the bar selections are a bit dated.
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