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  1. I just want to ask those of you who have received your test kits recently what the expiration date is on them? Please also include weather your source - e-med, RC or other. We have more than one cruise coming up and don't want to order too soon and have them expire before the second cruise. Thanks.
  2. We have six children and when we used to cruise as a family we would have to book 1 parent plus 3 children in each room because the rule is that one adult must be booked in each room. When we would get on board we would just go to guest services and just rearrange the cards so that everyone could access both rooms. The actual sleeping arrangements are then up to you. In our case, it was Mom and Dad with the two youngest and the four older kids across the hall or next door. Guest Services is used to this.
  3. This is what happened to us. We were upgraded from and inside to one of the better suites. I was stunned! I noticed that out cabin number was suddenly different but we were literally leaving for the airport and I had no time to inquire about it. (We too had paid to select our own cabin.) It was a Med cruise that included 3 nights in Jerusalem/Israel. Because of the itinerary they had many large groups of first-time cruisers on board. I believe the reason for our unbelievable upgrade was that they did not want to separate anyone who was part of a group. We were traveling independently and had booked one of the few inside cabins in the same area so they "picked on" us. Moral of long (sorry) story is to wait and see if you have something to complain about.
  4. We are still actually going to Alaska for 3 weeks, just sans the cruise part of the journey we had already planned out. We will take a cruise from Vancouver and spend some time in Vancouver and Victoria when things settle down.
  5. We have decided the same. Too much stress involved now and we don't like having to make final payment and only afterwards finding out what the protocols for our date MIGHT be. Making final payment and paying for airfare is just too much of a commitment for us to be comfortable with under these circumstances. Plenty of nice vacations besides cruising.
  6. Totally agree with the spirit of your post even though I could get the senior discount at Denny's. I'm wondering if this has any effect on travel insurance. I saw that asked on another board but no answers. I know that if you travel against level 4 State Department advisories it will invalidate your travel insurance. But does anyone know if CDC "guidelines" have any insurance ramifications?
  7. I'm in NY now and can tell you there's nothing going on here at all. Had a lot of rain today but no wind. Henri is a bit of a non-event here. Lots of hype. Almost as though they want to distract us from more important issues.
  8. As near as I can tell kale is not edible. BTW, sorry about the multiple posting. Not sure what went wrong with that. Emotions regarding bacon are obviously running high though. No cruise line wishing to remain in business should mess with the bacon (or rum) supply.
  9. Cookies are important. Did you know you can wrap brown sugar coated bacon around certain cookies?
  10. Awww . . . where's the sport in that? I knew you were smart! That's some good thinkin' right there. I knew I loved that ship!
  11. Dam it (Gump?), you are a genius! You have a bright future with Bacon Buddy, Inc.
  12. Do you suppose there will be a PORKage fee if you bring your own bacon to the MDR?
  13. We will have to work out the details. The main thing is to elude the Food & Beverage Police, especially when on vacation.
  14. Maybe I'll invent a device to smuggle bacon and make a fortune like the guy who invented Rum Runners. I'll call my creation the "Bacon Buddy".
  15. Here's a good one. A relative and her husband flying a simple non-stop from NYC to Miami, arriving a whole day (actually more than 24 hours) before their cruise. Plenty of time, no connections, what could go wrong? The airline somehow manages to loose their luggage. After spending all morning on the phone they managed to get their luggage just a half hour before they had to board the ship. To top it off (and this is totally on him) the husband packed his carry-on with expensive yet useless items and would not have had so much as a change of underwear if they had not gotten their luggage at the very last minute.
  16. I stay away from lawyers and, for the record, I worked as a para legal so I know whereof I speak;) I understand that some folks genuinely enjoy a good tussle though, so have at it. Myself, I prefer to keep things as simple and stress free as possible, which means refundable deposit and decision time when final payment is due.
  17. I can't see any reason to make final payment before the due date and have never quite understood why anyone would do so. There is no advantage to it, especially now with all the uncertainties that surround travel. I will only book refundable deposits and land reservations. IF (and that's a big IF these days) I do make final payments, only then will I purchase airfare and insurance, usually on the same day that I make the final payment. Keep your money in your own pocket as long as possible.
  18. For some people it could be more worthwhile because they live in an area that is lacking in a variety of good restaurants. If I'm going to pay for a restaurant I can do better at home. We're not big eaters so the specialty restaurants are just too much food for us. We enjoy being able try several different offerings in the MDR without waste because the portions are small. I like to "graze" but I don't like to eat a lot at once. I also don't eat seafood, so I think that makes the specialties less valuable to me. There is just so much food on cruise ships that I'm just not motivated to buy more of what I already have too much of.
  19. Thanks for posting this, OP. We have a big family and, have sometimes booked 3 adjoining balconies for the same reason you did. Like you, we never had a problem in the past with having the steward open the partitions. It was a great convenience to us as a group as we had a place big enough for all to be together plus we didn't have to appear in the hallway in our pj's. Not only would it be disappointing, but we would have paid a lot more for 3 balconies instead of putting the kids in an inside across the hall. Thanks for the heads up and I'm sorry you were upset. I would have been too.
  20. I'm getting more and more likely to not make final payments on several upcoming cruises. Just tired of the whole mess and never really knowing what protocols may be imposed at the last minute. I was careful to keep all our plans totally refundable. As someone else said, anticipation has now become annoyance and anxiety. We like to cruise but we're not desperate about it.
  21. The virtual balconies still have the "feel" of an inside to me anyway. But I kind of like the isolated "cocoon" space. When we had them we ended up having the screen turned off more than we would have expected. It was great to check the weather and see if we were in port yet in the morning but most of the time we just weren't that interested. I'm predicting you won't like the virtual balcony but you don't know if you don't try it.
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