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  1. I will see if I can find my menus from December 2019
  2. download the carnvial Hub app. works great on the phone, in airplane mode. the hub is a wealth of info and you can chat with others for 5 dollars (for the week per person). so for my family of 4 it was well worth the 20 bucks.I could "text" via the hub my family without leaving a note on the door.
  3. it was helpful on the summer 18 carnival pride cruise. a. we had to disembark early - so with fTTF , we could b. we had HMC- you get first tender c. better customer service- no lines d. get to cabin early.
  4. thrill theater was great. try it once.
  5. favorite ship. sailed her December 2019 1. embarkation- captain capitano (the Italian place)- free for lunch- you pick pasta/ add ons/ sauce- 2. back pool by pirate Pete- close to bathroom/ has hot tub/ not too crowded 3 . morning breakfast burrito at blue iquana 4. try the ropes course- even just once 5. bring magnetic hooks for the room 6. any other questions- ask away.
  6. so now I am on the fence to book December 2021 . decisions.
  7. As someone mentioned heavy port stops may be a factor . On HMC you can’t use your drink package ( or did it change).
  8. it would cost us over 500 dollars for hubby and I for the beverage package for the week. there is no way to drink that much coffee/ water / soda/ booze with 4 ports. again, have had the Bev package on celerity bc I got a good deal on it. only you can decide if the package is right. I think in December we spent about 250- 300 on drinks/sodas/water/ etc. (that is hubby and I combined).
  9. it also depends on how many ports. our last ship, breeze December 19', we had four ports that your beverage package does not work on. so it was not worth it for spending 50 dollars a day per person for booze. just do ala carte. also, bring a swell bottle for water . I would say sneak on booze, but that is not a topic popular here. (you tube videos). I know some who do sneak on- risky. hope that helps.
  10. I think the deposit is 50 a person. I am willing to risk the 200. we are looking at ocean view on MG.
  11. Have we me yet- so don't put a deposit on MG for winter 2021??? I am sure the things will look different but at least having a 'spot" would be good???
  12. my family loved the pasta place for lunch- we did it embarkation since everyone was in the lido deck getting buffet. I highly suggest. the lady on the ship was like "it not open right now". nope. we went up, got our food- relaxing first meal. we cruised on the breeze in December so there was still a lido buffet.
  13. I am going to take my chances and put a deposit down for winter 2021. that is a year and half away... wishful thinking????
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