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  1. We are on the Jan 6 cruise out of Miami on Splendor and we are using the Regent provided air. Does anyone have an idea of when we will receive our flight information? Any and all thoughts appreciated!
  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences. At least I know I’m in good company!
  3. We’re on the Oct 5 cruise from LA to LA and today is early booking day. There are three ports but excursions are listed for only two. The website says there are no excursions available yet. I was wondering if this has happened to others.
  4. Thank you for the link. We are in the U.S. and the cancelled cruise is in Oct (we cancelled 9 months prior to sailing). The penalty was $100 per person and according to the Ts&Cs this would be creditable towards a future cruise (which we booked right away). That answers question #1 - thank you. If anyone has experience on how the credit is applied to the new cruise (fare reduction or increased deposit) I would greatly appreciate the input.
  5. Before I call my TA I thought I would run my questions past the cruise critic experts. My understanding of the cancellation policy is that if you cancel a cruise and book another cruise within a year, the cancellation fee is credited towards your new cruise. First question, is my understanding correct? We had to cancel our 12 night Mediterranean cruise for a shorter (boo hoo) 7 night Mexican Riviera cruise. Our TA cancelled and rebooked on the same call with Regent, so the deposit was transferred rather than reimbursed and a new deposit paid. He quoted me a reduced fare instead of onboard credit for the new cruise. Second question, how does Regent apply the credit - as a reduction to the fare or an increase to the deposit? Really appreciate any help!
  6. I have been perusing the excursions for our 2020 cruise by looking at excursions previously offered under “find a cruise”. Reservations open up in a month and I was wondering how I find the actual excursions offered for my cruise and the cost of Regent Choice excursions. Appreciate any help!
  7. Totally agree with papa flamingo that we would not upgrade just for a butler. The larger room is the real attraction, but the butler sounds like a very nice perk. Thank you to everyone for sharing their experiences.
  8. Sounds nice. Thank you for the info!
  9. We are considering booking a penthouse cabin and I am curious what the butler does.
  10. I second Travelcat2. Great summary. We took two European cruises on Regent many years ago and swore we would do at least one more. We’re booked on Explorer next year and just can’t wait. In between we have sailed Celebrity to Alaska, Bermuda and the Caribbean, always in a suite and have enjoyed them, but there is no comparison to Regent. I would add one more thing to Me&Red’s list - on Regent once you walk out of your cabin everyone is treated the same as opposed to “special” treatment for suite guests on Celebrity.
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