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  1. I stand corrected on the size of S1 balconies on Reflection except for decks 6 and 12. (Paul Blackburn posted a picture of the teeny S1 balcony on 6.) On the deck plans the cabins (not the balcony) seem larger as you go up. I’ve never stayed in an S1 lower than deck 8. This just goes to show I shouldn’t rely on my memory! I cruised Reflection several times in a row, so I made a wrong assumption. I had to search my photos to solve the mystery. The evil spider that unrelentingly haunted my cruise was on the EQUINOX. Beats me which deck. The spider was always there blocking my side view. Sorry if I caused any confusion! I’ll go away now...🚢
  2. I had a window washing device on deck 9. It partially blocked my side view. I never saw it move. (The photo sure looks like the device is on deck 11. Makes me think it could be almost anywhere.) The S1 balconies on Reflection’s deck 6 are ridiculously tiny. The chairs only fit sideways. Avoid at all costs. (Not an issue on other Solstice class ships.). The balcony size increases as you go up, so the deck 12 balcony is the largest. I’d actually like to try deck 12 once to see if the noise is tolerable since I prefer shade. No shade on the other decks. The pole didn’t bother me. I’m kinda surprised I never crashed into it. I LOVE the side porthole. Really brightens up the cabin.
  3. How many programmers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None. It’s a hardware problem.
  4. Jim, your spring/Easter pics put a smile on my face. I have fall and spring cruises booked. Just taking one day at a time.
  5. I liked Stingray Sailing best simply because I love sailing. (I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay.) We motored out to save time and sailed back. They passed around plenty of squid to hand out. I wouldn’t do the ship excursion again. The boat was very crowded with a large group. The water was crowded too. The squid was mostly handed out by the guide. I still had fun. Last time I couldn’t get a reservation with Stingray Sailing so I chose Captain Marvin, recommended by cruise friends. Ended up being quite the trip. It was windy that day and the water was pretty rough. All the vendors except Captain Marvin canceled. We were offered refunds but only a few people bailed. The boat ride wasn’t bad. Splashy. It was pretty remarkable to have just our little group alone with lots and lots of stingrays. It’s generally a mob scene with boats and people everywhere. However it’s pretty relaxing once you get in. You stand in waist-deep water and hand out squid. This time you had to keep an eye out for the big waves and hop up when one approached so you didn’t get dunked. I eventually got tired but I had plenty of stingray time. I skipped the snorkeling, it looked too challenging for me. If I couldn’t sail, I’d go with Captain Marvin again. Wouldn’t count on a private stingray audience though.😎
  6. Thanks for your review Maris. Informative and fun to read. Loved your photos. Since I’m not a morning person I especially enjoyed the sunrises. Hopefully I’ll be on the same cruise March 2021. I’ve been to Grand Cayman 3x, did the Stingrays each time: ship excursion (crowded), Stingray Sailing and Captain Marvin — all fun. If I ever decide to skip Stingrays I’ll probably stay on the ship.
  7. Jim_Ian (and Purplsmurf) I’m so sorry the cruise was canceled. Jim, I was so excited for you scoring a RS. I’ve always enjoyed your blogs. I'll look forward to your next cruise — whenever it will be.
  8. I’m late to the party but following. Paul, your blogs are so informative and well-written. Love getting my foodie fix, but I’d say my favorite part overall is your positive attitude. I’m looking forward to your cruise “aha” moment. Always makes my day. Say hi to Edward. 🍸🍸🍸
  9. Thanks for the amazing photos! That’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to Patagonia.
  10. I can get sick watching television but I love cruising. I start Bonine the morning of my cruise and wear my electronic Relief Band whenever the ship is moving. Corner aft is my go-to cabin on Solstice Class ships. On small ships (smaller than Millenium Class) you might feel a "fishtail" motion aft in rough weather. Happened to me on a small Princess ship. Was not pleasant. I've only encountered "bouncing" in the fancy suite on the small ship Grandeur of the Seas. The cabin was close to the bow and had major "up and down" motion during our one evening of rough seas. (That was pre Relief Band for me.) Stayed in bed while everyone else was looking at Gibraltar.
  11. Yay! Another ChicagoPaul adventure! 🍸🍸🍸 I live for sea days...😎
  12. We used compression bags before the airline weight limits kicked in. Room steward helped with the vacuum. Our bags were heavy! Now I pack much lighter and have laundry done on the ship.
  13. If my cabin has a metal door I tend to add an Afghan Hound magnet just because I like it. Lately I’ve sailed in corner aft (Solstice class) cabins so I don’t really need it as a cabin finder. If I ever forgot what side of the ship my cabin’s on I’d say I have a real problem. 😎
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