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  1. Thanks for the amazing photos! That’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to Patagonia.
  2. I can get sick watching television but I love cruising. I start Bonine the morning of my cruise and wear my electronic Relief Band whenever the ship is moving. Corner aft is my go-to cabin on Solstice Class ships. On small ships (smaller than Millenium Class) you might feel a "fishtail" motion aft in rough weather. Happened to me on a small Princess ship. Was not pleasant. I've only encountered "bouncing" in the fancy suite on the small ship Grandeur of the Seas. The cabin was close to the bow and had major "up and down" motion during our one evening of rough seas. (That was pre Relief Band for me.) Stayed in bed while everyone else was looking at Gibraltar.
  3. Yay! Another ChicagoPaul adventure! 🍸🍸🍸 I live for sea days...😎
  4. We used compression bags before the airline weight limits kicked in. Room steward helped with the vacuum. Our bags were heavy! Now I pack much lighter and have laundry done on the ship.
  5. If my cabin has a metal door I tend to add an Afghan Hound magnet just because I like it. Lately I’ve sailed in corner aft (Solstice class) cabins so I don’t really need it as a cabin finder. If I ever forgot what side of the ship my cabin’s on I’d say I have a real problem. 😎
  6. If I buy a couple bottles of local wine it’s something special for consuming at home. That said, I’ve never had a bottle confiscated. Once in Jamaica I brought back a 6 pack of beer for DH. Security just looked at it wistfully and waved me through. 🍺
  7. Thank you so much for your review. So detailed and informative! Was amused by the concept of “too much crab” in a crab cake. Too funny. I’m originally from Maryland and won’t even try a Celebrity crab cake. I know I won’t like it.🦀🦀🦀
  8. Following and enjoying your review as always. Wanted to say that one of the highlights for me is when you write your "Moment of reflection." Sage advice worth pondering. Thank you.
  9. Congrats on the Captain's Table and Top Cruiser! I've only been to the Captain's Table a couple of times and I loved it. Last time was so long ago there was a string quartet playing. As we descended the fancy staircase in our formal wear (and me with a long-stemmed rose) they started playing a tango. No, I didn't put the rose in my teeth...
  10. Well, I stand corrected on the Equinox deck 6 balcony. The only apparent negative is the "view" of the roof of Tuscan but that's certainly not a deal-breaker. I've sailed in both a corner aft S1 and a Celebrity Suite on Equinox. For not that much more money I'd go with a CS, especially one on the hump.
  11. Me too. Much better view. I just remember being really taken aback by that picture. ChicagoPaul wasn't much bothered by it. I need to be that "go with the flow."
  12. I don't remember what ship the picture is from. ChicagoPaul has posted Reflection reviews. Guess the best source of info is from those who have been in that specific cabin. Sure can't tell from the deck plans.
  13. I love corner aft Sky Suites but it's my understanding that those on deck 6 have TINY balconies. ChicagoPaul posted a picture of a deck chair crammed sideways because the deck was too narrow for the chair to face aft. No way would I book deck 6.
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