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  1. I am fully vaccinated and DH needs one more. I am more worried about my two young adult children who are doing the winter cruise with us. 19 and 17- can they get a shot? will they need a shot to cruise? the trip is for the 17 year old.
  2. I believe it is alcohol drink limit of 15. they can't stop you from buying say 20 bottles of water.
  3. hubby and I chatted this am on the way to school. we just want a vacay on a ship- we are ready for the restrictions or rules. I want to feel the wind in my hair...
  4. I got all I need: mask (many as a teacher who teaches 5 days a week), iPod, Kindle . Carnival needs to supply the chair and sun.
  5. So it seems like Carnival just put out (on social media) 3 new mini commercials promoting booking "mini" 3 and 4 day cruises HMMMMMM. Is Carnival being a tease??
  6. and things change daily. who knows what it will be like by summer, fall or even winter.
  7. mardi gras has not been in US waters so she can't apply for "green " status.
  8. I always do a ship excursion so I am ok with it. lets keep the bubble small.
  9. family chose ship this time. It will be a high school graduation gift for DD. so Mardi Gras it is.
  10. I have heard about possible reservations for pools etc, but nothing concrete. now things change daily. we all have to wait and see.
  11. you can't beat a sunset on the ship - mask or no mask. I want to cruise, go to concerts. I will follow whatever rules they bring. when you enter my classroom - we have policies/rules. this is our life - for now.
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