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  1. We are also scheduled for October cruise leaving London. Hope for smooth sailing at a lot of new ports. On the Escape.
  2. We are scheduled for November 1 out of Canaveral. No cancel yet.
  3. Been on Epic twice and Escape once. Loved them both. Right now I’d be happy to take any ship anywhere
  4. Guess the staff member behind the mask. How about the buffet challenge where teams try to figure out how to serve food without utensils. Pin the tail on the CDC director. I’m just saying.
  5. Someone mentioned earlier about getting Vibe passes. I was wondering with assigned check in times will there be any chance of getting those passes if you are assigned a 1 pm check in? We always got there early and positioned ourselves by the front gate waiting for the gate to open, then after watching all the Haven guests, platinum and special assistance people casually stroll on we would literally run up the ramp weaving between people with the constant pardon me’s and excuse me’s trying to get to the stairs to get one floor down to the comedy club with hopes of 2 passes left. Anyone else ha
  6. Wow. As a veteran cruiser with 10 cruises I’m surprised that you didn’t know the refund policy. Did you just now open cruise critic to read any of these posts? You haven’t said yet whether or not you cancelled the cruise. That makes all the difference. If you want to give away any of those cruise certificates I’ll be more than happy to take them.
  7. I have been so inspired by all of these positive posts that I called and booked another Europe cruise in 2022. Used my last 2 CN cert and the balance of my FCC. I have found that cruise research can be motivational, fun and educational even if it’s 2 years out so I set my eyes on the horizon and plow forward. Life is short, make it sweet.
  8. I was scheduled to leave today, May 1 for my 15 day Mediterranean cruise. Sad day for me. I have been reading all the comments from people on refunds, disputing charges, NEVER sail NCL again etc. but I made a different decision. I booked 2 cruises, one for November this year and another in 2022. I want to show support for NCL. If a lot of people book future cruises maybe the investors will be more confident to keep these ships afloat. I am convinced that this pandemic will pass and sailing will again be a fun and exciting vacation. I am willing to accept the chance of rough seas, missed ports,
  9. We were scheduled to leave May 1 on the 15 day trip to the Med. Places we had never been before. Everything had fallen into place, an extra day in Rome, day trips at every stop, and we would have been in Normandy 30 days before the 75th anniversary of D Day. All gone. And that itinerary isn't offered any more. The trip of a lifetime canceled . But wait...there's hope ahead. We rescheduled for a November trip to the southern Caribbean. Not our best choice but a chance to cruise again. Hope the hurricanes will not be as devastating as this virus has been.
  10. So many pissed off people over this refund policy. I’ll NEVER sail NCL again. NCL screws their customers. Charge back to AMEX. Wow! If all these people hold true to their threats I can sleep in on sea days and still get a chair by the pool.
  11. Ok, let me see if I get this right. People are upset because the cruise line is registered in another country so they don't have to pay high taxes but it's ok for American companies to have most of their money overseas to avoid paying taxes. Don't the cruise lines employ people in their offices in the US? Every time I see a cruise ship pull in there are longshoremen who load and unload the ship. Aren't these about 15 trucks there unloading shipments of food, booze, etc that was purchased from American companies? How many people fly to a cruise destination? How about hotel rooms, parking fee
  12. Know the difference between vultures and lawyers? Vultures wait till you are dead before they pick your bones.
  13. We are booked on the May 2 Mediterranean tour leaving from Rome. It is a dream vacation for us and we are still holding out but in the event we can’t go, I’m trying to figure out where else to go for a much needed rest. Has anyone else thought about an alternate place to go?
  14. I called early and got an upgrade to a MS. Na an na na na na.
  15. I was listening to Fox News this morning and they were discussing the virus. The guest was discussing how we got here and where they are in the process of coming up with a cure. At the end of her speech as she was telling everyone how to avoid getting this and she said “Don’t take a cruise”. I am booked on the escape in 76 days and certainly plan on going. Wonder how the cruise lines will react to this.
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